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Iraqi News and Highlights Wednesday AM 8-12-20

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12/08/2020 Recently issued statements conveying inaccurate and wrong information about the performance of the Parliament, which is contrary to reality and contradicts official statements,

As we confirm with the numbers confirmed in the reports and statements of the House of Representatives departments officially that the number of sessions that have taken place since the beginning of the current legislative session has reached 99, and that the number of laws voted on reached 38.

We also clarify that the laws that have been read in a first reading have reached 103 laws, while the laws that have been read reached a second reading of 58 laws.

We explain to the public opinion that the recent suspension of the Council’s sessions came due to the recommendations and decisions of the Crisis and National Safety Cell, and that the Council is awaiting the decision of this body concerned with the Corona pandemic in order for the Parliament’s sessions to reconvene normally and continuously as it was before the pandemic spread.

And that the work of the parliamentary committees and the presidency of the Council is continuous and has not stopped, many officials and ministers have been hosted, and many official directives and books have been issued regarding the country’s issues and the various crises of the Corona pandemic and the financial crisis for which a special session was held to legislate the internal and external borrowing law and rejected the decision to cut the salaries of retirees and employees, as well as issues.

Related to the problems faced by citizens, the last of which was the formation of a higher investigation committee on contracts for the Ministry of Electricity and hosting many ministers and officials in various ministries in order to address the crises the country is going through.

Finally, we confirm that Parliament and its departments work on a daily basis, like other ministries and government institutions, and according to what is decided by the health authorities.

We wish everyone to be accurate and objective in transmitting information and approving it from its official sources.

House of Representatives   Media  Department 8/12/2020

The Council Of Ministers Holds Its Regular Session Under The Chairmanship Of The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi

Aug 11- 2020  The Council of Ministers held its regular session, today, Tuesday, August 11, 2020, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and the Council discussed the paragraphs listed on its agenda and took special decisions regarding them.

The Cabinet began its session by discussing the developments of the Corona pandemic, its latest developments, government efforts to confront the increase in injuries, and the Ministry of Health’s plans in the areas of prevention and control of health and awareness.

In addition to the ministerial curriculum of the government of Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, approved by the House of Representatives on May 7, 2020, the Council of Ministers decided to initiate the implementation of the second phase of the curriculum, which is related to the victims of the peaceful protest movement for the month of October 2019, and after the complete count of accurate statistics of the names of the martyrs of the daughters and sons of our people and the forces And considering all of them as martyrs of the homeland, the Council of Ministers approved the following:

1- Inclusion of the martyrs and the wounded who were killed in the demonstrations of October of last year and what followed them, by virtue of the Martyrs Foundation Law No. 2 of 2009, and they have the rights and privileges that are entailed in accordance with this law.

2- Instructing the Ministry of Health to form medical committees of various specializations to monitor the health status of the wounded. And provide the necessary treatment for them each according to his province.

3- Refer the injured who cannot be treated inside Iraq to the relevant committee in the Ministry of Health and facilitate their treatment outside Iraq.

4- The inclusion of victims of the peaceful demonstrations of October 2019 with health insurance, and the compensation law No. 20 of 2009 as amended.

5- Include a draft amendment to the Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs Law No. 39 of 2013, to include the handicapped and injured victims of the peaceful protest movement in October 2019, and those who became physically incapable of work, as a result of a handicap or physical disadvantage they suffered as a result of those events.

The Minister of Electricity gave a presentation to the Council on the reality of the system for the production and distribution of electric energy, which included a summary of the efforts made in this aspect to secure the electric energy and the maintenance of the stations.

The Council of Ministers approved a number of decisions in this regard, in a way that serves the Ministry’s work and the priority of providing services to citizens,

The Council also discussed the rest of the topics on its agenda and approved the following:

1- The Ministry of Education completes contracting procedures with government printing presses, some discreet private printing houses known for their high capabilities, media network printers, and the holy shrines presses, provided that financial allocations are available according to Article (13). ) Of the Federal Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019.

2- Maintaining the contract form with the companies importing the machinery, machinery and equipment that are proven in the accompanying minutes linking the memorandum of the legal department in the Prime Minister’s office, number: D.Q / 1741, dated December 16, 2019, according to the sale mechanism by the based disposal Marketing their materials.

3- Adoption of Minutes No. (12) and recommendations of the Diwani Order (45 of 2018) accompanying the linking of the Ministry of Planning’s book, number: WS / 1. / 2/492, dated 07/27/2020, relating to hospital projects.

In a part of its session, the Council discussed the requirements of Dhi Qar Governorate, and ways to meet the service demands of its people, and issued a number of decisions regarding this:

1- Allocating an amount of 50 billion dinars to Dhi Qar governorate and disbursing according to the controls, including (10 billion dinars), paid by the Public Telecommunications Company Informatics, a company of the Ministry of Communications, to be counted as payment of the previous debts of the company owed by it in favor of the Ministry of Finance for the previous years.

2- Approval of the Ministerial Council for Energy Recommendation No. 11 of 2020 regarding the extension of the Ministerial Council’s Resolution for Energy, and the Recommendation No. 35 of 2020 regarding the exemption of the Dhi Qar Oil Company from the instructions for implementing the federal budget, and the instructions for the implementation of government contracts No. 2 of 2014, regarding the amounts Disbursed from the social benefits of petroleum licensing contracts, to support health institutions in Dhi Qar Governorate, to exclusively confront the Coronavirus pandemic.

3- Approval of providing government departments with deferred gear material from the Ministry of Oil in implementing projects for Dhi Qar Governorate.

4- Instruct the Ministry of Construction and Housing to complete the maintenance work for the Dhi Qar Bridge Concrete in accordance with Article 13 / Second of the amended Federal Financial Management Law.

5- The General Directorate of Sewage / Ministry of Construction and Housing transferred a surplus amount of 20 billion dinars from the operating budget to the investment budget.

6- The Ministry of Oil is responsible for equipping the municipal departments in Dhi Qar governorate with all requirements for road cladding and rehabilitation through payment on credit.

7- Approval of signing the contract for the Nasiriyah International Airport project by the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

Media Office of the Prime Minister  11- Aug-2020

Issue (4593) Of The Iraqi Newspaper Al-Waqi’a Issued On 10/8/2020

1- Republic Decree No. (25) of 2020.

2- Decisions issued by the Committee on Freezing Terrorist Funds No. (28), (29), (30) and (31) for the year 2020.

Those wishing to acquire the Iraqi factsheet can refer to the Iraqi investigation department located in Salhiya / Haifa Street (Ministry of Justice building), and obtain the required number.

Al-Kaabi calls for the participation of academics in drawing up the country’s legislative policy

Wednesday 12 August 2020  106  Baghdad / morning  The First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, called for the participation of scientific competencies, academics, research centers and specialized studies, and trade unions in drawing up a strategy for the country’s legislative policy, pointing out that the participation of people’s minds is important to benefit from their ideas in ripening work and coming out with accurate practical and realistic results that achieve the goal of The existence of effective and efficient legislative policies in Iraq.

A statement of his office, received by “Al-Sabah”, stated that “Al-Kaabi chaired a meeting of the Council of Representatives’s advisers to develop a strategy for legislative policy in Iraq, in the presence of the Deputy Secretary-General, the Director of the Parliamentary Department, the Director of the Research and Studies Department in the Council, and the advisory team in the Office of the First Deputy.

During the meeting, according to the statement, they discussed defining the vision and goals, clarifying the constitution’s philosophy, the position of the government program and the legislation in force, the decisions issued by the House of Representatives, and determining the extent of the need for legislative intervention.

Al-Kaabi said, according to the statement, that “this project is a glimmer of hope for drawing the state’s general policy on the legislative side,” indicating that “legislation will have a clear impact on the performance and style of all institutions to make their work a success.”

The First Deputy emphasized that «the House of Representatives must be a primary partner in drawing the general policy of the state, and that these efforts may be the first initiative to develop a clear map that will facilitate the work of the next parliamentary sessions», stressing that «this strategy will not be a political achievement or Electively, as much as it is a discreet professional achievement. ”  LINK

Iraq Calls On The Security Council To Stop The Turkish Violations

Wednesday 12 August 2020  129   Baghdad / morning   The Presidency of the Republic condemned the targeting of one of the Turkish planes to the Sayed Kan area in the Kurdistan region, and while I considered the targeting a serious violation of Iraqi sovereignty, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan al-Kaabi, called on the UN Security Council to urgently intervene to stop the Turkish violations.

The presidency stated, in a press release received by Al-Sabah, that it “condemns this attack and considers the repeated Turkish military breaches of Iraqi lands a serious violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and a clear violation of international laws and conventions and good-neighborly relations.”

She added, “We condemn these acts of aggression, which resulted in the martyrdom of a number of innocent citizens, in addition to the heroic border guards.”

In turn, Al-Kaabi strongly denounced the Turkish forces ’persistence in their aggression, the latest of which was the bombing of a military vehicle belonging to the Iraqi border guards in the Sayed Kan area of Erbil Governorate.

Al-Kaabi called on the government to summon the Turkish ambassador and deliver him a strongly-worded protest letter, stressing that the repetition of Turkish violations is a flagrant violation of all principles of the United Nations Charter, international laws and relevant Security Council resolutions.  LINK

A Parliamentary Move To Pass The Agricultural Land Lease Law

Wednesday 12 August 2020  132  Baghdad / Muhannad Abdul Wahhab  The House of Representatives is heading, in the first session of its new legislative chapter, to pass the agricultural land lease law, as it is one of the legislation ready for voting, at a time when parliamentary committees are talking about a proposed law for the employment of unemployed youth.

A member of the Parliamentary Agriculture and Water Committee, Abboud Al-Issawi, said in a statement to “Al-Sabah”: “One of the laws ready for voting as soon as the parliament sessions are held is the agricultural land lease law,” explaining that it is “one of the laws of the previous parliamentary session and it was postponed.”

He added, “This project will be a substitute for Law 35 of 1983, as the lease period will be 25 years and renewable for 10 years, respectively. It will also allow the lessee to establish livestock projects and projects that complement the agricultural activity, both plant and animal parts.” Planting between 5 to 10 dunums with palm trees and olive trees five years after the date of planting.  LINK

Little By Little, The National Industry Is Regaining Its Luster

Wednesday 12 August 2020  48   Baghdad / Farah Al-Khafaf   After the revival of the agricultural sector, which found support from the government and parliament, the industrial sector slowly began to regain its luster, especially in the field of food production and some industries. This comes at a time when the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the addition of new production lines and factories.

Industrial expert Aqeel Al-Saadi said to Al-Sabah: “The national industry has proven its existence recently, especially in the crisis of the Coronavirus, as it covered in a fair manner the necessary needs of citizens, especially food.”

Al-Saadi pointed out that “the ambition is higher than that, but amid the challenges facing the country, this is (good)”, adding that: “The implementation of the partnership between the public and private sectors must be accelerated, so that the national product can be developed in a way that competes with the importer, in addition to supporting Industrialists and granting full facilities to investors. ”

Al-Saadi emphasized that “the current national production has been able to cover the citizens’ needs of foodstuffs, such as milk, juices, ice cream, and others, while it was able to cover other needs such as all kinds of cleaning fluid and soap, while it was able to provide medicines, medical oxygen and dozens of different materials.”

He also pointed to “enabling Iraqi factories and factories to provide electrical materials of several types, in addition to competing with Iraqi furniture for its imported counterpart.”

Al-Saadi expressed his “optimism for a real recovery of the national industry, in the event that more success factors are available, including putting controls on the importer and actually subjecting it to quality control.”

The expert also praised the postponement of the monthly installments of the central bank’s initiative, calling for an increase of more than three months.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the addition of new production lines and factories, while confirming that its export plan is contingent on achieving self-sufficiency.

“The ministry has set two plans, short and long term, to advance the national industry,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Mortada Al-Safi, pointing out that these two plans include operating a number of factories, as well as operating the rest of the stalled laboratories, in addition to new laboratories and lines for companies affiliated with the ministry. .

Al-Safi added that “the ministry has an export plan, but that does not happen until after it has self-sufficiency in the materials that are manufactured, whether it is construction materials or chemicals that are needed by some countries such as the UAE and Kuwait,” noting that “some materials They are produced with good quality and durability, especially those related to road construction. ”

And he continued, in a statement carried by the Iraqi News Agency “Conscious”, that “the ministry, in the event that it has achieved self-sufficiency in a number of construction materials such as plastic pipes, cement, aluminum, and many other materials will be exported abroad.”

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals had announced earlier a strategic plan for the advancement of the national industry, the beginning of which would be to achieve self-sufficiency from the demand for the local product in the Iraqi market, and then move to a second plan aimed at exporting the product. In a related context, the Baghdad Investment Commission announced that it would redouble efforts and endeavors to support the national industry.

The Investment Authority affirmed that many licenses were granted to industrial projects in order to promote local industry, encourage Iraqi industrialists and overcome all obstacles that stand in their way.

She explained that “among these projects is the project of the company (durability manufacturing), which aims to produce, assemble, market and develop the production lines of the Light Industries Company located in Al-Zafaraniya / Industrial Zone, as the company produces refrigerators of various sizes, vertical displays, horizontal and vertical freezers, solar heaters and cookers of various types. The models that are local products with international specifications, quality and effective guarantee bear the (Ishtar) mark.

She explained that “the production began for models and brands of quality that exceed the imported products because of their high efficiency that takes into account the Iraqi airspace and the high temperatures in the parts of the body and the developer, with an effective guarantee for a period of two years, in addition to the products being subjected to electronic inspection and quality control inside the company.”

It is noteworthy that the qualification included adding new production lines, including the line of curling and cutting to cut the doors of refrigerators and freezers, and new production lines that keep pace with modernity and industrial development that the world is witnessing in this field, as the rehabilitation of these projects will contribute to supporting the national industry, and these investment projects will also provide many job opportunities for engineers. Technicians and workers in various specialties.  LINK

Integrity: Sentencing In Absentia To Seven Years Imprisonment For The Former Governor Of Diyala’s Deputy For Harming Public Money

Pratha News Agency104 2020-08-12  The Investigation Department of the Federal Integrity Commission revealed, on Wednesday, that a prison sentence had been issued against the former Diyala governor’s deputy. For intentionally inflicting damage on public funds.

A statement of the authority stated that “the department, in its talk about the details of the case it investigated and referred to the judiciary, indicated that the convicted person had excluded the lowest bid submitted by one of the companies in the project of implementing a rain sewer network with pumps (Alibat – Al Kobat – Al Hussein District – Eastern – Western In Diyala Governorate, in contravention of the instructions for implementing government contracts, when he was the acting head of the bid analysis and auditing committee; Resulting in damage to public money ”.

The statement added, “The Criminal Court concerned with integrity cases in Baghdad reached full conviction of the convict’s negligence, after reviewing the evidence obtained in the case represented by the statements of the legal representative of the Diyala Provincial Diwan who requested the complaint against the accused, as well as the statements of witnesses that included amending the amount of the referral by increasing the amount,

According to the contractor’s request and the consent of the convicted person, the investigation committee’s report containing his referral to the competent courts, in addition to the presumption of his escape from justice.

The circuit clarified that “the court issued a sentence in absentia with seven years imprisonment against the convicted person in accordance with the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code No. (111 of 1969), in addition to issuing an arrest and investigation order against him, and confirming the seizure of his movable and immovable property, while giving the right to the injured party ( Diyala Provincial Office) has the right to claim compensation before civil courts after acquiring the judgment to the final degree.

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