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Iraqi News Saturday AM 9-19-20

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Statement From The Finance Committee

09/19/2020  Referring to the special session of the Council of Ministers on Monday 9/14/2020 in which the draft Federal Budget Law for the year 2020 was approved, as the Finance Committee confirms that the Council of Ministers has not sent the budget until now, the Finance Committee urges the government to speed up sending it for the purpose of voting on it Because of its paragraphs serving all segments of the people Finance Committee  Parliament  19-September-2020  LINK

On Charges Of Corruption … 4 Government Officials Were Arrested Today

Time: 09/19/2020 14:29:02 Read: 3,094 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) Today, Saturday, the Anti-Corruption Agency arrested 4 government officials on charges of corruption.

A source told Al-Furat News that “the Anti-Corruption Agency has arrested 4 managers at the Agricultural Bank today, after investigations with the bank’s director.”

“The detainees are the managers of the Ramadi, Fallujah banks, Abu Ghraib Salah al-Din,” he added.  LINK 

Learn About The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Local Market Today

Time: 09/19/2020 10:27:47 Read: 5,330 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The exchange rates of the dollar have been recorded, relatively stable in the local market in Baghdad and some provinces.

Al-Kifah Stock Exchange recorded 123,000 dollars per hundred dollars.

While the exchange registered in the markets

122,500 per hundred dollars purchase price.   123,500 per hundred dollars sales price.

The approximate price came in a number of governorates as follows:

Basra  123,100    Mosul  123,200     Sulaymaniyah  123,150    LINK

KI Affirms That Its Operations Will Continue As Normal

Banks  Economy News _ Baghdad  The International Smart Card Company (Ki) confirmed, on Saturday, that its operations will continue as normal.

The company said in a statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that the International Smart Card Company (Ki) enjoys good capital and operates normally and carries out all operations on the payment system.

And she added, there will be no impact on the Ki card or any product of the global smart card company. We will continue to fulfill all of our commercial obligations to customers and partners.

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OPEC: Iraq Reduced Its Oil Production The Most In August

Energy Economy News _ Baghdad  The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries announced that Iraq came first in the countries with the most reduced oil production within the organization for the month of August.

The organization said in an internal document seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “Iraq was the most oil-producing country in OPEC to reduce for the month of August, as the average cuts reached 152 thousand barrels per day, followed by Saudi Arabia, with an average amount of 93 thousand barrels per day, and Nigeria came third with an average reduction of 32 thousand barrels per day, then Angola came fourth, with an average reduction of 31 thousand barrels per day.

Then Kuwait came fifth, with an average reduction of 12 thousand barrels per day, and then Algeria came sixth with an average reduction of 8 thousand barrels per day.

She added, “The countries that raised their production within OPEC during August came first with an average rise of 182,000 barrels, followed by Gabon second with an average rise of 29,000 barrels per day, followed by Congo third with an average rise of 15,000 barrels per day, then Equatorial Guinea came fourth with an average production It reached 12 thousand barrels per day. ”

The organization indicated that “the average reduction from all OPEC reached 90 thousand barrels per day.”

She explained that “the countries that reduced their production from outside OPEC included Malaysia, with an average reduction of 37,000 barrels per day, followed by Kazakhstan, secondly, at an average of 22,000 barrels per day, followed by Bahrain third, with an average of 15,000 barrels per day, and then Oman came fourth with an average reduction of 2 thousand barrels per day.” Then Azerbaijan came fifth, with an average reduction of one thousand barrels per day, and then two recent ones came to Sudan sixth, with an average reduction of one thousand barrels per day.

She pointed out that “the countries that raised their oil production from outside OPEC for the month of August included Russia, with an average rise of 45 thousand barrels per day, followed by southern Sudan secondly, with an average rise of 39 thousand barrels per day, and then Brunei came third with an average increase of 8 thousand barrels per day.”

It indicated that the average cuts from the ten non-OPEC countries amounted to 15,000 barrels per day.

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Economist To / NINA /: The Emergence Of Large Corruption Files In Economic Sectors Will Negatively Affect The Banking Sector

Saturday 19, September 2020 12:42 | EconomicalViews: 69  Baghdad / NINA / Economist Safwan Qusay stressed the importance of activating the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in monitoring banking agencies and calling for the establishment of a financial intelligence wing in these banks and banking companies to reduce money smuggling and laundering.

Qusay said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / that: The emergence of large corruption files in various economic sectors will certainly negatively affect some of the public and private banks and some banking companies, which the corrupt could use to launder these funds and smuggle them out of Iraq. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the role of the Central Bank of Iraq in monitoring those bodies and calling for the establishment of a financial intelligence wing in those banks and banking companies to limit money smuggling and laundering. ”

He added: It is also necessary to activate a law from where did you get this? And to increase the role of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision and its coherence with the integrity system and track the movement of funds, whether inside or outside banks, which are transferred without knowing the gender of the money and its confiscation, which made it easier for the corrupt to move this money and smuggle it without arresting its owners . ”

He called the economic expert: the government of Prime Minister Kazmi to increase the level of transparency about the money that hovers around the suspicions and the value of money recovered as an input to collect the largest amount of information about those mafias that have already been launched by the Prime Minister the term Ghost.”

He pointed out: The efforts made for the sake of Iraq will succeed in confronting any mafias, whether internal or external, and that these efforts will constitute another resource to fill the actual deficit in the federal budget for the year 2020 and the coming years.

Economist By / NINA /: The Government Must Hold Accountable The Corrupt In The Banking Sector, Including Hamdiya Al-Jaf

Saturday 19, September 2020 12:29 | EconomicalViews: 148  Baghdad / NINA / Economic expert Raad Twaij called on the government to hold accountable the corrupt people in the banking sector, including the administration of the Foreign Trade Bank, Hamdiya Al-Jaf.

Twig said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA /: The Foreign Trade Bank during the era of its director Hamdiya Al-Jaf has paid off the private sector debts requested by the Kurdistan government in the form of loans granted by the bank to the account of the Kurdistan government in billions of dollars without guarantee and outside its powers and without the approval of the Central Bank of Iraq and Parliament “.

he added:” with the beginning of taking the new Director of the Bank of Foreign trade in the first tasks in the recovery of the money borrowed Kurdistan, estimated at several billion dollars to finance its private sector activities and the trial Hamdiya dry public trial to take recompence fair “./

Parliament Is Preparing To Question The First Two Ministers In The Kazemi Government

Editing date: 9/19/2020 12:49 • 72 times read  – Baghdad, Independent MP Abbas Yaber revealed, on Saturday, the first interrogation under the dome of Parliament, affecting Finance Minister Ali Allawi, and then transportation, Hussein Nasser Al-Shibli, indicating that the Ministry of Finance suffers from mismanagement and planning.

Yaber said in a statement to Ayn News, that “the Ministry of Finance has failed with many things, most notably the financial reforms,” indicating that “Minister of Finance Ali Allawi did not present Parliament with anything but unfounded reform theorizing.”

He added that “the House of Representatives gave a warning bell to the Al-Kazemi government in advance, but it did not follow the government reform approach, but rather went to secondary issues.”

Yaber explained that “the Minister of Finance in the Al-Kazemi government will be the first to be interrogated, followed by the Minister of Transport in the coming days.”

A Parliamentary Bloc Calls On Al-Kazemi To Hit The “Corruption Whales” And Not Just Their Young

Political  Saturday 19 September 2020 | 03:26 pm| Views: 25  Today, Saturday, the head of the Rafidain bloc, MP Yonadam Kanna, called on the prime minister to hit the well-known corruption whales and not be limited to small employees, while noting that all laws allow Al-Kazemi to act and verify .

Kanna said, “When we launched the Integrity Commission and the rest of the institutions concerned with monitoring in Iraq, its purpose was for the law to prevail over the old before the young, to apply the authority of justice to everyone and not to classes without others .”

He added, “Al-Kazemi is required to apply the law fairly to ensure the recovery of billions that were stolen and there is no problem in the laws against corruption, but we need a will to implement it.” He stole billions of dollars . ”

Kanna called on Al-Kazemi to “accelerate the application of the law in a fair and without courtesy to ensure the return of billions of countries smuggled abroad.”

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