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Iraqi News Wednesday AM 9-23-20

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The President Of The Republic Urges Resolving The Corruption Files

Wednesday 23 September 2020  145   Baghdad: Morning   The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, stressed the need to prepare laws and legislation that contribute to the implementation of justice and the realization of rights, in order to strengthen the state’s sovereignty in imposing the law, while stressing the importance of upgrading the work of the security system and intensifying the intelligence effort, to achieve security and stability in the country.

Saleh discussed with the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Faiq Zaidan, according to a presidential statement, the role of the Iraqi judiciary and its independence, in establishing justice and law enforcement, resolving corruption files, punishing those who violate public money, and punishing the perpetrators of various crimes.

The meeting stressed the importance of the upcoming elections, and the necessity to provide their legislative and logistical requirements, in accordance with the principle of integrity and transparency, to prevent fraud and manipulation, and to achieve real representation for citizens in choosing their representatives away from any influences or Pressure.

The President of the Republic, during his meeting with the Head of the National Security Service, Abdul Ghani Al-Asadi, stressed the importance of maintaining internal security and providing protection for citizens and their property, and continuing the security effort in combating ISIS terrorist cells, and prosecuting the perpetrators of crimes such as killing, kidnapping and assault.

For his part, Al-Asadi reviewed the agency’s plans to achieve internal security and the readiness of its members to face various security challenges, appreciating the President’s support in improving the work of the security services in their endeavor to protect Citizens.   LINK

Integrity: The Implementation Of 97 Seizures And Preservation Of 27 Billion Dinars Within Three Months

Pratha News Agency106 2020-09-23   Today, Wednesday, the Integrity Commission revealed the entirety of the seizures carried out by its investigation departments and offices during a period of three months, calling on all citizens to report cases of corruption.

The investigation department of the authority said, “In its discussion of the details of the operations carried out for the period from 1/5 – 31/7/2020,” according to a statement, that “97 arrest operations were carried out in Baghdad and the provinces, which resulted in the arrest of (85) accused.”

The department clarified that “the cadres of the Basra Investigation Directorate carried out (20) operations, including seizing (110) transactions for state-owned real estate valued at (5,000,000,000) billion dinars, which are sold at prices not commensurate with their real value, in addition to containers and trucks containing various prepared materials. For smuggling, it is not allowed to enter Iraq, as it is prohibited from importing. ”

She added, “The Nineveh Investigation Directorate has carried out (10) seizures, the most prominent of which is the arrest of an accused person who impersonated a representative, and contacted the Governorate Education Directorate in his capacity as the impersonated person, as well as seizing employees in the Nineveh Health Department with documents relating to the operational budget that were disbursed in violation of the law.

And stopping the payment of the salaries of retirees with a ki-card, forcing retirees to replace their cards with a new card, and withholding money in contravention of Cabinet Resolution No. 270 and the instructions of the Central Bank.

And it indicated, “(147) fraudulent retirement transactions related to victims of terrorism were seized in the National Pension Authority – Anbar Branch, and the total amounts of them reached (10,000,000,000) billion dinars, and the file of granting an investment loan in Najaf was seized at (7,000,000,000) billion dinars without adequate guarantees, and a loan Another with (5,000,000,000) billions of dinars, in exchange for a real estate guarantee previously provided by the same borrower on the subject of another loan, and its value is not sufficient to cover the loan amount. ”

The department confirmed that “the activity of the field team in the health sector revealed the existence of suspicions of corruption in the contracts for the supply of testing equipment and diagnostic equipment for Coronavirus, which amounted to nearly (400,000,000) million dinars, which the Kirkuk Health Department had contracted with,” pointing to “seizing a number of people accused of transgressing and seizing State property in Kirkuk, and the defendants built residential homes and shops on them.

The authority called on all citizens to cooperate with it by reporting cases of corruption, bargaining, and extortion that they may be exposed to during their visit to state institutions, by contacting the authority’s outlets designated for this, urging them to visit its official website to see ways to report cases of corruption.

Parliamentary Finance Stresses An End To The Abuse Of State Real Estate And Demands A Database

Time: 09/23/2020 17:44:22 Read: 650 times   {Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed the reason for ending the state of abuse of state real estate, while demanding an exclusive database of all real estate belonging to the state.

This came during the hosting of the committee headed by Haitham Al-Jubouri and the presence of the members, today, Wednesday, Ali Abdul Karim, Director General of State Real Estate.

The committee stated in a statement that Al Furat News received a copy of it that it discussed during the meeting held at its headquarters the reality of real estate belonging to the state and the importance of investing it in the right way and achieving the greatest benefit from it, calling on the government at the same time to make more effort to end the case of abuse and limit the ownership of subordinate real estate to her.

The committee called on the Director General of Real Estate to provide a complete database on all real estate and their types and whether the state invests them properly in order to achieve material revenues from them that maximize the state’s non-oil resources and support the state’s general budget.

While stressing, the need to complete the procedures for state real estate and link it to the Real Estate Registration Department to ensure that it is not tampered with, stressing at the same time to provide all efforts and allocate the necessary funds for this procedure.   LINK

More Than 4 Billion Dinars In Tax And Customs Revenues At The Ports Of Umm Qasr Ports Within One Day

Time: 09/23/2020 16:03:10 Read: 1,950 times {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Border Crossing Authority / Umm Qasr Ports Authority in Basra announced that it has achieved revenues to the state treasury amounting to (4,321,456,970) billion Iraqi dinars, which were achieved from the trade exchange movement obtained from the customs and tax center in the ports of Umm Qasr for one day, 22 September 2020.

The commission added in a statement that it seeks to “move forward to maximize state revenues to overcome the financial crisis that our beloved country is going through, by working in the spirit of one team and uniting the efforts of all departments working at border outlets to achieve high revenues.”   LINK

Key Card: We Are Continuing To Pay Salaries, Advances And Loans Normally, And Obstacles Will Not Prevent Us

Time: 09/23/2020 15:47:31 Read: 2,119 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Thanks to its leadership in electronic payment technology in Iraq, Key Card has confirmed that it will continue to pay the salaries of retirees and employees in addition to advances and loans naturally, indicating that recent events will not pose any obstacles to fulfilling obligations.

She said in a statement that she “wishes to reassure the public that after 13 years of serving the Iraqis, she will remain proactive and ready as you have always promised her, and will continue to fulfill her commercial obligations to partners and millions of Iraqi citizens who can, with great confidence, rely on Key Card products to transfer their money safely.” And the implementation of various financial transactions. The company conducts its business normally and carries out all payments.

She added, “The payment of retirement salaries, employee salaries, advances and loans will continue on time as usual, in the same way that the Key Card Company has been entrusted with doing for more than a decade.”

And she continued, “During these times, the Key Card team made up of professionals and specialists continues to fulfill its commitment to serve the Key Card customers and partners alike. Our focus at Key Card will remain focused on our primary mission of providing Iraqis with the best payment solutions ever.” .

The company published an overview of it, confirming that it is “the leading institution in providing electronic payment services solutions in Iraq, as it uses biometric technology to verify the identity of the card holder. The International Smart Card Company” ISC “is in charge of operating and managing the Key Card Company, and this partnership is one of the The most successful public-private partnerships in the history of Iraq.

With the help of its two state-owned partners, namely Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank, the company was able to successfully conduct the bank resettlement process for more than 7 million citizens through a payment plan with multiple biometrics to infer identity. The International Smart Card Company was also able, within a period of more than 18 months Shortly, from disbursing loans worth 5 trillion Iraqi dinars to more than 800,000 Iraqi citizens. ”

Currently, Key Card has “a system that includes 17,000 points of sale and more than 6000 merchants through which it is possible to use the Qi system to provide the immediate installment financed by the merchant and other commercial activities.” Qi Card “issues and purchases payment cards on behalf of fourteen banks with branches in Iraq. Thanks to its MasterCard membership, the company has issued more than 1.8 million MasterCard cards and has become the largest provider of MasterCard services in Iraq.”   LINK

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