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More Iraqi News  Tuesday PM 9-8-20

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Foreign Exchange Rates, Gold And Oil Today

Market  Economy News _ Baghdad   Al-Eqtisadiah News publishes the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar and other foreign currencies, oil and gold in Iraq and the world on Tuesday, September 8, 2020:

Dollar sale price: 123,500   Dollar purchase price: 122,500

Euro The global price: 100 euros = 118,13 British dollars The world price: 100 pounds = 131,44

Turkish lira dollars The world price: 100 dollars = 745.77 Turkish lira

The price of an ounce of gold worldwide = $ 1933.10

The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil = $ 42.02, the price of a barrel of US crude oil = $ 39.10

Number of observations 80 Date added 09/08/2020

The Parliamentary Work Committee Calls On The Government To Send A Draft Social Security Law

Money and business  Economy News – Baghdad   The Labor and Social Affairs Committee called on the Presidency of Parliament to request the government to send the Social Security bill.

The head of the committee, Hussein Arab, said that the draft Social Security Law 5 years ago is still in the corridors of the Council of Ministers, and we ask the Presidency of Parliament to approach the government to send it to Parliament for approval, explaining that the problems that Iraq is currently facing are due to unorganized employment.

He stressed that there is competition between the Insurance Law and the Social Security Law, which affected its failure to send it to Parliament, explaining that the Labor and Social Affairs Committee has submitted more than one request to the government, but so far it has not sent it.

He indicated that the committee called on the Prime Minister to rely on the Social Protection Law, which provides for the amount of the social aid amounting to 420,000 dinars, while reliance is currently underway on Cabinet Resolution 254 of 2016, which set the ceiling for the subsidy at 175,000 dinars, explaining that the supremacy is the law and not the decision. Number of observations 93 Date of addendum 09/08/2020

Parliament Votes On The Federal Civil Service Bill Next Thursday

Reports  Economy News – Baghdad   The Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, announced that the draft federal civil service law will be included in the parliament session next Thursday for a vote.

Al-Halbousi said that the draft federal civil service law will be included in the vote next Thursday in the parliament session.

The draft law stipulates the creation of each state department called the Department of Human Resources and Administrative Services whose function is to express an opinion regarding the distribution of the workforce in the management of human resources and the provision of studies and research, and it is prohibited for the employee to have everyone between two government jobs and buy shares of joint stock companies.

The draft law specified the leadership special positions, with 13 job degrees, which represent the president of the university, the head of the State Council, the ambassador, the head of the Pension Authority, and others, the positions of 13 positions, including an advisor in the three presidencies, an undersecretary, and those who receive their salaries, the two vice-presidents of the Office of Financial Supervision, the Integrity Commission, and others. While the higher positions were identified by the General Director and Dean of the College.

The draft federal civil service law can be found by clicking here .

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri, said that the draft Federal Civil Service Law was raised more than a year ago for a vote in Parliament, but the Presidency of Parliament did not include it on the Council’s agenda.

And Jubouri that this law makes the employee is aware of its limitations and responsibilities, rights and duties and facilitates negligent accounting of them in addition to the law that will determine the future political career of the Iraqi state.  Number of observations 89 Date added 09/08/2020

America Announces The Import Of Nearly 8 Million Barrels Of Iraqi Oil

Economy News _ Baghdad  The US Energy Information Administration revealed, on Tuesday, that America imported 7 million 785 thousand barrels of Iraqi crude oil until September.

The administration said in a table seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “America imported 7 million 785 thousand barrels from Iraq until September of this year 2020,” indicating that “these quantities decreased from the same months of 2019 in which America imported the amount of 11 634 million barrels of Iraqi crude oil.

She added that “imports of crude oil from Iraq decreased during July and August of this year 2020, reaching 551 thousand and 676 thousand, respectively, compared to the months of January and February, where imports amounted to one million and 375 thousand barrels and one million and 444 thousand barrels, respectively.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq sets its prices to Asia on the light of the reference to Dubai and Oman crude, while its prices are set to Europe in light of the Brent mixture, and its prices for America are set in light of the reference to Texas crude.

Number of observations 45 Date of addendum 09/08/2020

Al-Kazemi Directs To Hold A Special Session To Discuss And Approve The Federal Budget At The Beginning Of Next Week

Tuesday 08, September 2020 15:25 | PoliticalViews: 147   Baghdad / NINA / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has directed that a special session be held to discuss and approve the federal budget 2020, beginning of next week.

The Central Bank Seizes The Funds Of 14 People, Including The Head Of Normalization, Iyad Bunyan

Tuesday 08, September 2020| SportswearViews: 19  Baghdad / NINA / The Central Bank of Iraq addressed the Investigation and Reservations Department with all governmental and private banks by placing a seizure on the movable and immovable funds of 14 people, including the head of the normalization body of the Football Association, Iyad Bunyan.

The Central Bank circulated the seizure book, and the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / saw a copy of it to banks, according to the Ministry of Finance letter dated 9-8-2020 based on the government debt collection law No. To government debtors, including Iyad Bunyan, as confirmed in the published document. 7

The Regional Government Delegation Arrives In Baghdad To Discuss The Budget

Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  A high-ranking delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by the deputy prime minister of the region, Qubad Talabani, arrived on Tuesday, in the capital, Baghdad.

A spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Samir Hawrami said, “The visit comes as an extension of the previous meetings between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government,” according to “Rudaw”.

He added that the discussions will revolve around the outstanding differences, including in particular the financial dues for the Kurdistan Region and how to fix them in the draft budget law for 2021.

He stressed that the Kurdistan Regional Government has shown its willingness to reach an agreement with the federal government on oil and non-oil revenues and border crossings.

The delegation will start its meetings today with the existence of sub-committees to discuss the legal details and find a way out of the controversial issues.

So far, Baghdad and Erbil have not reached a definitive agreement, amid talk of several scenarios for an agreement.

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Sherwan Mirza, said that there is a tendency not to rely on a percentage to determine the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget because Baghdad had never previously committed to sending the specified rates.

He explained that based on the population rate in Iraq, Kurdistan’s share in the budget should not be less than 15%, but Baghdad has never sent this percentage of the budget during the past years, so the agreement will be on a specific amount of money instead of a percentage.

Baghdad and Erbil previously agreed to send the federal government 320 billion dinars per month to the Kurdistan Region for the months of August, September and October until the 2021 budget is approved, in return for handing over 50% of the border crossing revenues to the region.

Source: Rudaw   Number of observations 72 Date added 09/08/2020

Baghdad And Erbil Form Committees To Resolve Disputes

Tuesday 08, September 2020 13:57 | EconomicalViews: 231  Baghdad / NINA / The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by Qubad Talabani, Vice President of the Regional Government, began its first meeting in the capital, Baghdad, with the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Ali Allawi.

Samir Hawrami, a spokesman for the Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, according to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan website, said that an expanded meeting was held in Baghdad after the arrival of the region’s delegation to it, explaining that the delegation of the region and the delegation of the federal government discussed the outstanding differences between the two sides and the financial dues for the region and the draft general budget law for 2021.

Hawrami added: “The meeting decided to form specialized and subsidiary committees to intensify dialogues on oil and gas files, financial dues, electricity, border crossings, and debts.”

He indicated that these committees are expected to present the results of their follow-ups and dialogues in light of the paragraphs and articles of the Iraqi constitution to the two negotiating delegations in order for an agreement to be reached.

He pointed out that the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation expressed willingness to agree with the federal government regarding oil and non-oil revenues and border crossings revenues.

Parliamentary Finance Reveals: The Iraqi State Owes About $ 110 Billion

Economy   Tuesday 8 September 2020 | 04:39 pm| Views: 113

The reporter of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, revealed, on Tuesday, that the government is unable to open the door for recruitment again, Sina said that most of the employees are not productive, indicating that the state owes about $ 110 billion, and this number cannot be increased, whether by borrowing or otherwise .

Al-Saffar said, “Our agreement to borrow was accompanied by a reform paper from the government and the economic system in Iraq is unknown .”

He added that “there is a slack in jobs and appointees in Iraq are not productive and they cost the state money and the state cannot open the doors of appointment again at all,” explaining that “25 billion dollars is the external debt of Iraq and about 85 trillion dinars is the internal debt and it is unreasonable to increase this debt by appointments and borrowing.” “.

The Government Program Control Committee: The Ministry Of Trade Has Been Spoiled By Corruption .. Only The Name Remains!

Political  Tuesday 8 September 2020 | 04:06 PM| Views: 87

On Tuesday, the Government Program Control and Strategic Planning Committee criticized the work of the Ministry of Commerce, stating that corruption ravaged it, leaving nothing but the name and it was completely absent .

A member of the committee, Manahel Al-Hamidawi, said, “The government program in general has unclear outlines, and nothing has been implemented, especially in the Ministry of Trade .”

And she added, “The Ministry of Commerce has reached a completely absent and non-existent stage and is ravaged by corruption due to the accumulation of corruption through a series of corrupt ministers who have succeeded in it .” Al-Hamidawi explained that “trade has turned into a name only, and there is nothing left of it that works on it .”

And she stated that “the coming days will witness the full opening of the files and refer them to the judiciary and integrity to take the necessary measures against the corrupt.”

Now .. The Parliament Is Hosting The Ministers Of Finance And Planning

Time: 09/08/2020 15:32:50 Read: 1,469 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The House of Representatives hosted Finance Minister Ali Allawi and Planning Minister Najm Battal.  The meeting’s agenda includes directing an oral question directed by the deputy (Muhammad Sahib Al-Darraji) to Ministers   LINK

The Ministers Of Finance And Planning Answer The Parliament About The Failure To Reach The Reform Paper

Tuesday 08, September 2020 16:11 | PoliticalViews: 63

Baghdad / NINA / Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi and Planning, Khaled Battal, began to answer the verbal question about the failure to reach the paper on reforms in the economic aspect, which was stipulated in the Lending Law. / End 5

During Today’s Session, A Deputy For Al-Sadiqoun Reveals What Happened With The Ministers Of Planning And Finance

Author: AhadNA4 On 9/8/2020 – Today, Tuesday, the deputy from the Al-Sadiqoun Parliamentary Bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, revealed what happened with the Ministers of Finance and Planning during today’s parliament session.

In a televised interview with Al-Ahed channel, Al-Baldawi said, “The parliament session discussed several topics. The ministers of planning, finance and communications were hosted, the ministers of finance and planning, on the fact that these two ministries violated the text of the internal and external borrowing law and the reform paper was not presented.”

And he added that “the two ministers promised to present a white paper that would include a financial strategy for the projects and set a road map for the financial and economic situation of the country. They emphasized that the government has not resorted to external borrowing until now.” Ended / 6

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