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Iraqi News and Highlights Thursday PM 7-16-20

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The Rise Of The Dollar In Iraq Today

Time: 7/16/2020 10:39:35 Read: 6,058 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Foreign currency markets in Iraq recorded, today, Thursday, the stability of the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The selling and buying prices of the dollar in banking companies and offices were as follows:

The selling price of one dollar is 1240 dinars, or 124 thousand dinars per hundred dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar is 1235 dinars, or 123 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars.

As for the prices of foreign currencies, gold and crude oil – until the preparation of this news: the

Euro The international price: 100 euros = 114.05 dollars

Sterling The global price: 100 pounds = 125.50 dollars

The Turkish lira The global price: 100 dollars = 685,80 Turkish pounds

Price per ounce Gold worldwide = $ 1807.06 a

Barrel price of Brent crude oil = $ 43.62 a

Barrel of US crude oil price = $ 41.12. LINK

Iraq Resumes Its Oil Exports To Jordan

Time: 07/16 2020 15:43:11 Reading: 1,222 times  {International: Al Furat News} Today begins Thursday the resumption of Iraqi oil supplies to Jordan, after stopping due to low oil prices following the Corona pandemic, which cast a shadow on the world’s economies.

According to a source familiar with the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ammon Agency, yesterday, Wednesday, the final agreements were reached between the Jordanian and Iraqi sides to resume the supply of oil.

The Iraqi oil tanker tanks were present to Jordan at the loading site, awaiting the start of pumping oil for transport to the Kingdom.

The Jordanian Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hala Zawati, announced about 10 days ago, the resumption of oil supplies from Iraq, saying: “within two days.”

She added that the Iraqi supply stopped during the last period due to the low oil prices, and it was agreed to postpone the import from Iraq.

Zouati indicated that Jordan imports 10 thousand barrels per day from Iraq, while it uses 150 thousand barrels per day, and the amount imported from Iraq constitutes only 7% of Jordan’s use. LINK

General Electric Talks About Immediate Solutions To The Electricity Crisis In Iraq

Energy  Economy News _ Baghdad  The American General Electric Corporation announced on Thursday that it would provide immediate solutions to the electricity crisis in Iraq, revealing discussions with the government in this regard.

Joseph Anis, CEO of the company in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, said in a statement seen by “AlEqtisad News”, that “the lack of energy is one of the biggest challenges in daily life that confront about 40 million people in Iraq, especially during the summer, and that filling the need Electricity is one of the main reasons to support the country’s economic growth. ”

Anis said, “General Electric understands the daily suffering and has the necessary solutions to help the Iraqi government meet the need in this sector,” pointing out that “solutions to end the electricity crisis in Iraq already exist, but it requires everyone to cooperate to implement new projects.”

And, “There are quick solutions that can increase the productivity of the stations to 15 percent in just three – four weeks, including maintenance work solutions and development of stations to increase productivity and ensure continuity of work in them, as great efforts have been made to build these stations, it is important to perpetuate these Projects for the continuation of production by them, “stressing:” If you neglect these stations, they are subject to a loss of 10 to 50 percent of the production capacity. ”

He added that “another important solution is to convert power stations that operate in the simple cycle to the combined cycle, which contributes to increasing production by 50 percent without the need for additional fuel. As for the accompanying gas that is burned today, we can produce additional energy from it that contributes to increasing productivity as well Building a stable network that can draw energy from the production plants and distribute it regularly to the Iraqi people. ”

He continued, “General Electric has previously worked with the Ministry of Finance and Electricity and in cooperation with international financial institutions that have contributed to securing more than $ 2.4 billion in funding since 2015 for energy infrastructure projects across the country, so it will require planning for the future and implementing new energy projects in the country.”

Strong coordination between many institutions, including the ministries of finance and electricity, the international financial community, and technology providers such as General Electric where no single organization can operate in isolation from energy challenges in Iraq, yet a combination of highly efficient technologies, institutional cooperation, and regulatory conditions can help in Pushing Iraq to end this crisis. ”

He pointed out that “General Electric is currently in discussions with the Iraqi government on various projects that can help in strengthening the energy infrastructure in the country further. These include the construction of new efficient power stations, the conversion of power stations from a simple cycle to a combined cycle, and the implementation of maintenance services to improve performance The reliability of existing power plants, and the creation of new sub-stations of the network. ”

Number of views 28 Date added 16/07/2020

Integrity Seizes Electric Generators That Have Not Been Installed To Supply The National Grid Since 2012

Energy  Economy News – BaghdadThe Integrity Commission announced, on Thursday, that it had seized electric generators that had not been in service to supply the national grid since 2012.

A statement issued by the authority, seen by “Al-Iqtisad News,” stated that “the agency’s investigation office in the Najaf governorate was able to set the priorities and achieve (16) diesel generators of one capacity (1750 KV) in the support units section of the province’s electricity distribution branch.”

The statement added that “the preliminary investigations led to the fact that the seized generators had not been brought into service, to supply the national grid since 2012, under the pretext of the lack of kerosene, even though the date of its purchase by the Ministry of Electricity dates back to the year 2004.”

He added, “A record of the prioritization and the materials obtained has been prepared with summaries of the preliminary investigations, and presented to the competent investigating judge, in order to take appropriate decisions regarding them.”  Number of views 16 Date added 16/07/2020

Al-Araji Discusses With The American Diplomat And The Leader Of The International Coalition The Developments Of The American Withdrawal

Thursday 16, July 2020 16:43 | PoliticalViews: 65  Baghdad / Nina / National Security Adviser Qasim Al-Araji discussed with the Chargé d’Affaires and the Commander of the International Coalition Forces the developments of the American withdrawal from Iraq.

A statement of the advisory said, “The Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) received a copy of it:” The two sides discussed a number of issues of common concern, foremost of which are Iraqi-American relations and their importance, as well as the importance of cooperation and coordination to provide support to Iraq.

They also reviewed developments in the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, and verified them, stressing the need for relations with the United States in its civilian aspects to be in various aspects and areas supportive of Iraq. / End 3

Germany Announces Doubling Financial Aid To Iraq

Thursday 16, July 2020 10:55 | EconomicalViews: 94  Baghdad ( NINA ) – The German embassy in Baghdad announced the increase of its country’s government financial aid to Iraq, to double that it was in the past, in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

“Humanitarian assistance measures will also be implemented in Iraq – to combat the Corona epidemic and mitigate its consequences, the additional funds are used to continue existing humanitarian assistance measures and to alleviate the additional needs resulting from the epidemic,” the embassy said in a statement.

She added that “the humanitarian fund for Iraq provides funds for people in humanitarian emergencies quickly and efficiently.”

Germany has increased its contribution to the Humanitarian Fund for Iraq by an additional 3.5 million euros to 6 million euros, as these funds are used to finance measures to deal with the Corona pandemic, which are also being implemented by local humanitarian organizations. / End 10

Rafidain Bank: We Continue To Grant Advances To Employees Via Mastercard

Thursday 16, July 2020 09:49 | EconomicalViews: 99  Baghdad / Nina / Rafidain Bank announced that it is continuing to grant advances to employees through the electronic card MasterCard.

The media office of the bank said in a statement received by the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / a copy of it that “the advances of employees shall be submitted electronically via the electronic link or bank branches in Baghdad and the provinces.”

The office added that “electronic advances are without a guarantor, and that extending them to the people who wish them and carrying electronic payment instruments takes a short period.” / End 10

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