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Iraqi News and Highlights Wednesday AM 8-5-20

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Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi called the Lebanese Prime Minister to offer condolences and solidarity

August 5- 2020  The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, made a phone call to the Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab.   Al-Kazimi expressed, during the call, his deep sympathy, condolences and the sympathy of all Iraqis with the Lebanese people, following the tragic accident in the port of Beirut. The Prime Minister indicated to his Lebanese counterpart that Iraq will not be late to stand with Lebanon in this ordeal, and that the Iraqi government decided to send a plane loaded with urgent medical aid, as an expression of the participation of the injured Lebanese.

He also called on his compassion for mercy for the victims of the accident and patience for their relatives, and for the wounded to be fully cured, and for the Almighty to spare Lebanon, and all other friendly and sister countries all harm.

For his part, the Lebanese Prime Minister thanked Mr. Al-Kazemi, and his appreciation for the positions of Iraq that always come in the interest of Lebanon and its people, and the historical relationship between the two countries.

Media office of the Prime Minister   5-August-2020

Deputy: Al-Kazemi’s Procedures Towards The Border Crossings Did Not Achieve The Required Goal

Praatha News Agency97 2020-08-05  The independent deputy, Bassem Khashan, stated that the measures of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi towards the border crossings did not achieve their required purpose, pointing out that these measures did not eliminate smuggling operations and did not change the crews and the departments holding the ports.

Khashan said in a press interview that “Al-Kazemi’s actions and moves towards the border crossings did not achieve the required purpose, and therefore they are unproductive movements by the government.”

He added that “Al-Kazemi should take administrative measures related to replacing the departments and crews operating in the border outlets to get rid of the parties that cooperate with the corrupt and the smugglers from the outlets.”

And that “Al-Kazemi did not take the measures mentioned, as it would provoke the ire of some parties, and therefore he avoided clashing with the political class and took unproductive measures in the border outlets.”

Oil Prices Rose, Wednesday, After Inventory Data Showed A Significant Decrease In US Crude Oil Stocks, With Brent Approaching The Price Of $ 45.

close to $ 45  Praatha News Agency85 2020-08-05  And Brent crude rose 44 cents, or 0.99 percent, to 44.87 dollars a barrel by 11 Baghdad time. The contract rose 0.6 percent on Tuesday to its highest close since March 6.

US West Texas Intermediate crude rose 26 cents, or 0.48 percent, to $ 42.17 a barrel. The contract ended trading on Tuesday, up 1.7 percent, the highest closing level since late July.

According to data from the American Petroleum Institute, crude inventories fell 8.6 million barrels in the week ending August 1 to 520 million barrels, compared with analysts’ expectations for a decrease of three million barrels.

Official figures from the US Energy Information Administration are scheduled for release later Wednesday.

But cases of HIV infection continue to rise globally. In the United States, the number of deaths amounted to more than a thousand cases per day, while dozens of states were forced to suspend their plans to reopen their economies or to retract those plans.

US factory data this week also showed an improvement in orders, which some analysts see as providing relief from concerns about the risks to any recovery.

Iraq Is The First To Respond And Sends A Field Hospital And Oil To Beirut Throughout The Crisis

Praatha News Agency123 2020-08-05  Iraq plans, today, Wednesday, to deliver a field hospital and open a pipeline to transport oil to Beirut for the entire period of the Lebanon crisis, after the huge explosion that shook Beirut Port yesterday.

The Lebanese National Media Agency said in news that Lebanon officially informs Qatar of sending two field hospitals today to Beirut, each with a capacity of 500 beds. Iraq will also send a field hospital and quantities of oil throughout the crisis, and France has also announced that it will send aid that will arrive successively.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun received a call from French President Emmanuel Macron, Iraqi President Barham Salih, and the Emir of the State of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, where they affirmed their solidarity with Lebanon after the disaster caused by the big explosion in Beirut, and laid down the capabilities of their countries To help Lebanon.

Earlier yesterday, Tuesday, a huge explosion occurred in the port of Beirut; What caused 63 deaths and more than 3 thousand wounded (unlimited toll), as well as huge material damage in many neighborhoods of the capital and its environs, according to the Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan

Low Dollar Exchange Rate In Local Markets

Market  Economy News _ Baghdad  The exchange rates of the dollar decreased on the Kifah Stock Exchange, while it stabilized in the local markets, Wednesday, (August 5, 2020).

The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange – Baghdad recorded 123,800 dinars per 100 dollars.

Buying and selling prices in banking shops:

The sale price of the dollar = 124,500 dinars per 100 dollars.

The purchase price of the dollar = 123,500 dinars per 100 dollars.

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Absence Of The Private Sector

Articles  Ali Hussein Nader *  The private sector is an important part of the Iraqi economy, but unfortunately this sector has been neglected since 2003 and there is no interest in it. There is a view that it is an enemy because it is the main player in the economic process.

Today, Iraq is going through a complex economic crisis that has caused great damage to the country. We must all believe that the public sector alone cannot cross the country to safety without the participation of the private sector.

The government should be serious about this issue and enter the private sector with all economic operations, but rather be part of economic decision-making for Iraq, and must provide all the needed legislation, decisions, facilities and security cover.

In addition to that this sector will solve many of the country’s problems, including unemployment, which Iraq suffers from, but has become at the forefront of countries with high unemployment rates.

Especially every year, more than 400,000 students graduate from Iraqi universities. Of course, government jobs cannot accommodate this huge number of graduates, so we must go towards the private sector after the stalled private economic institutions are reopened and attract investors.

* The observer of economic affairs  Number of views 58 Date added 08/05/2020

Al-Kazemi From The Ministry Of Interior: The Government Is Determined To Carry Out Comprehensive Reform In All Sectors

Wednesday 05, August 2020 16:39 | PoliticalViews: 35

Baghdad / Nina / The Prime Minister confirmed the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to include the security establishment with reforms in order to increase its efficiency and professionalism.

The media office of the Prime Minister stated in a statement, which the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) received, a copy of:

Al-Kazemi offered congratulations to the employees of the Ministry of Interior of all kinds, and to all security services on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha, expressing his wishes for success and lasting victory for the security forces, asking God Almighty to have mercy on the innocent martyrs, heal the wounded and enjoy the country with security and stability.

Al-Kazimi praised the heroes of the Ministry of Interior who made the great sacrifices in their fight against terrorism and their pursuit of crime, in order for stability to prevail throughout Iraq.

He stressed: “The government is determined to undertake a comprehensive reform in all economic, service and security sectors, and that the security establishment is among the institutions covered by the reforms in order to increase its efficiency and professionalism,” stressing: “The reform begins first from the army and the police, and the opportunity is available to work and correct mistakes for Increasing its ability to perform its security tasks with high efficiency. ”

The Prime Minister stated:“ The security forces have many important tasks and challenges in the face of terrorism and crime, ”stressing his rejection of any political pressure, from party and social elements, exercised on the security establishment, and that it is an obligation The security services is to provide protection to all Iraqis without interfering with their work.

l-Kazimi called on the security forces to adhere to the basic requirements of security work, which is respecting human rights principles and building bridges of trust with the citizen, according to the contexts of the law and the frameworks of justice, stressing at the same time the refusal to attack the security man who represents the law, stressing: “Any attack on a man Security is an attack on the state, and we are obligated to protect it and protect his family. ”

Al-Kazemi also stressed the importance of developing and activating the intelligence effort in the work of the Ministry of Interior, and that it be one of the priorities of its work, in order to strengthen security and stability in the country.

He referred to the expected tasks of the Ministry of Interior, which are to protect the upcoming electoral process, to provide a safe environment for candidates and voters, and to ensure the success of the democratic practice.

Al-Kazimi called the security man to pay attention to the physical aspect, raise physical fitness, and pay attention to military hospitality and adhere to it. / End 7

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