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More Iraqi News and Highlights Monday PM 8-3-20

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Hoshyar Abdullah Demands The Application Of The Principle Of Peaceful Coexistence In The Disputed Areas

Monday 3 August 2020 | 10:08 am| Views: 73  Representative Hoshyar Abdullah called on Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to take a serious move towards applying the principle of peaceful coexistence in the disputed areas, especially Kirkuk governorate, stating that the chauvinist mentality is not less extreme than the Daesh mentality, but rather two sides of the same coin.

He said in a statement today, addressing Al-Kazemi: “There are suspicious movements on the ground by the chauvinists, about whom you know a lot and their movements through your media and political advancement.

Abdullah said: “These chauvinists who used to fish in troubled waters are active today and practice their malicious methods in dealing with conflict areas and trying to implement the policy of Arabization by bringing people from outside these areas to make a demographic change in the footsteps of the buried Baath.” He continued: ”

Nassif: Whales Of Corruption Created A New Trick To Pass The Contract For Baiji Stations

10:33 – 08/08/2020  Information / Baghdad ..  Deputy Alia Nassif, Monday, warned of attempts by whales of corruption in the Ministry of Electricity to pass the contracts of the first and second stations of Baiji through a new trick that includes apparently removing Orascom and the introduction of the Baghdad company in which he has a share (RH).

Not to change anything in the contract, asking the Prime Minister, the Minister of Electricity, the Integrity and Prosecution Authority to open an urgent investigation into this case.

Nassif said in a statement that he received / the information, a copy of it, that “after we exposed the contract of the first and second stations of Baiji through our previous data series, the corrupt people in the Ministry of Electricity wrapped and created a new trick to pass the same contract with the same money, where a deal was arranged to drive away a company Orascom ostensibly brought the Baghdad company in which he (R) owns a stake in it to be the front and take the group’s share while the contract remains as it is, meaning that the contract will be split but in the end it leads to the same previous agreement in which the increase of $ 550 million.

She added, “Also, the Siemens company received $ 300 million from the German loan to Iraq within the project of the first and second stations of Baiji, despite the fact that the work did not start and the contract was suspended, but the money went to Siemens and the benefits exceed 20%.”

Nassif called on the Prime Minister, the Minister of Electricity, and the Integrity and Public Prosecution Authority to “open an urgent investigation into this case and avoid wasting millions of dollars of public funds and going to the pockets of the corrupt.” Ended / 25

Saleh Calls On The Political Forces To Overcome Differences And Rise Above Them In Order To Reach The Administrative And Security Solutions Required To Serve The Citizens

21 hours ago Iraq   Today, Sunday, August 2, 2020, President of the Republic Barham Salih called on the political forces to overcome differences and rise above them in order to reach the administrative and security solutions required to serve the Yazidis and all citizens who suffered due to terrorism and its crimes.

On the sixth anniversary of the Zaidi genocide, Saleh said, “We recall the memory of the human tragedy that the Yezidis were subjected to on this day as the terrorist organization (ISIS) criminals invaded and occupied Sinjar and committed the most horrific crimes.”

The President of the Republic added, “The aim of this terrorist organization was genocide and the elimination of the Yazidis from existence. It is truly shameful for the shortcomings and serious inaction in meeting the requirements of our people in the Sinjar district.”

He stressed the need to overcome political and administrative obstacles, and in this regard we stress the need to expedite the organization of the administration in Sinjar, to enhance security and stability, and to provide material assistance and basic services for their return from the displacement camps to their homes of residence, who have recently begun a voluntary return.

The President of the Republic affirmed the importance of holding accountable the negligent and those who caused ISIS to enter and occupy our cities and villages, and the resulting material and moral damage in our security and military forces and in the cities and their inhabitants.

Washington is preparing to return 8,000 stolen artifacts to Iraq

POSTED ON 2020-08-03 BY SOTALIRAQ  Translation / Hamed Ahmed  The American News NPR website revealed that the Washington-based Bible Museum, which is known for having huge numbers of stolen artifacts, is preparing to return stolen artifacts to Iraq and to modify the policy and style of its acquisition of rare artifacts.

It is mentioned that, since the museum was opened in Washington three years ago, suspicions have been raised about the way it obtained the artifacts, most of which are stolen and some of them are fake. Museum officials said they will repair the error and that they are now planning to return artifacts to Iraq that they do not know were stolen.

The museum belongs to a chain of stores, Hobby Lobby, known in the United States for antiquities, and three years ago the US government imposed a $ 3 million fine for failing to perform mathematical investigations of their assets. The museum then returned thousands of clay tablets and other relics to Iraq acquired by other countries.

Now, the director of the Bible Museum Hall, Jeff Kidha, says they are now packing more artifacts to return to Iraq, indicating that they did not know they were stolen.

Clue said, the museum realized that more than 8,000 clay numbers and other relics were obtained from brokers in the United States, England and Israel that they had been stolen from Iraq. The museum announced in March that it was returning thousands of artifacts to Iraq and Egypt because it could not prove that it had been obtained legally.

The museum director states that 2,000 other artifacts have now been verified as belonging to Iraq, noting that most of the pieces are cylindrical seals and ceramic vessels dating back thousands of years from Mesopotamia civilization. Responding to an inquiry about whether the artifacts were stolen from the Iraqi Museum, Klawah said, “We cannot verify this. In fact, there are several sources for obtaining these items from Iraq over the past thirty years.

That is why we cannot know from anywhere in Iraq these pieces have been obtained. ” “There are at least two agents who work with us as brokers to buy these pieces for us and this work was going on before we opened our new museum,” he said. Legal expert on dealing with antiques, Patti Gerstenblath, from the University of DePaul for the Law of Cultural Heritage in Chicago, warned Hobby Lobby stores that importing them of any artifact that returns to Iraq will be accountable as long as there are nearly half a million artifacts registered as Stolen from Iraq since the nineties.

The Iraqi government’s advisor, Hisham Daoud, stated to the American website that Iraq is always the victim in this file, noting that the theft and looting of antiquities from the country are still in place. He said he believed that some of the artifacts acquired by the Hobby Lobby store were essentially stolen from the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad in 2003 when it was stormed by the thief during the American invasion.

“It is very likely that it will be,” adviser David said. We know that the largest part of the looting of antiquities occurred in 2003, this does not mean that there was no looting before this date. But after the year 2003 there were many and many looting of antiquities. ”

The Islamic World Organization for Education, Science and Culture, ISESCO, held its last international conference last week in Cairo under the slogan of combating illicit trafficking in and retrieving cultural property, with the participation of the ministers of culture of several countries, including the Iraqi Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Hassan Nazim.

Participants in the conference, which was held via a television circle, stressed the need to recover the stolen antiquities and modernize the national legislation in the countries and international agreements that govern this field in a manner commensurate with the development witnessed by the crimes of theft of cultural property during the recent years and increase these theft in light of the conflicts and instability periods witnessed in some Countries of the Islamic and Arab world.   LINK

An Economist Reveals A $ 700 Million Customs Waste In Three Months

POSTED ON 2020-08-03 BY SOTALIRAQ  Economic expert, Manar Al-Ubaidi, saw on Sunday that the percentage of customs collected during last July declined from June compared to the transfers of the Central Bank, revealing a “waste” of $ 700 million during the past three months.

Al-Ubaidi said, “The percentage of customs collected in July 2020 compared to the percentage of transfers of the Central Bank amounted to 1.727%, retreating from the rate of last month of 2.64%. June 2020. ”

He added that “the value of customs obtained decreased in July by 6% compared to the customs of June 2020, as the value of customs collected for the month of July reached 76 billion dinars, equivalent to only 63 million dollars, while the value of customs collected for June was 80 billion dinars, that is, The equivalent of $ 67 million.

Al-Obaidi added, “The percentage of customs obtained during the past three months compared to the central bank transfers for imports and credits (which are equal to the value of imports for Iraq) amounted to only 2.13%.”

He pointed out that, “by adopting the customs rate in Iraq 10% (as the value of customs varies according to the type of product) and 10% can be adopted as an average of the value of customs, then the value of waste in customs amounts during the three months amounted to approximately 700 million dollars, as the total customs The value of the proceeds amounted to only $ 189 million, while the value of customs assumed based on the amounts transferred from the Central Bank amounted to $ 886 million.   LINK

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