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More Iraqi News and Highlights Saturday PM 8-8-20

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International Development Announces the Completion of the Salary Resettlement Procedures for Defense Personnel

Banks  The Economy News – Baghdad  On Saturday, the International Development Bank announced that the bank’s settlement teams had completed the procedures for resettling the salaries of employees of the Ministry of Defense.

The bank said in a statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “the settlement teams at the International Development Bank and its branches have completed all their preparations to receive fighters and employees of the Ministry of Defense after the Army Chief of Staff instructed all units to distribute the forms to the affiliates to choose the bank for the purpose of settling the salary.”

The statement added that the bank conducted many resettlement operations, including some state departments and the private sector, indicating that the number of citizens reached “250 thousand employees.”

The statement pointed out that the bank obtained the first place in the Emiratisation project by the Central Bank of Iraq compared to other banks, expressing its readiness to provide the best modern and advanced banking services to the employees of the Ministry of Defense and their families through the salary settlement process and provide all the necessary support for the success of the salary settlement project with the Ministry Defense and providing all services that serve the combatant or affiliated with distinguished banking services and offers. ”

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The Industry Unveils A Plan To Export Products Abroad

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad  On Saturday, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the addition of new production lines and factories, while affirming that its export plan is contingent on achieving self-sufficiency.

Ministry spokesman Mortada Al-Safi said, according to the official agency, that “the ministry has developed two plans, short and long-term, to advance the national industry,” noting that “these two plans include operating a number of factories, as well as the rest of the stalled laboratories, in addition to new laboratories and lines.” To companies affiliated with the Ministry. ”

Al-Safi added, “The ministry has an export plan, but this is only possible after it has self-sufficiency in the materials that are manufactured, whether it is construction materials or chemicals that are needed by some countries such as the UAE and Kuwait,” noting that “some materials The ones that are produced are of good quality and durability, especially those related to road construction. ”

He continued, “If the ministry has achieved self-sufficiency in a number of construction materials, such as plastic pipes, cement, aluminum, and many other materials, they will be exported abroad.”

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Approving the official working hours in government institutions at a rate of 25% and granting ministries the powers to assess the need

Saturday 08, August 2020 15:45 | PoliticalViews: 108  Baghdad / NINA / The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers decided to approve official working hours in all governmental institutions at a rate of 25% and to grant ministries the powers to assess the need. /

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will visit the United States of America next week

Aug 8- 2020  The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, begins next week an official visit to the United States of America, heading a government delegation, based on an official invitation.

Where he will meet US President Donald Trump, on the twentieth of this month.

The visit will include discussing the files of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States of America, issues of mutual interest, and joint cooperation in the fields of security, energy, health, economy and investment, and ways to enhance them.

In addition to the file to address the Corona pandemic, and bilateral cooperation in a way that serves the common interests of the two countries.

The Media Office of the Prime Minister 8- Aug-2020 

Saeron: We Have Legal And National Problems With The Speaker Of Parliament

Editing date: 08/8/2020 16:23 • 27 times read  [Baghdad-Where]  MP for Saeron Sabah Al-Eikili confirmed, on Saturday, that there are legal and national indicators on the performance of Parliament Speaker Mamd Al-Halbousi.

Al-Ugaili said, “The Saeron Alliance believes that the Speaker of Parliament was not active since the beginning of his fatigue with the position and did not interact with the interrupted legislative sessions and the demands of the demonstrators.”

He added, “The coalition wanted to change Muhammad al-Halbousi earlier, but most of the deputies did not agree with us,” considering that “the president’s invocation of the Corona virus to disrupt the sessions is illegal.”

He warned that “the performance of the speaker of parliament did not meet the ambition, and the coalition has national and legal problems related to the activities of the speaker of parliament and the follow-up of the government and its ministerial platform.”

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Parliamentary Finance: The government prevented us from borrowing again

Saturday, 8 August 2020 1:18 PM  Baghdad / National News Center – The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed today, Saturday, that it is preparing a parliamentary economic reform paper.

The committee’s reporter, Representative Ahmed Al-Saffar, said that “the committee continues its weekly meetings,” indicating that “the committee is preparing a parliamentary reform paper.”

He added that “the committee hopes to meet with the government to unify the two governmental and parliamentary economic papers in order to come out with one reform paper to save the country’s economy and cross it to safety,” noting that “the committee requested hosting the Minister of Finance for the purpose of reviewing the government’s financial plan and other measures.”

Al-Saffar called on “the government to take its measures by maximizing and controlling revenues,” indicating that “there is an agreement not to agree to borrowing.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee had confirmed the government’s intention to present a paper on radical reforms during the coming period, noting that the Minister of Finance informed the committee that the government will present a paper for radical reforms that includes all economic and financial aspects.

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