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Iraqi News and Highlights Tuesday AM 7-21-20

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A Representative Delegation Holds A Series Of Meetings With The Ministries And Institutions Of The Kurdistan Region

7/21/2020 On Monday 20/7/2020, a representative delegation visited a number of ministries and institutions in the Kurdistan region, where it held meetings with the President and Vice-President of the Parliament of Kurdistan and the Kurdish blocs in the region’s parliament, as well as a visit to the Ministry of Peshmerga, Education, Higher Education, Culture, Planning, Agriculture and Ministry of the Least Affairs.

Representative Rizan Sheikh Dalir stated that the aim of these visits is to strengthen the relations between the ministries in the federal government and the ministries of the region and to define a mechanism for action aimed at solving all outstanding problems and requirements of the ministries of the region with the federal government.

The delegation appreciated, during its visit to the Peshmerga Ministry, the continuation of the talks and the joint coordination between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

Parliament, Information Department , 7/21/2020   LINK

Parliamentary Security And Defense Hold A Meeting To Discuss The General Security Situation In The Country

7/21/2020  The Security and Defense Committee, chaired by Deputy Muhammad Reza Al-Haidar and attended by a number of its members on Tuesday 21/7/2020, held a meeting to discuss the recent security developments that took place in the country.

The meeting discussed important issues, most notably the development of treatments and solutions to prevent the recurrence of security breaches that occurred in the areas of the Baghdad belt, which led to the martyrdom of a number of leaders and officers in our heroic security forces.

The Prime Minister’s recent measures regarding the border outlets were discussed, stressing that the state would impose its control on all outlets and hold the spoilers to account.

At the end of the meeting, the committee decided to host the President of the Border Ports Authority to discuss the file of the ports, in addition to submitting the necessary recommendations to the Prime Minister regarding the Baghdad belt regions.  Parliament,Information Department , 7/21/2020 LINK

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi Begins An Official Visit To The Islamic Republic Of Iran

July 21-2020  The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, left today, Tuesday, the capital, Baghdad, for the Islamic Republic of Iran, on an official visit at the head of a government delegation.

The visit includes discussing bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries, ways of enhancing them, discussing issues related to cooperation and mechanisms for developing it in a number of fields, as well as discussing developments of situations of mutual interest, on the regional and international arenas.

During the visit, the Prime Minister will meet with a number of officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Media Office of the Prime Minister  21 – July – 2020

Minister Of Industry For {Al-Sabah}: Rehabilitation Of 80 Factories

Tuesday, July 21, 2020  16  Baghdad / Hazem Muhammad Habib  Revealed Minister of Industry and Minerals Manhal Aziz Al-Khabaz; On the commencement of the rehabilitation of 80 factories that were suspended from work within the Ministry’s plan to operate all factories that are suspended from work in the near future, indicating that the Ministry is working to create investment opportunities and real partnership with international companies and the private sector to advance the Iraqi industrial reality.

The Minister of Industry said in an exclusive interview with “Al-Sabah”: “There are about 80 factories currently suspended, and all of these factories are part of the ministry’s plans for short and long-term, and there will be serious follow-up to rehabilitate and operate all factories and factories affiliated to the ministry in the future.”

And on the strategic plans to advance the Iraqi industrial reality and enable it to meet the need of the local market, the Minister stressed that “The Ministry of Industry and Minerals seeks to pursue deliberate and targeted plans and programs to rehabilitate the factories, factories and subsidiaries thereof and spread throughout the governorates during the coming period,

to improve and diversify local production and develop the production process in a way that enhances the reputation and strength of national products in local markets and restores confidence to government institutions in the quality and durability of the Ministry’s products,

Several tracks will be adopted, including taking advantage of the amounts of the centrally funded investment plan in rehabilitation projects in coordination with the ministries of planning and finance,

entering into partnership and investment contracts with the discreet and empowering private sector, and including those contracts for the rehabilitation and modernization of technology, as the Ministry will, through these plans, create investment opportunities New not less than (80) opportunities in various specialties and products, in addition to the opportunities currently announced and amounting to (190) opportunities.

Regarding the partnership with the private sector with the aim of operating stalled factories and factories, between the baker, “The Ministry of Industry and Minerals is actively seeking to revitalize partnerships with the private sector, based on Cabinet Resolution No. 336 which provided the opportunity for boards of directors to operate and implement partnership contracts without the old routine methods Which contributed to delaying partnerships,

as entering such partnerships with specialized international companies, private sector companies and capital owners; in turn leads to increasing and modernizing the production capacities of laboratories and covering the growing demand for most Iraqi industrial products, adding new products with standardized qualities and specifications, and operating more workforce The elimination of final disguised unemployment. ”

The Minister of Industry and Minerals stated: “The transformation of public companies into private companies through the (privatization) project does not come quickly and suddenly; rather, it is implemented gradually by activating the partnership and investment contracts and the partner gradually incurs the employees’ salaries with the increase in the number of partnership and investment contracts for new lines and investment opportunities for companies.”

And the baker identified the most prominent obstacles that prevent the advancement of the Iraqi industrial reality, noting that “the advancement of the industry requires great effort and attention at various levels, whether legislative or executive, especially with regard to legislation to protect the local product, consumer protection, protection of the market from dumping in addition to legislation that pertains to Creating an attractive environment for investment, and at the same time requires an executive effort related to developing the necessary infrastructure, and the aforementioned measures are not only related to industry,

but also require collective action from all state and legislative institutions as well as community support that enhances citizen’s confidence in the local product, and that one of the most important obstacles that prevent the advancement In reality, it is the abhorrent bureaucracy in implementing cabinet decisions supporting investment, in addition to the difficulty of banking transactions that an investor needs during his work.

On the local products produced by the Ministry’s factories; The Minister assured the baker, “The local products bearing the two marks (Ishtar and the guitar) have a good reputation and acceptance by the Iraqi citizen, because of their excellent quality in manufacturing and long operational life,

and these products are present in the local market in addition to the products of the General Company for Food Products available in the outlets Marketing and direct selling centers of the company in Baghdad and the provinces, and that the ministry is working hard to develop plans and programs to develop these industries and produce new products and update packaging methods to meet market requirements and consumer tastes and compete with existing goods and commodities. ”

The minister continued by saying: “With regard to the Sumer factory, it was referred to the investment and is one of the productive and profitable factories in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

As for the General Company for Rubber Industries and Tires, it has a successful investment project to recycle the tires used to produce rubber granules or chopped rubber and rubber tiles All types and rubber bumps, and the production of oils of all kinds and other products, as this project is one of the successful and promising environmental projects that will contribute to getting rid of damaged tires in all parts of the country and benefit from them by recycling, shredding and converting them into various rubber products of interest and without any waste,

and that tire factories In Babel, Diwaniya continues to operate, but it suffers from a marketing problem due to the lack of commitment by some government agencies to purchase the Ministry’s products, in addition to the fact that the Babel Tire Factory has a modern machine that will be operational soon.

During his talk to Al-Sabah, the Minister of Industry revealed the intention to enter into real partnerships with international companies to produce certain types of commodities and to revive some of the stalled factories. He explained that “the Ministry of Industry is actively seeking to stimulate partnerships with the local, Arab and foreign private sector,

and it continues to try to attract and attract companies Specialized, technically and financially competent global for the purpose of investing in Iraq with the aim of settling new industries and transferring modern technology inside Iraq, achieving financial returns and ensuring the marketing and export of the local product Outside of Iraq. ”  LINK

Parliamentary Endeavors To Establish A {National} Mobile Phone Company

Tuesday, July 21, 2020  215  Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif  The Media and Communications Committee in the House of Representatives revealed work to activate the file for the establishment of a national mobile phone company, while stressing the need to press for debt collection of mobile phone companies operating in the country, which refuses to pay them despite the passage of years.

The Supreme Judicial Council had revealed that it was investigating the renewal of mobile phone licenses, indicating the progress of judicial procedures in the complaint filed by Attorney Alaa Al-Rubaie to the public prosecutor regarding legal violations committed in the matter of renewing the mobile phone license.

A member of the Media and Communications Committee, Uday Shaalan Abu Al Jun, revealed to Al-Sabah that the committee is determined to activate the file of the fourth national mobile phone company that must work alongside the three private companies in the country, so that its services are available to citizens in a way that suits their financial capabilities, and get rid of Greed and monopoly that has continued over the past years. ”

He added, “The majority of the countries in the world own national telecommunications companies, whether they are land or mobile, to which citizens with low incomes resort to, deduct from their money less than what private companies impose, and for this, Iraq is required to have this company and will be subject to the instructions of the influential companies from the government. Away from the stalling of private companies at the present time ».

Abu Al-Jun stated that “the service through the fourth national mobile phone license should have been available since the end of 2012, and there was supposed to be a kind of understanding between the Ministry of Communications and the Media and Communications Authority, because each of them has a specific role in this project,” stressing That «the telecommunications sector in the country can be promoted only with close and real cooperation between them, and that there is no tense atmosphere between the two parties, and that their goal is to serve Citizen ».  LINK

A Serious Warning … A Heatwave Is The Most In The History Of Iraq

Time: 7/21/2020 10:14:02  Reading: 10,257 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Iraq is awaiting a very hot wave, perhaps the most severe in its history.

“It is perhaps the most intense in the history of Iraq, a very hot wave expected to affect all of the country’s cities as of the beginning of next week,” air forecaster Sadiq Atiya said in a post on the websites.

He added, “Although the temperatures are currently recorded at the level of 50 degrees Celsius, but during this wave, it is expected that the temperatures will reach record levels approaching 53 degrees Celsius in the south and a little less in the cities of the middle and the middle Euphrates and approaching 50 degrees Celsius in many areas of the low north cities.”

And that “this wave continues until the end of the current month, and then decreases a little after it,” pointing to “the winds still in most cities expected from the end of the week until the middle of next week causing an increase in thermal feeling with periods of high relative humidity in Basra, Maysan and Dhi Qar causing Exhausting atmosphere. ”

Attiyah added, “This very heat wave will also invade Saudi Arabia and the north and central regions of Saudi Arabia, and then, after the end of the month, will head towards Jordan, the Levant and Egypt.”

He explained, “This wave is the result of a high atmospheric depth in the upper layers of the atmosphere accompanied by a surface thermal depression working together as a greenhouse glass dome.”  Attia advised, “to leave work under direct radiation during the next week and to drink more fluids.”  LINK

Iraq’s Sovereign Wealth .. Negligence Or Mismanagement

Praatha News Agency51 2020-07-21   Ibrahim Al-Sarraj || A sovereign wealth fund or sovereign fund is defined as a state-owned fund that consists of assets such as land, stocks, bonds, investment devices, or large projects. Sovereign wealth has a major role in supporting the financial and monetary sectors of the country and in providing financial liquidity when the economy is exposed to a recession during crises such as the current crisis that has clouded various countries of the world. The truth is that the size of the damage that affects countries is reflected according to the size of the sovereign wealth of this or that country.

And the extent of the availability of a successful financial management that puts strategic plans in order to alleviate the economic crises that the country is exposed to … and Iraq has sovereign wealth amounting to more than $ 500 billion represented in real estate And buildings, cash, factories, farms and external investment.

The policy of the previous regime contributed to converting a large part, especially cash, from that Iraqi wealth into private properties for the grave family of the tyrant. Whereas, after 2003, governments contributed to deducting the bulk of the Iraqi sovereign wealth, especially real estate, and transferring their ownership to parties or parties linked to the parties. With the intentional neglect, mismanagement, prevalence of confusion and lack of real knowledge of the importance of the sovereign wealth of Iraq in times of crisis, where that sovereign wealth diminished and dispersed, Iraq did not benefit from that sovereign wealth. Which would have been a major factor in the reform of the sick Iraqi economy …

and in reducing a large percentage of the economic losses that came to the fore against the background of the Krone crisis and its reflection on the entire Iraqi economy …. that he loved the current government to revive the Iraqi sovereign wealth and work hard To lay down strategic plans to save it from loss and to follow up the file of Iraqi funds, whether inside or outside Iraq …  LINK

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