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More Iraqi News Sunday PM 9-13-20

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The Central Publishes A Table Of Prices For Bullions And Gold Coins

Editing date: 9/13/2020 11:34 • 82 read times   Where’s News -Baghdad The Central Bank of Iraq published, on Sunday, a table of prices for bullion and gold coins for the current week. The table indicated that the 22 gram coin amounted to one million and 788 dinars, while the 15 gram coin amounted to one million and 219 thousand dinars.

He explained that the price of a 5-gram alloy amounted to 383,000 dinars, while the price of a 10-gram bar amounted to 758,000 dinars.  The table indicated that the price of a 15-gram bar amounted to one million and 139 thousand dinars, while the price of a 20-gram bar amounted to one million and 527 thousand dinars, while the price of the 25-gram alloy amounted to one million and 917 thousand dinars, while the 50-gram bar amounted to 3 million and 833 thousand dinars.

Parliamentary Finance: 148 Trillion Dinars, The Amount Of The General Budget For The Current Year

Sunday 13, September 2020 16:00 | PoliticalViews: 85   Baghdad / NINA / The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that the federal general budget for the year 2020, which is still under the custody of the Council of Ministers, amounted to 148 trillion dinars, indicating that the amounts of government revenues include 67 trillion dinars, with a deficit exceeding 70 trillion dinars.

Economist: Imposing The Prestige Of The State On All Outlets Is An Urgent Necessity To Support The Local Product

Baghdad Post Sunday, 13 September 2020 04:11 PM  Economic expert Abdul Hassan Al-Shammari stressed that imposing the prestige of the state and its control over all border outlets is an urgent necessity to support the local product in the face of commodity dumping witnessed by the local markets.

Al-Shammari said: “The resources of the border outlets are still below the required level,” indicating: “The revenues of the ports It is estimated at about 10 to 12 billion dollars annually, while what Iraq currently collects does not exceed one billion dollars annually, “noting:” Al-Kazemi’s visit to the region is an important step to control the outlets there, which have become a threat to the local product, “pointing out:” The prime minister has mechanisms through which he can oblige the regional government to comply with the central government’s demands. ”   LINK

United Nations Representative Plasschaert Visits Sistani In Najaf

September 13, 2020118   Najaf Ashraf – time   At his home in Najaf, he received the supreme Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani   The representative of the United Nations, Jenin Plasschaert, who arrived this morning in Najaf. The UN representative discussed with the supreme authority the latest developments in the Iraqi situation,  LINK

Plasschaert After Meeting With Sistani: The Al-Kazemi Government Is Required To Hold The Corrupt Accountable, Withdraw Unlicensed Weapons, And Enforce The Law

Baghdad Post Sunday, September 13, 2020 12:51 PM

Jinin-Hennis-Plasschaert-Special Representative-of the Secretary-General of the United Nations-2019

The United Nations representative in Iraq Genin Hennes Blaschart on Sunday that the cleric Ali al – Sistani encourages broad participation in the parliamentary elections early scheduled on June 6 , 2021.

reported Blaschart in following a press conference to meet her Datum top in his office in Najaf Ashraf Sistani emphasized the importance of holding elections in The specified date, indicating that the delay in holding the elections or holding them in a manner that does not meet the conditions necessary for their success has great risks.

She added: We emphasized that the elections will be held on time and that the uncontrolled weapons will be eliminated, noting that the Sistani authority calls on the government to continue its capabilities to impose the prestige of the state and withdraw unlicensed weapons.

And Blashardt continued: Al-Sistani calls on the government to control the border crossings as he calls forGovernment to open major corruption files.  The UN envoy stressed that Sistani is of great importance to the United Nations.

It indicated that Al-Sistani called on the government to improve the performance of the security forces, and revealed those who carried out criminal acts such as murder and assassination, and stressed the achievement of justice and accountability, the preservation of Iraqi sovereignty and the prevention of external interference.  LINK

Parliamentary Finance: The 2020 Budget Will Arrive In Parliament This Week, And It Does Not Include Only More Loans

13:39 – 09/13/2020   The information / Baghdad ..The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Sunday, that the government has informed us that it will send the 20-20 budget at the end of this week, indicating that the budget will be simple, but it will include a request for Parliament’s approval to allow new borrowing.

“The government has informed Parliament that it will send the 2020 budget at the end of this week for the purpose of approval,” said Jamal Cougar, a member of the committee.

He added that “the 2020 budget will be prepared in a simple way that includes what the government has spent during the past months of the year and that Parliament will hold it accountable according to the 2019 budget expenditures.”

Cougar added that “the 2020 budget will also include a request from the government with the approval of Parliament to allow it a new loan, and this will depend on the feasibility study of the request by the Finance Committee,” noting that “the government promised to send the 2021 budget to Parliament on the 15th of next month.” End / AD 25

Advisor Al-Kazemi: The Visit Of The Prime Minister To Kurdistan Opened New Horizons Of Cooperation Between Erbil And Baghdad

POSTED ON 2020-09-13 BY SOTALIRAQ   The advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Hindawi, confirmed, on Saturday, that Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s visit to the Kurdistan Region opened new horizons of cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil, to facilitate the House of Representatives vote on the new election law.

Al-Hindawi said in a statement, “The visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the Kurdistan Region was not traditional, as it opened a new stage in understanding and cooperation on the basis of the constitution and the supreme national interests.”

Advisor Al-Kazemi: The cost of holding early elections is $ 250 million – Al-Change Satellite Channel

He pointed out that «the visit witnessed a focus on the need for national understanding and unification of positions to resolve outstanding issues, security coordination and preparation for early elections».

He added that “the vision that Al-Kazemi brought forth in it new concepts of the relationship between the center and the region,” stressing that “the Kurdistan Region is part of the Iraqi people, and that the concerns of Iraqis and their issues are the same everywhere in the country, foremost among which is the need to build the Iraqi state, its economy and its administrative system in the best way.”

He pointed out that «Al-Kazemi’s visit also came to help create an atmosphere for a positive political life, in order to facilitate the House of Representatives’ vote on the new election law, to enhance the capabilities and independence of the Electoral Commission, and to enhance citizens ’confidence in the upcoming electoral process before it is held on June 6 for the next year in a way that secures its fair conduct.

Al-Kazemi arrived Thursday morning in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, to meet with the region’s senior leaders, to discuss the outstanding issues between the federal government and the regional government.

Al-Kazemi held two meetings with the Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani and the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, during which he discussed the relations between Erbil and Baghdad and resolving the outstanding issues between the two sides, ways to fight terrorism, early elections and issues related to the displaced and others, and he visited Dohuk and inspected the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing, and he also visited a camp for the displaced. He met families of Anfal victims, as well as visiting Sulaymaniyah and Halabja.  LINK

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