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Iraqi News and Highlights Tuesday PM 7-14-20

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The Dollar Is Rising In Iraq Today

Time: 7/14/2020 11:39:32  Reading: 5,551 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Foreign currency markets in Iraq recorded, today, Tuesday, a relatively high exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The selling and buying prices of the dollar in banking companies and offices are as follows:

The selling price of one dollar is 1235 dinars, or 123 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1225 dinars, or 122 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars.

As for the prices of foreign currencies, gold and crude oil – until the preparation of this news: the

Euro The international price: 100 euros = 113.45 pounds

Sterling The global price: 100 pounds = 125.40 dollars

The Turkish lira The global price: 100 dollars = 686,60 Turkish pounds

An ounce price Gold globally = 1801.78 dollars

Per barrel of crude oil Brent = 42.30 dollars

Per barrel of US crude oil = 39.62 dollars. LINK

An Economist Stresses The Importance Of Having A Responsible Government Team To Deal With The Money File And The Issue Of Fighting Terrorism

Tuesday 14, July 2020 12:13 | EconomicalViews: 80  Baghdad / Nina / Amer Al-Jawahiri, the consultant in industrial development and investment, stressed the importance of having a responsible government team to deal with the money file and the issue of combating terrorism, relations and international economic agreements.

He told the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): The decision of the European Union Commission came to keep Iraq on the list of countries that pose risks on the subject of money smuggling and terrorism without change.

Al-Jawahiri added that: This decision should be an incentive for those concerned. What should Iraq do? What does it need to follow up on all international matters and sensitive internal and external issues?

He explained that: There must be a team or commissioner dealing with the file of funds and the issue of fighting terrorism and economic and international relations and agreements to leave things alone and he expects that others take into account his condition and it is assumed that there is a certain official to follow up on a specific issue and it is an incentive to the government, especially in light of reforms.

The European Union had decided a few days ago to place Iraq among the most dangerous countries with money laundering. / End 3

An Iraqi Coalition Calls For The Resumption Of Parliament Sessions On Television

Tuesday 14, July 2020 08:02 | PoliticalViews: 188  Baghdad ( NINA ) – An Iraqi alliance demanded that the Presidency of Parliament resume the sessions via television.

The head of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Alliance, Hisham Al-Suhail, told the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ): We are in favor of holding a parliamentary session in light of the circumstances that the country is going through that necessitates the people’s representatives to pass laws that serve the country and its children.

Al-Suhail added that in light of the Corona pandemic, it is dangerous to meet with a representative session, but we demand that the sessions resume and continue via the closed-circuit television.

He stressed the necessity to work in sessions accordingly, because the virus might continue for months to come, so it is unreasonable for Parliament to remain stalled in this way. / End 3

Low World Oil Price

Tuesday 14, July 2020 11:49 | EconomicalViews: 60  Baghdad / Nina / Oil prices fell today, Tuesday, amid expectations of a possible OPEC + / production cuts beginning in August at its next meeting.

And US West Texas Intermediate crude futures fell 51 cents, or 1.27%, to $ 39.59 a barrel by 0653 GMT / 9:53 Baghdad time, while Brent crude futures fell 43 cents, equivalent to 1.01% to $ 42.29.

The benchmarks lost more than 2% in early trade in Asia, but later reduced losses.

The market is following the next move of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, in what is known as “OPEC +”, as the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee meets on Wednesday to recommend the next level of cuts.

Under the current agreement, “OPEC +” will reduce standard production cuts, amounting to 9.7 million barrels, to 7.7 million barrels, from August to December.

OPEC Secretary-General Mohamed Barkindo said on Monday that the oil market is close to reaching a balance thanks to a gradual rise in demand for crude. /

A Government Bank Will Resume Work Tomorrow To Pay Salaries

Editing Date: 7/14 2020 14:08 • 53 times read  [Baghdad_Eyein]  The state-owned Rafidain Bank announced on Monday that it will resume some of its branches tomorrow, in order to complete the process of distributing public sector salaries.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that “some of the branches involved in the payment of state employees salaries were directed to resume work tomorrow and in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq to complete the process of distributing salaries.”

He added that the resumption of the branches’ work and the distribution of salaries would be in compliance with the precautionary measures against the Corona virus.

Al-Araji Submitted His Resignation From Parliament After Receiving The National Security Adviser

Follow-up Tuesday, July 14, 2020 04:17 PM    Interior Minister Qasim Al-Araji

A well-informed source said today, Tuesday, that the National Security Adviser, Qasim Al-Araji, has submitted his resignation from Parliament after he began his National Security Adviser in compliance with the constitution.

The source said in a press statement, “Al-Araji submitted his resignation from the House of Representatives at the request of the Speaker of Parliament, after he had begun with the National Security Adviser, in compliance with the constitutional article prohibiting the combination of executive and legislative work.”

Article 49 of the Constitution states that it is not permissible to combine membership in the House of Representatives with any other business or official position.

Al-A’raji embarked, today, Tuesday, on his new position, stressing that there are challenges, some of which need urgent remedies, while calling on friendly countries to continue to stand with the Iraqi people. LINK

Parliamentary Finance Shows The Measures That May Be Taken Regarding The Salary Scale

08:40 – 07/14/2020  The information / Baghdad ..The Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, on Tuesday, the measures that can be taken regarding the salary scale, noting that the government may resort to preparing a unified salary scale in the future.

Member of the committee, Haneen Al-Qaddou, said to “Information”, “The Parliamentary Finance Committee has its duty to monitor procedures, government performance and legislate laws according to its competence in Parliament.”

Al-Qudo added, “The future may witness a uniform salary grace or ladder that includes all employees, as the Minister of Finance pointed to this trend,” denying at the same time the Finance Committee’s relationship to the deduction of salaries in the past days.

He pointed out that “the deduction that took place in the salaries of employees will not happen again, especially after the vote on the borrowing law in the House of Representatives.” Ended / 25  LINK

Parliamentary Law Opens An Investigation Into Corruption Files In The Ministry Of Electricity

July 14, 2020 at 4:47 pm  10 Views  Trend – follow  Today, Tuesday, the Parliamentary Legal Committee opened an investigation into the issue of corruption files in the Ministry of Electricity.

Committee member Hussein Al-Oqabi revealed that the investigation focused on the value of the sums spent during the past sixteen years on developing the electrical sector in the country.

Al-Oqabi added that the documented figure spent on the electricity sector is 35 billion dollars, in addition to maintenance, procurement and other expenses.

He explained that these figures can solve the energy problem in any country.  LINK

Al-Kazemi Reveals A Reform Plan To Maximize State Resources

Time: 7/14/2020 15:09:59 Reading: 2,340 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi revealed that the government has a “reform plan to maximize state resources.”

Al-Kazimi said during his visit to the Karbala governorate, “Many projects were lagged due to administrative and financial corruption and mismanagement.”

He added, “It is a mistake for the state to rely on the oil resource only, and other sectors should be activated to supplement the general budget.”  LINK

Al-Kazemi: We strive with full force to support, activate and revitalize the Iraqi industry / expanded

Tuesday, 14 July 2020 14:26 | EconomicalViews: 96  Baghdad / Nina / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi said, “We strive with full force to support, activate and revitalize the Iraqi industry.”

He added during his visit to a number of private sector projects in Karbala: “We support the private sector, and we are working to provide all the requirements for its success and upgrading its reality.”

He stressed, “The activation and support of the private sector will contribute greatly to providing job opportunities,” noting that the partnership between the public and the private sector is very important during the next stage.

He continued, we support the local projects and the Iraqi product, and we strive with full force to support, activate and revitalize the Iraqi industry. /

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