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More Iraqi News and Highlights Thursday PM 8-6-20

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Tariq Harb Reveals: Saleh And Al-Kazemi Can Dissolve Parliament

Editing Date: 8/6/2020 14:39 • 75 times read  [Baghdad-Ain]  Tariq Harb, an Iraqi legal expert, confirmed on Thursday that the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, has the authority to dissolve parliament without referring to it, at the request of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi.

Harb said in a statement, “The President of the Republic may dissolve Parliament, and this is what he stated with his second statement that the Prime Minister submitted the request for dissolution in order to approve it without the interference of Parliament and not vote according to his authority contained in Article 64 of the Constitution.”

He added that “the statement of the former president about dissolving parliament itself did not find heed permission, so he issued a new statement, including his intention to dissolve parliament and use his constitutional powers mentioned in Article 64 of the constitution to dissolve parliament.”

Harb pointed out that “all issues related to the elections are resolved, as the previous election law is still in effect. We do not need a new law, and the Commission exists. We only want Parliament to legislate a law with a simple majority that includes a mechanism to complete the quorum of the Supreme Court by defining a method for appointing a person to replace the resigned judge, Muhammad Rajab.” Al-Kubaisi, that is, to amend (the order) Law 30 of 2005. ”

Harb added, “The amendment needs only 83 deputies when the parliament quorum is integrated, with 165 deputies.”

Regarding the procedures resulting from the dissolution of Parliament, Harb said, “The dissolution of Parliament, whether through the vote of the Parliament itself on the dissolution, or if the dissolution of Parliament through the authority of the President of the Republic entails the transformation of the government from its full-fledged government to a caretaker government, and Parliament elections must be held. New within sixty days. ”

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, announced on Friday that he will determine the sixth of next June to hold the early parliamentary elections in the country.

Dissolution of Parliament is an essential step before proceeding towards early elections.

Likelihood Of Concluding An Agreement On Oil And Border Crossings Between Baghdad And Erbil

Political  Thursday, August 6, 2020 | 01:56 pm| Views: 183

A Kurdish deputy in the House of Representatives announced that a high-ranking Kurdish delegation will go to Baghdad next week to complete the dialogues with the federal government. Sherwan Mirza, deputy of the Islamic Union bloc in the Iraqi parliament, said in press statements: “There is a rapprochement between the regional government and the central government in Baghdad in dialogues about the outstanding issues between them.”

He added: “A high-level Kurdish delegation will go to Baghdad next week to complete negotiations and dialogues with officials in the federal government.” It is likely that an agreement will be concluded between the regional government and the central government on oil files, border ports and the region’s share of the general budget

Sadiqin: Al-Kazemi Is Required To Clarify These Files Within The Parliament And To Find A Solution To The Crises

Political  Thursday, August 6, 2020 | 01:36 pm| Views: 61

The deputy of the Sadikoun Parliamentary Bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, affirmed on Thursday that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is required to clarify some matters and files by attending the parliament, pointing out that there are crises and obstacles that must be resolved, especially those related to late salaries of some departments.

Al-Baldawi said, “Although Iraq has resorted to internal and external borrowing, there are still departments that suffer from the delay in receiving salaries.” He added that “the health sector needs to correct the path, especially with regard to salaries and financial support in light of the Corona pandemic and its need for medical and treatment supplies and support for workers in this sector.”

He pointed out, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is required to attend the House of Representatives to clarify some internal and external matters, including the security file and negotiations with the American side.”

Iraq Is Forced To Comply 100% With The OPEC Agreement In August And September

Economy  Thursday, August 6, 2020 | 10:24 am| Views: 71

The Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, announced on Thursday that Iraq will have to comply 100% with the OPEC + agreement in August and September. Abdul-Jabbar said, “We will have 100% compliance this month and next,” adding that “non-compliance by Iraq means non-compliance by others, and this means the collapse of oil prices, such as what happened in March and April with its impact on the Iraqi economy.” Jabbar added: “We did not comply during the previous months, as the level of compliance was low compared to some countries

Deputy: Iraq Needs $ 6 Billion To Fulfill Its Domestic And International Obligations

Thursday, 06 August 2020 01:42 PM  A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that Iraq needs $ 6 billion to fulfill its domestic and international obligations, noting that it is still going through the critical stage.

Representative Ahmed Hama Rashid said, “The oil was sold at a price of 21 dollars, and after subtracting the cost, we only get 10 dollars of oil,” noting that “after the current oil prices rise , the government gets 3 billion dollars a month, and in case of controlling Border ports are well managed and one billion dollars can be obtained from these outlets.

Rashid added, “Iraq does not need more than this amount to pay the salaries of employees if it undertakes the process of austerity in state administration,” explaining that “through borrowing, it can bridge the investment gap.” And other service issues.

Rashid stressed that “Iraq is still going through the critical phase until now and needs monthly $ 3 billion to pay the salaries of employees and retirees, but that other issues and duties including the ration card and international obligations, Iraq needs $ 6 billion to cover these things.  LINK

Erbil Opens A $ 300 Million Drinking Water Project

Author: Ahad7 On 6/8/2020 – 12:15 PM 94  The city of Irbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, launched today, Thursday, a project that meets the delivery of safe drinking water for a number of neighborhoods and villages, at a value of 300 million dollars.

The Governor of Erbil, First Sophie, said in a press conference of Al-Ahd News, that the province “launched a project with 300 million dollars to deliver safe drinking water in a number of neighborhoods in the Rwandas district and its villages.”

“We want, through this project, to end the suffering of the region with potable water,” he said, noting that “24 wells were drilled in Erbil and its peripheries to address the water problem.”

Sufi explained that the province “has recovered $ 300 million of the Japanese loan and will be allocated to tackle the problem of heavy water in the city center of Erbil,” stressing “although we live in a difficult financial crisis, but with this we are working to continue to provide service projects to citizens as much as possible.”

Parliamentary Finance: We Have Not Witnessed Any Increase In Border Revenue Revenues Until Now

14:20 – 06/08/2020  Information / Baghdad .. The decision of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Ahmed Al-Saffar, confirmed on Thursday that he has not witnessed any increase in the revenues of the border outlets until now.

Al-Saffar said in a statement to “Information”, that “sending the army to the border crossings and keeping its security file will not lead to maximizing financial revenues, because the issue is completely different and needs speed in implementing the electronic automation as the best way to end all the existing negatives.”

Al-Saffar added, “Maximizing revenues does not require a media process as much as adopting a series of decisions that lead to the overall optimization of financial revenues. This is the essence. Is the electronic automation. ”

In the past few weeks, the federal government has deployed army forces around several border crossings to manage its security file. Ended / 25

An Economist Expects The Dollar To Rise Due To The Paralysis Of The Economic Movement In Lebanon

09:30 – 06/08/2020  Information / private ..The economist, Ihssan Al-Kanani, expected that the dollar prices will rise in Iraq and some Arab countries due to the stopping of the Lebanese banking movement in addition to the presence of many accounts for other countries inside Lebanon.

Al-Kanani told Al-Maalouma that the central bank should keep the dollar exchange rate away from regional influences and pump more than the previous quantities to meet the demand.

He added that “what is entered into Iraq by the dollar is less than what it was getting in the past two years, because of the low oil prices and the transfer of some accounts abroad.”

And that ” the Beirut explosion paralyzed the economic movement, and therefore many of the Iraqi accounts in the Lebanese capital will be affected and paralyzed until the situation improves again, which will lead to the large demand for the dollar available in local banks and banks.”

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