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More Iraqi News and Highlights Saturday 8-1-20

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Al-Maliki: Dissolution of Parliament adopts two stages

Saturday 01, August 2020 14:57 | PoliticalViews: 265  Baghdad / Nina / The head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, said that the dissolution of the parliament adopts two phases, the first of which has the right to request the dissolution, and the second in the hand of the decision to dissolve, and the council’s vote to dissolve itself and the authority of any party to dissolve the assembly without the approval of the council To solve himself.

Maliki said in a tweet on his account on “ Twitter ” that “the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic have the right to demand only and not the decision to dissolve and one third of the members of the House of Representatives also have the right to demand, but in both cases there is no solution except by a vote of the Council to dissolve itself by an absolute majority of its members.” ./

The Commission Declares Its Readiness To Hold Elections On The Date Specified By The Prime Minister, According To Conditions

Saturday 01, August 2020 17:11 | PoliticalViews: 10  Baghdad / Nina / The Independent High Electoral Commission announced its readiness to hold the elections on the date specified by the Prime Minister.

In a statement received by the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) , the commission said that it followed the Prime Minister’s speech regarding setting a date for early elections on June 6, 2021, as well as statements by the Speaker of the House of Representatives regarding the “earliest” elections from the date requested by the Prime Minister.

The Commission added: “Out of our responsibility before the Iraqi people and its sacrifices, which created this new political atmosphere in the country for free, fair and transparent elections, and under the supervision of the United Nations, international organizations, international observers and relevant Iraqi organizations, the Independent High Electoral Commission announces that it will be ready to hold the elections at the time Determined by the Prime Minister if the following conditions are met:

First: The parliament should implement the election law as soon as possible and publish it in the official gazette, as it represents the legal framework for the election process.

Second: The Parliament should legislate an alternative text for Article 3 of Ordinance No. 30 of 2005 to complete the quorum of the Federal Supreme Court, which is the only body legally empowered to ratify election results.

Third: The government should prepare the electoral budget and provide the requirements that the commission previously requested from the relevant ministries, and whose presence helps the commission to hold the elections on time.

The Commission asked the Prime Minister to allocate a special session of the Council of Ministers to discuss solving the problems that hinder the work of the Commission, linked to the aforementioned ministries and to issue the necessary decisions to solve them.

Fourth: The Commission calls on the United Nations , international and other organizations competent to provide electoral assistance and provide necessary to complete the supervision of free, transparent and fair elections represent the will of the Iraqi people , the real.

The Commission announced that the Independent High Elections, full commitment, after the implementation of the above, to work to fulfill the constitutional mandate In all sincerity and devotion, I pledged to the people of the people to put their votes in the rank of legal and moral trust, to implement an electoral process according to the standards of transparency known in democratic systems ./

Parliamentary Finance: Forming A Strategic Committee To Prepare The 2021 Budget

Editing Date: 1/8/2020 12:10 • 87 times read  [Baghdad-Ain]  The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed today, Saturday, the formation of a strategic committee to prepare the budget of 2021.

Committee member MP Naji Al-Saeedi said in a press statement that “a book arrived at the Parliamentary Finance Committee from the Ministry of Finance regarding the formation of a strategic committee to prepare the budget for the year 2021,” noting that “the committee will start its work after the Eid holiday, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.”

Al-Saeedi added that he “does not believe that there is a budget for the current year”, pointing out that “the weak revenues and the approval of the borrowing law voted by the House of Representatives ended the budget issue, and the borrowing law became the alternative to the budget.”

The House of Representatives had previously voted on the internal and external borrowing law.

A statement of the Media Department of the House of Representatives received [Wayne] stated that “Parliament voted during its No. 6 session in the fourth parliamentary session for the second legislative year in the first legislative term on the internal and external borrowing law to finance the fiscal deficit for the year 2020.”

The Secretariat Of The Council Of Ministers Clarifies Regarding The Working Hours After The Eid Holiday

Author: AhadNA4 On 1/8/2020 – 3:47 PM 108  Today, Saturday, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers clarified the mechanism of work after the Eid Al-Adha holiday.

A spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majeed, according to the Iraqi News Agency, said that “the mechanism of work after the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday is determined by the Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety.”

Majeed added, “This mechanism is subject to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, according to the epidemiological situation.”

The Supreme Committee for Health and National Safety had decided, earlier, to impose a comprehensive curfew on the days of Eid Al-Adha, from Thursday 7/30 to Sunday 9/8 and the ban will be reviewed after the Eid holiday. End / 6

The Ministry Of Oil: The Financial Revenues Of Our Exports For The Month Of July Witnessed An Increase Compared To The Previous Months

17:06 – 01/08/2020  Information / Baghdad  The Ministry of Oil announced, on Saturday, the total exports and revenues accrued for the month of last July, according to the preliminary statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO”, as the amount of exports of crude oil reached (85) million (663) thousand and (290) barrels (five) Eighty million, six hundred and sixty three thousand and two hundred barrels), with revenues amounting to more than (3) billion and (487) million and (139) thousand dollars (three billion four hundred and eighty seven million one hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars).

The spokesman for the ministry, Assem Jihad, said in a statement received / information / that, despite the reduction in production and export rates in compliance with the “OPEC Plus” agreement, the financial revenues witnessed an increase compared to the previous months, while the total quantities exported of crude oil for the month of July from the oil fields in the middle And southern Iraq, it reached (82) million and (700) thousand and (381) barrels.

As for the fields of Kirkuk through Ceyhan Port, the quantities exported amounted to (2) million and (701) thousand and (15) barrels, while the quantities exported to Jordan were More than (261) thousand and (894) barrels.

Jihad indicated that the total daily rate of exports reached (2) million and (763) thousand barrels, as the daily rate of export from Basra ports was (2) million and (668) thousand barrels, and from Ceyhan the daily average was (87) thousand barrels, while The daily rate for export to Jordan was (Cool thousand barrels. And that “the average price per barrel was (40.708) dollars.”

It is mentioned that the Ministry, through its belief in informing the people about the export operations and the revenues accrued from it, took this monthly measure.

Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi Called For “Early” Elections From The Date That Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazimi Set For June 6 Next Year, And Called For An Emergency Parliamentary Session To Dissolve Parliament.

Al-Kazimi announced that the sixth of June next year will be the date for the early parliamentary elections, pledging to protect all competing forces in the elections, addressing the Iraqis, that “your will will change the face of Iraq and remove the effects of years of wars and conflicts.”

After Al-Kazemi’s Announcement, Al-Halbousi Calls For An Open, Open Session Of Parliament In The Presence Of The Three Presidencies And Political Forces

Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Al-Halbousi, in a tweet on Saturday, August 1, 2020, called for early elections and an open public emergency session in the presence of presidencies and political forces.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives said, “The aim of holding this session is to proceed with the constitutional procedures in accordance with Article 64 of the constitution. It is the only constitutional path for holding early elections and everyone should be aware of its powers and shoulder its responsibilities before the people.”

Al-Halbousi added that “successive governments have not implemented their government program and ministerial curriculum and have not gone beyond the lines that were written in it, which led to the continuation of popular protests because of the lack of services and the lack of the necessities of life.” He explained that Article 64 of the Constitution states:

First: The House of Representatives is dissolved by an absolute majority of the number of its members upon the request of one-third of its members or a request from the Prime Minister and with the approval of the President of the Republic. It is not permissible to dissolve the House during the interrogation period of the Prime Minister.

Second: The President of the Republic, when dissolving the House of Representatives, calls for general elections in the country within a maximum period of sixty days from the date of the dissolution. In this case, the Council of Ministers resigns and continues to conduct daily business.

As for the former deputy from Dhi Qar Governorate, Al-Asadi, he said, “Determining the date of the early elections is a correct step, but it needs three basic steps.”

He explained in a statement, Radio Noa received a copy of it, “The first step concerns the agreement with the political forces on the date for dissolving the parliament because there is no legal and constitutional value for the date of the elections without dissolving the parliament, which needs a proposal from the Prime Minister and the approval of the President of the Republic and the vote of Parliament.”

As for the second step, in order for political forces to agree to dissolve parliament, steps to enforce the law, restore state prestige, and demonstrate its ability to hold elections on time without the domination of armed forces outside the country’s framework must follow the electoral process and force people to a specific direction, as happened in the 2018 elections. .

Al-Asadi said, “The third step is to legislate an election law that will guarantee the smooth running of the electoral process and ensure that all citizens have equal opportunities with the realistic possibility of conducting them technically.”

The former deputy affirmed, “These steps make determining the date of the elections a real and not a local consumption, and we hope the Prime Minister to intensify his efforts with the political, social and security forces to accomplish these steps so that the early elections are real and not fiction.”

And the former lawyer’s lawyer, Ahlam Al-Lami, considered that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s hasty decision to set the date for the early elections, noting that “it was first with Al-Kazemi and before setting the date to set deadlines for the electoral law legislation and the amendment of the Commission’s law and the Federal Court’s law,” stressing that “Parliament will delay in implementing legislation These laws, and consequently, delay the elections. ”

As for the representative of Salah al-Din Governorate, Muthanna al-Samarrai, he said, “There can be no fair elections before the Federal Court Law is legislated.

Al-Samarrai added in his tweet, “We support setting early elections, but no fair elections can take place before the Federal Court Law, which the constitution gives the authority to ratify its results and accept any appeal, is legislated.”

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi , announced yesterday, July 31, 2020, the sixth of June next year, a date for early parliamentary elections, pledging to protect all the competing forces in the elections, addressing the Iraqis, that “your will will change the face of Iraq and remove the effects of years of wars and conflicts.” “.

The United Nations: We Are Ready To Provide Support To Ensure Free And Fair Elections In Iraq

POSTED ON 2020-08-01 BY SOTALIRAQ  The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq welcomed, Friday, the date for early elections in the country, stressing that it is ready to provide support and advice to ensure free and fair elections.

“We welcome the invitation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to early elections taking place on June 6, 2021,” the mission said, considering that “early elections meet a major popular demand on the path to achieving more stability and democracy in Iraq.”

She added that “the United Nations is ready to provide support and technical advice as required by Iraq to ensure free, fair and credible elections that win the confidence of the public.”

For her part, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blackshart, said that “holding credible, free, fair, and inclusive elections properly can revitalize the political system and build public confidence, give the people a voice and fulfill their aspirations to better political representation.”

On Friday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced that June 6 of next year will be fixed as the date for early elections.   LINK


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