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Iraqi News and Highlights Sunday AM 8-9-20

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Granting a license to the Amsar Exchange Company Ltd. / Baghdad

August 09, 2020  Issue: 9315/5/9  Date: 7/28/2020  We attach herewith the permission to practice work as a limited exchange company under category ( B ) in the name of (Al- Amsar Exchange ) Company numbered number ( 7 ) for the year 2020 granted in accordance with the provisions of Article ( 4 ) Paragraph ( 2 ) of the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. ( 56 ) of 2004 and the Anti-Law Money laundering and terrorist financing No. ( 39 ) for the year 2015 and the controls in force, and the company shall be subject to the control and supervision of this bank.

Approval of the appointment of Mr. ( Hassan Murtada Salman ) as managing director, Mr. ( Saad Saloumi Anal ) as his assistant, Mr. ( Alaa El Din Hussein Jaber ) as a compliance monitor, and Mr. ( Mohamed Al Amin Samir ) as his assistant, and Mr. ( Mohamed Majid Jassem ) as director of control and auditing, provided that he is fully devoted For these positions and not to be administrators in another company.

Comply with the instructions of the applicable exchange companies.

Al-Kazemi: I Am Not Satisfied With The Reality Of Baghdad

Sunday 09 August 2020  105   Baghdad / morning  The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, affirmed that Adhamiya represents a city for the values of coexistence, and that it constituted distinction in its cultural and heritage diversity, indicating: “I am not satisfied with the reality of Baghdad, and I am watching the stab wards this city has suffered.”

A statement of the Prime Minister’s Office, received by Al-Sabah, stated that “Al-Kazemi received yesterday, Saturday, a delegation representing a number of notables in the city of Adhamiya, and listened to an explanation of the reality of the city, the problems it suffers from and its most important needs, especially at this stage in which Iraq is facing the challenges of the Corona pandemic, And its implications for the economic reality ».

The Prime Minister affirmed that “Al-Adhamiya represents a city for the values of coexistence, and has managed to preserve its national identity, despite the circumstances it faced like all other Iraqi cities and regions, and it constituted distinction in its cultural and heritage diversity, and together with Kadhimiya, it constituted the wealth of the capital Baghdad and Iraq in general.”

Al-Kazemi added, “When I remember Al-Adhamiya, I feel a lot of happiness, for I am the son of Al-Kadhimiya, as the two cities are sisters, and no one has been able to differentiate between them throughout history.” He continued, saying, “I tell you honestly that I am not satisfied with the reality of Baghdad, and I watch what this has been subjected to. The city is stabbed, and today we have to restore the capital to its glory and glory, and I am determined to launch a major campaign to rebuild it. ”

Al-Kazemi stressed the need for the dignitaries of Adhamiya to participate in making hope with a good word, expressing his hope to see “our youth work and produce, and to be busy building and rebuilding our cities, and we do not want to continue the war series.”

“We want to send hope, and I want Iraqis to feel that the roads are still open towards the future,” the prime minister added, adding that “the most dangerous thing facing any people is the loss of hope, and our youth must be directed to work, production and contribute to construction and reconstruction, and that the page of wars will be turned.” Forever, and we only think about a better future for our youth. ”  LINK 

A Strategic Plan For Water Resources Management Extends To 2035

Sunday 09 August 2020  Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif  The Ministry of Water Resources has prepared a strategic plan extending to the year 2035 to manage these resources in an optimal and correct manner in the country.

The Minister of Resources, Mahdi Rashid Al-Hamdani, told Al-Sabah: “We are very keen on managing water resources in an optimal manner,” indicating that “there is a road map and a strategic study for the next 15 years, which clarifies what we will have and how to deal with these resources.”

Al-Hamdani added that “there are problems, some of which are internal, such as exceeding water quotas and taboos on rivers.” He returned it to “theft in broad daylight.” Law or security forces ».

Al-Hamdani stated that “the ministry has begun to correct the errors that existed in the past, and to take decisions, some of which need to be reconsidered at the present time because they were not properly studied.”

The water resources in Iraq face internal challenges, most notably the high rate of wastage in irrigation water, as it reaches more than 50 percent due to field losses, low irrigation and transport efficiency as a result of using old and traditional methods of water management, low level of investment in its projects,

and high pollution resulting from a decrease in the number Sewage treatment plants and drainage water drainage, problems of controlling water storage and drainage of water through the regulators, entering Iraq within the seismic line and the regulators and dams affected by that, and the loss of large quantities of available storage due to the war operations against terrorism that negatively affected the environmental, agricultural and service aspects And humanity, and the increase in the rate of groundwater withdrawal, which reaches approximately 5 billion and 243 million cubic meters, which represents 8.8 percent of fresh water sources, and this represents the withdrawal of new water by about one billion and 472 million cubic meters annually through the groundwater systems.  LINK

The Private Sector … The Big Arm Of The Development Process

Sunday 09 August 2020   49  Baghdad / morning  The private sector represents an important axis for the development and economic advancement that Iraq seeks, as it has the elements to achieve success away from work confusion and that stems from the speed of decision-making within its multiple joints, and this contributes to achieving successful performance in harmony with the plans drawn.

President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi confirmed

“The need to work to empower the private sector and to occupy its true place in managing the national economy, And to be the largest arm of the development process in the country, and that

Union plans to develop Its internal mechanism of action has been completed Embrace it, as well as communicate With counterpart unions on the Arab and international levels, and to achieve interaction Required”.

Economic philosophy

Al-Zuhairi said: “The private sector law is important, and we all hope that it will see the light and be approved, because the incorrect vision of some politicians prevented it from being approved. The performance has led to economic difficulties, we are indispensable. ”

Al-Zuhairi pointed out that “oil is a political commodity par excellence .. dependence on it should not be absolute, and its prices are in the hands of the strongest, and that the rents of the economy must change and go towards a multiplicity of resources,” noting that “the private sector is the guarantor of managing the economy and employing manpower, in the states Only 1 percent of society receives money from the state, while in Iraq, 27 percent of society receives money from the state, and this is not true. To supply raw materials ».

Industrial initiative

And that «solutions to economic problems related to human and societal awareness, and there is a need for everyone to realize that electricity must be subject to taxation and that water is paid for, goods are paid for, taxes, and Iraq is a vital place, and it can be an important starting point between the east and west of the world. .

He drew attention to the importance of an agricultural industrial initiative according to a schedule, as is happening in the developed world, and the private sector gets the money in return for benefits that do not exceed 4 percent, and we suggested that the project owner starts with 25 percent and gets 75 percent from the public sector.

Collective management

He continued, saying: “It is not possible for the public sector to draw up the policy of the private sector, as it cannot understand the requirements of work in all its joints, and collective management of an integrated team in which the success is greater, and we must have a national negotiator who achieves the mutual benefit of the parties to the process, in light of the presence of articles “They have the technology and the experience, and we can achieve the goals.”

He drew attention to “the capabilities of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in addressing its responsibilities in light of the Corona pandemic, and its capabilities in supporting the country’s economy and communicating with the chambers of commerce in all governorates of Iraq and how it interacted with everyone in order to maintain the performance of the chambers of commerce in support of the national market.”  LINK

Border Ports

Sunday 09 August 2020  46  Muhammad Sharif Abu Maysam  The market mechanism cannot be organized unless the relations of the market elements are organized on an integrated legal basis, a strong executive apparatus, and a safe work environment that protects the local product, workers and consumers, regulates competition, and limits monopoly and the flow of foreign goods without controls.

Accordingly, the state’s role in protecting and regulating the workings of the outlets through which foreign goods flow is not limited to protecting public funds and ensuring the application of customs tariffs in order to maximize non-oil revenues only, but rather is part of a group of functions related to this organization, in what remains. These outlets are unified and cannot be divided, just like the irrigation water path in primitive agriculture, as the water quickly flows to another outlet once its leakage is stopped at a fragile plantation.

And because Iraq is in a very important geographical location, linking East and West, close to the confluence of three continents, and surrounded by seven countries that share with it many land ports, which amount to sixteen ports, in addition to five sea ports and five other air ports, the central government has control over Ibrahim al-Khalil port,

for example, through which the volume of trade exchange is estimated at about seven billion dollars annually with neighboring Turkey, cannot succeed unless absolute control is over the sea ports in Basra, and the ports of Zurbatia, Shalamjah, Al-Mandhariyah, Al-Shayeb, Hajj Omran, Bashmagh, Parwizkhan, and Karmak with Iran, And Simlka, Rabia, and Al-Walid with Syria, Trebil with Jordan, and Arar and Jadid Arar with Saudi Arabia.

Because the process of the flow of goods does not take place in a regular and regular way unless the pillars of these outlets are of a single material, according to which procedures for submitting goods inspection certificates in countries of origin are formed in a single context and with fixed standards away from local governments, such as the stamp of the checking company in the country of manufacture, and the presence of a representative For that company with local inspection committees operating in those outlets,

which should have representatives of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control, and representatives of the ministries of finance, health and environment in the central government.

In addition to the importance of upgrading the tools and mechanisms of work in these outlets in order to achieve the possibility of working in a single window manner without delay and to ensure the standards of rational management, especially disclosure, transparency and accountability, then the local market will ensure strict application of the laws of “protecting the local product, competition and preventing monopoly, and consumer protection” after guaranteeing collection Customs funds and the correctness of papers that will necessarily mean putting an end to tax evasion and thus maximizing non-oil revenues.

Otherwise, resorting to the investment method in this file may be closer to reality through contracting with sober companies that have many experiences in countries that have witnessed some of what our country has witnessed.

Iraq Reopens The Border Crossing With Iran

Time: 08/09/2020 13:02:16 Read: 2,730 times  {International: Al Furat News} An Iranian official said that the Shalamjah international border crossing with Iraq reopened on Sunday after it was closed in conjunction with Eid al-Adha.

Ali Mousavi said in a press statement, “The Iraqi side announced July 30, the closure of the commercial port of Al-Shalamjah, from Eid Al-Adha to Eid Al-Ghadir, and the absence of any trade on these borders.”

Mousavi added, “From today, the international port of” Shalamjah “was reopened and trade exchange between Iran and Iraq resumed.

It is noteworthy that exports of Iranian non-oil goods from the Shalamjah border crossing were officially resumed on Wednesday, July 8, according to an agreement with the Iraqi side, after a four-month closure due to the spread of the Corona virus, and during this period 21 thousand tons of non-cargo were exported. Oil, worth 95 million dollars to Iraq.

The Shalamjah borders are located 15 km from the city of Khorramshahr in southern Iran and 25 km from Basra in southern Iraq.

Before Iraq closed the Shalamjah border, more than 200 trucks carrying a variety of locally produced goods and 150 Iraqi trucks arrived daily at the border crossing to unload and load the goods.  LINK

{Hobby Lobby} Iraq Bartered For These Items

Time: 08/09/2020 14:29:35 Read: 4,498 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities said that the “Hobby Lobby” company, which possesses Iraqi antiquities in the United States, has applied to Iraq in exchange for retrieving thousands of smuggled artifacts in America.

The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Hassan Nazim, said in a statement, which the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of, that he discussed today, Sunday, with the head of the Antiquities and Heritage Authority, Mohsen Sadkhan’s agency, the general directors, the director of the recovery department, the legal representative in the restoration, and the legal director of the body the mechanisms of returning antiquities The smuggled Iraqi is in the possession of the Hobby Lobby Company and the Bible Museum in Washington, USA, which number 3817 artifacts dating back to different eras of the Mesopotamian civilization.

Nazem added, “We must work quickly to return the smuggled antiquities, according to mechanisms that ensure their safe arrival in Iraq, according to a memorandum of understanding between the two parties that guarantees Iraq’s rights to return its cultural property.”

He pointed out that “the Hubei Lobby Company” sent a memorandum explaining the mechanisms of retrieving Iraqi antiquities in its possession, including a number of points regarding allowing the company to display and print pictures of archaeological pieces, conduct research and studies about the pieces, take electronic copies of them, and things related to transportation,

And storage, packaging, and cooperation with Iraq in returning its smuggled antiquities inside America, participating with Iraq in archaeological research and discoveries, paying the costs of attorney’s wages and fees for the return of antiquities, cultural property rights, and examining antiquities.

He emphasized that “the Hobby Lobby Company” seeks to negotiate and consult with the Antiquities and Heritage Authority regarding the development, support, and financing of the Iraq Assistance Project with an amount of 15 million US dollars as assistance, which is involved in the field of technical work, and the strengthening and strengthening of human resources and training programs, deposited in an account The Commercial Bank in Washington is managed by a third party to finance projects related to the antiquities and heritage sector in Iraq, according to a memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties.

The Hubei Lobby Company, which holds the antiquities, requested in its memo from Iraq, according to the statement, that “{Iraq} stops its legal procedures against the company in exchange for returning the antiquities, and providing assistance.”

Nazem added. “Nazem listened to the interventions, opinions and suggestions of the president of the commission, Mohsen Sadkhan Agency, the Director General of Museums, Amira Adan Al-Dhahab, the Director General of Studies and Research, Qassem Al-Sudani, and the specialists in legal affairs, and appropriate decisions and measures were taken regarding the return of antiquities, and the mechanisms of action in accordance with the law.  LINK

Agriculture Asks For Money To Pay Farmers’ Dues Before The Winter Plan Is Approved

Spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Hamid Al-Nayef

Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  On Sunday, the Ministry of Agriculture asked the Ministry of Finance to release farmers ‘and farmers’ dues before approving the winter plan.

“The ministry was able to rehabilitate some operating projects and complete the stalled projects through the existing support sums, especially after the delay in approving the budget for this year,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Hamid Al-Nayef, in a statement reported by the official news agency. “This mechanism does not contribute to advancing agricultural development.”

He added that “the agricultural sector needs money continuously, in addition to farmers’ dues, except for those owed by the Ministry of Agriculture from the seeds of higher ranks or that the Ministry of Trade owes by receiving the grain from farmers.”

Al-Nayef called on “the Ministry of Finance to facilitate the process of launching farmers ‘and farmers’ dues before approving the winter plan in preparation for the next season, as well as fulfilling their other financial obligations.”

He explained that “there are great efforts made by the Ministry of Agriculture to secure amounts for the purchase of fertilizers for the next agricultural season, as well as veterinary pesticides and vaccines for this year, indicating that” the ministry was able to reach self-sufficiency in wheat, barley and seeds of higher ranks.

He pointed out that “the quantities produced of wheat for this year of grains and seeds reached five million four hundred thousand tons in addition to that the ministry provided, with the efforts of the farmers, 28 agricultural products and prevented them from importing. Also 750 tons of potatoes, eggplant and tomatoes were exported abroad by the private sector.” .

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