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More Iraqi News and Highlights Wednesday PM 8-5-20

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A Deputy Proposes To Audit The Granting Of Advances Electronically To Prevent Cases Of Fraud In Citizens’ Loans

Wed 05, Aug 2020 16:04 | EconomicalViews: 57  Baghdad / Nina / The deputy of the National Approach / Hussein Al-Oqabi proposed to the Ministry of Finance to scrutinize the process of granting advances electronically and to establish disciplinary controls to prevent electronic fraud cases in loans granted to citizens.

He said punitive, to the existence of complaints from citizens have been subjected to cases of fraud and theft across the pages in social networking sites claiming credit and lending amounts of staff from 5_20 million dinars through the Rafidain Bank, banks and other simple profits do not exceed 1%. ”

He explained that” this The pages delude citizens that they have an agency to represent the Rafidain Bank or other banks and sign the simple and needy in their network and defraud them by obtaining a copy of their bank cards, collecting the amount of the advance determined from the bank electronically, stealing it and transferring it to other accounts, “noting:

Al-Aqabi called on the Ministry of Interior and its agencies concerned with cybercrime to enhance their efforts and reveal the owners of these pages that steal citizens in broad daylight and refer them to the judiciary to obtain their punishment, stressing the need to intensify awareness and educational campaigns regarding the mechanism of electronic banking transactions to develop citizens ’culture towards them and sensitize them to cases of fraud and electronic fraud. Finished 5

Deputy Nassif Calls Al-Kazemi To Withdraw The Hand Of The Minister Of Transport

Wednesday 05, August 2020 11:35 | PoliticalViews: 442  Baghdad / Nina / Deputy Alia Nassif called on the Prime Minister to withdraw the hand of the Minister of Transport until the completion of the investigations of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee regarding the violations and violations attributed to him.

Nassif said in a statement that the Iraqi National News Agency ( NINA ) received a copy of it that “the administrative measures taken by the Prime Minister regarding violations and violations of the Minister of Transport and some of those close to him make us optimistic and hope for good that accountability and accountability of ministers who are subject to administrative or financial violations.”

She added that “the delay in taking off the plane for the sake of one of the minister’s relatives is the worst type of administrative corruption, and it is considered abuse and underestimation of the Iraqi citizen. In addition to the plane issue, the minister violates the directions of the Prime Minister not to make any change in the top positions, as he assigned a person to the duties of the director of the Iraqi Airways Company “.

Nassif added, “While we commend the actions of the Prime Minister in this regard, we stress the importance of withdrawing the hand of the Minister of Transport until the completion of investigations in the Parliamentary Integrity Commission and announcing the results.” / End 10

Iraq Ranks 38th With The Largest Gold Reserves In The World

Editing Date: 8/5/2020 15:01 • 59 times read  [Follow-up] Where the World Gold Council announced today, Wednesday, that more than 35,000 tons of gold are held by the world, indicating that Iraq ranks 38th in the world with the largest gold reserves.

The council said in its last report during the current month of August, that “the world’s possession of gold as reserves for these countries amounted to 35 thousand and 17 tons,” noting that “these reserves increased from 2019, which amounted to 34 thousand and 300 tons.”

The council added that “the United States ranked first in its possession of gold reserves at 8 thousand and 133 tons, followed by Germany in second place with reserves of 3,363 tons, and then Italy comes third with reserves of 2 and 450 tons.”

He added that “Iraq ranked 38th with the largest gold reserves in the world with an amount of 96.3 tons, which is equivalent to 8% of its reserves from other currencies, while it ranked fifth in the Arab world after each of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon and Libya.”

Economist: Budget 2021 Will Not Meet The Aspirations Of Job Seekers

08:30 – 05/08/2020   The information / special between the economist and Wissam Al-Tamimi, that the budget for the next year will not meet the aspirations of many segments, especially those demanding employment from graduates and the unemployed, pointing out that the budget may suffer a deficit of 40% in the event of continued fluctuation of oil prices.

Al-Tamimi said to / Information /, that ” Iraq relies mainly on oil for building and financing the budget, and the financial crisis it suffered during the current year may suffer again in the next year.”

He added that ” Iraq is shackled by foreign debt, especially after the approval of the borrowing law, in addition to the fact that the oil prices are still fluctuating and without ambition, which requires the government to prepare an austerity budget that does not contain any appointments or additional expenses.”

And that “the budget for next year will not meet the aspirations of many segments, especially graduates and job seekers, as it will suffer a deficit of 40% or more, which requires the government to find sources of funding other than oil.” 25 n ended

The Constitutional Amendment Committee Announces The End Of Its Work

Member of the Committee of Experts in Amending the Constitution, Adel Al-Lami, said today, Wednesday, August 5, 2020, “The Constitutional Amendments Committee in the Presidency of the Republic has completed its work after collecting all the constitutional amendments, in the presence of experts in law, international law, constitutional law, the United Nations, and representatives from Pretend yards. ”

Al-Lami added, in a press statement, that “the most important amendments made to the constitution regarding the elections are that the winning bloc in the elections guarantees the formation of the government and the selection of its ministers and its government program, not the parliamentary blocs as it is in the previous elections, and the reason behind the delay in forming the government and the continuation of Quotas, “noting that” the House of Representatives guarantees the task of voting on the Prime Minister, his cabinet, and his government program once. ”

A member of the Committee of Experts in amending the constitution stressed that “the committee reviewed many constitutional articles and made many amendments, including deleting a lot of the phrase (taking into account the components), and put in place other phrases, which do not encourage the dedication of sectarian and ethnic quotas,” noting that ” All discussions were recorded on amending the constitution.

” He continued, “The president of the committee at the presidency of the republic promised to print the minutes and recommendations in order to inform the public, but the current election crisis is the reason behind the delay.”

The Government Intends To Address The President Of The Republic To Initiate The Procedures For Dissolving Parliament

Posted On 2020-08-05 By Sotaliraq   It seems that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is heading to send a request to the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, to start the procedures for dissolving parliament and proceeding with early elections.

On the other hand, deputies say that the large and powerful blocs still reject the idea of holding early parliamentary elections.

Several political blocs also questioned the government’s ability to protect polls and voters in order to prevent the recurrence of fraud that occurred in the 2018 elections in light of the security insecurity and the chaos of weapons in most governorates.

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said in a statement issued by his media office and seen by him (Al-Mada) that the call for early free and fair elections is considered one of the requirements of the desired political reform, which is a national entitlement produced by the popular movement.

He added, “This was discussed in the last meeting of the three presidencies, which brought us together with the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the necessity of committing to early free and fair elections was stressed.” We welcome the announcement of the Prime Minister in his proposal for the date of early elections, which came as a commitment What the government program pledged.

The President of the Republic stressed “the importance of serious work to achieve this governmental commitment as quickly as possible,” noting that “the political crisis of Iraq cannot afford procrastination, and the conditions of suffering that our people go through require a courageous national decision stemming from the people’s entitlement and their right to choose an independent and coherent national government.” Through free and fair elections.

He added that “effective solutions stem from the citizen and his independent decision away from fraud and forgery and influencing his electoral option, in order to enable the country to proceed towards the desired structural reform.” He called on the House of Representatives to “complete the election law as soon as possible, and send it to the Presidency of the Republic for approval and implementation. ”

Saleh called for “expediting the approval of amending the law of the Federal Supreme Court,” stressing “to provide the budget and facilities required for the work of the Independent High Electoral Commission to ensure its independence and safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.”

And the President of the Republic stated that “the government has initiated the required consultations with the Commission, and has announced that in the event that the required supplies are started, the Commission can then conduct the elections within the period proposed by the Prime Minister.”

He pointed out that, “In case the government presents a proposal to dissolve Parliament, we intend to agree to submit it to the House of Representatives, for the purpose of submitting it to a vote, and with the Parliament’s decision, we will formally decide no later than two months after the dissolution of Parliament, as stipulated by the constitution.

He pointed out that “the holding of free and fair early elections requires international cooperation with the Independent High Electoral Commission, as well as the supervision of international monitors to enable them to play their national role and protect them from interference and perpetuate citizen confidence in the electoral process.”

Saleh pointed out that “the national merit requires organizing honest elections as early as possible, in order to get our country out of its serious political crisis, and to enable the citizen to determine the fate of his country freely and independently from extortion and forgery.”

He explained that “the essence of the crisis in Iraq stems from the spread of corruption and its direct impact on obstructing the desired reform, which also affected the electoral process in the indicators of fraud and tampering with the results, which led to the absence of citizen confidence and abstention from the elections.”

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in a televised speech last Friday, set the date of the sixth of June 2021 as the date for holding the early parliamentary elections, stressing that he will work with all efforts to make these elections successful, protect them and secure their requirements.

He renewed his request to the House of Representatives to send the election law to the President of the Republic for approval, stressing that the Electoral Commission enjoy full independence, and that early parliamentary elections take place with the presence of international observers.

The Prime Minister pledged to grant all competing forces equal protection and care to run in elections in which an unavoidable weapon does not affect, and the people’s will is not falsified, and its results are made only by the free choices of our Iraqi people, calling for youth, political parties, intellectuals, and elders to be organized, and ready to make a qualitative leap and lift Iraq out of Conflict chaos to security, prosperity and honorable political competition.

In turn, Hassan, the deputy of the al-Hikma Movement bloc, said in a statement to (Al-Mada) that “legal and constitutional formulations obligate the Prime Minister to send a request to dissolve Parliament to the Presidency of the Republic for approval, and then approach the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to do so,” noting that “this request needs to Two-thirds of the members of the parliament voted to dissolve Parliament.

Article (64) of the constitution states that “the House of Representatives shall be dissolved by an absolute majority of the number of its members, upon the request of one third of its members or a request from the Prime Minister and with the approval of the President of the Republic. Dissolution of the House of Representatives to general elections in the country within a maximum period of sixty days from the date of the dissolution.

Fadam asserts that “all political blocs, including those who object to the early parliamentary elections, have a question about the government’s ability to protect ballot boxes and voters from the lawlessness (armed groups outside the law) that occur in most governorates.”

The MP for the al-Hikma Movement comments on the position of the presidency supporting the holding of early parliamentary elections, and the possibility of the government proposing a proposal to dissolve Parliament by saying “just exchanging positions and media rift between the three presidencies”, expressing his hope that “this rift will turn into facts that end with a request to dissolve the parliament.” .

For his part, Yonadam Kanna, head of the Rafidain Parliamentary Bloc, believes that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will submit a request to the Presidency of the Republic to approve the dissolution of Parliament,” noting that “approval of the dissolution of the parliament is subject to members of Parliament to accept or reject this request.”

The three presidencies (President Barham Saleh, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi) met last week in Baghdad, and the meeting discussed the latest results of the health situation in the shadow of the Corona pandemic, and the need to prepare for early elections, and to set a date for holding them , And the speedy completion of the amendments of the law necessary to achieve free, fair and fair elections that respond to the people’s democratic will.

Kanna says that he “does not know the parliament’s position regarding the request to dissolve it,” pointing out that “there are several legislations that require passing before taking this step, which is complementary to the holding of elections.”

The head of the Rafidain Parliamentary Bloc indicates that “one of the most important laws is the amendment of the Federal Court Law, Article (3) regarding the replacement of members of the court and the passing of electoral districts within the election law,” expecting that there will be a “decision of the House of Representatives to set timings for voting (setting the period) to dissolve itself” .

And he confirms that “the blocs affected by the fraud operations that took place in the last elections with the holding of early elections.”

For his part, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Al-Haddad stressed the importance of creating the appropriate atmosphere for parliamentary elections and supporting the demands of the masses in achieving transparency and credibility in the upcoming elections.

Al-Haddad said in a statement that “setting the date for holding the elections is one of the first tasks of the government, but all legislative, financial and technical requirements must be provided to ensure their success, work to end the file of the displaced and their return to their homes, and enable the voters to experience a new democratic experience to express their will freely to choose their representatives through funds Polling by imposing the prestige of the state, ending the phenomenon of lawlessness and confining arms to the state.  LINK

Baghdad Reveals Near The Resumption Of Talks With Erbil

Posted On 2020-08-05 By Sotaliraq  The spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ahmed Mulla Talal, revealed, on Tuesday, that talks between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil will soon be resumed to resolve the outstanding differences between them.

This came at a press conference attended by a reporter of the Twilight News agency, in which Mulla Talal answered a number of questions.

Mulla Talal said that “there is a dialogue and communication between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region,” adding that “a delegation from the Kurdistan Region of Baghdad will soon visit Baghdad” to resume the talks.

And he added, “For an option other than dialogue to solve problems according to law and constitution under the negotiating table and dialogue between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region.”

Regarding holding cabinet sessions outside the Baghdad governorate, Talal stressed, “The council will hold sessions in the governorates as they do in Baghdad, and there is no difference between one governorate and another. It is normal for the council to hold its session in Anbar province.”

With regard to contracting with the daily procedure, he indicated that the contract will take place as usual and without financial or legal deduction.

He pointed out that “one of the ministers contracted 210 thousand employees in the previous government, and that the current government is looking for a financial or legal way out to find a solution for these and the employees of contracts and daily procedures in some ministries of the state; These are the children of the government and they are working to help them find a financial or legal way out. ”

And on the water situation between Turkey and Iraq, a spokesman for the Prime Minister stated that “a committee formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Water Resources to follow up the water file and the Turkish Alesso Dam and other dams with the Turkish side.” International. ”

On the academic year, Talal said, “The Prime Minister directed to hold an extraordinary or special session to discuss the next academic year and not to engage in issues as happened with the Corona pandemic.”  LINK

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