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Iraqi News Thursday AM 9-24-20

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A Man And Woman Caught Trading Counterfeit Currency

Thursday 24 September 2020   86  Baghdad: Morning   A man and a woman have fallen into the hands of the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency, trading in fake currency in the provinces of Najaf and Nineveh.

A statement by the intelligence agency clarified that one of them was arrested in the Al-Quds neighborhood in the province of Al-Najaf in the act of red-handed and in possession of $ 890 fake while selling counterfeit $ 100 for 35,000 Iraqi dinars.

And the agency added, “A defendant was arrested for buying food in exchange for counterfeit currency in the markets of the city of Mosul, and she was seized in possession of 275 thousand Iraqi dinars, denominations of 25 and 10 thousand forged.”   LINK

{Central} And {International Monetary} Discuss Fiscal And Monetary Policy

Thursday 24 September 2020  41  Baghdad: Morning   The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhif, discussed with the International Monetary Fund bilateral cooperation in the areas of fiscal and monetary policy.

A bank statement said, “Al-Sabah” received a copy of it that “the two sides discussed during the meeting, which was held in a visual communication manner, issues related to the economic situation in Iraq and the fund’s willingness and desire to help Iraq by providing support and technical advice and coordinating financial and monetary policies and financial control plans.”

The Fund’s team also offered the congratulations of the Fund’s Executive Director, Hazem Al-Beblawy, to the Governor of the Central Bank on the occasion of his assumption of the position.   LINK

Oversight And Development

Thursday 24 September 2020   28  Dr.. Basem Brahimi   Recently, a number of accusations have returned to the new central bank building project designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, especially its estimated cost of eight hundred million dollars, and this is not the first time that the project has been subjected to these accusations, noting that the project continues to work and the features of its structure have been clarified.

After the building reached the eighth floor out of the thirty-seven floors, it is the total height of the building, including four underground floors for (highly mechanized) safes, and the building is fully insured against earthquakes, explosions and fires and it is the first environmentally friendly building, and the question here is how can a government project be implemented with this Size, and after years of approval to implement it to be challenged now? And what if all the accusations against him are misplaced?

The information provided by the Central Bank indicates that Zaha Hadid Company nominated (18) companies capable of implementing the building, most of which apologized due to the security situation in Iraq and the high costs of insurance, for the intervention of four competition companies after studying their files from a tripartite team (Zaha’s office, an Australian consulting company, the bank The Central Bank) Dax company was chosen to implement one of Zaha Hadid’s projects, the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku,

noting that the specific cost of the project is close to the cost of similar buildings such as the European Central Bank building (one billion seven hundred million dollars) with an area that is twice the size of the Central Bank of Iraq, as well as a building The Central Bank of Kuwait amounting to (five hundred and eighty million dollars) with a total area less than the Central Bank of Iraq (20 percent).

The accusations have left the Iraqi citizen in confusion, and he no longer trusts any project even if he sees it being implemented. If the cost of the central bank building project is still in shape after years of approvals and implementation, that is a misfortune, and on the other hand, if the charges brought do not have evidence of a conviction.

Those responsible for the project, the calamity is greater, and this puts an obstacle to urban development at the very least in an economy looking for a glimmer of hope, so why not if that hope is signed by some iron. Finally, I say we need supervision in all its forms, but I call on all the supervisory authorities to implement their duties while taking Given the impact of the media on economic development, demolition is easy, but construction is difficult, and in the conditions in which we live, it is very difficult.

The Text Of The Parliament’s Resolution To Oblige The Government To Establish A National Joint Stock Company For Telecommunications

Time: 09/24/2020 15:09:17 Read: 1,261 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The agency {Al Furat News} publishes the text of the parliament’s decision to oblige the government to establish a national joint stock company for communications.

The text of the decision came as follows:

To open competition and maximize financial revenues for the annual federal budget, the House of Representatives decided:

First: Obliging the government to establish a national joint stock company for telecommunications and grant it a license for mobile cellular telecommunications services.

Second: Obliging the Ministry of Communications, the Media and Communications Commission and the relevant authorities to provide all the financial, technical, legal and administrative requirements for their establishment. LINK

Finance Announces Withholding 18% Of Employees’ Salaries

Time: 09/24/2020 14:16:24 Read: 7,059 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan region announced, today, Thursday, that the distribution of employees’ salaries for the month of April will be deducted from 18% of them.

The ministry said in a statement, “It addressed the institutions and departments in the Kurdistan region to prepare the pay lists for their employees for the month of April.”

And she added, “The deduction in the salaries of employees will be 18%,” pointing out that “the deduction rate for the salaries of higher degrees will remain the same, like last month.”   LINK

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