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Iraqi News Monday AM 9-28-20

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The House Of Representatives Ends The Discussion Of The Police College Law And Reads Two Laws

09/27/2020   The House of Representatives ended its tenth session of the fourth parliamentary session of the third legislative year of the first legislative term, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Hassan Al Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker Today, Sunday 9/27/2020, in the presence of 167 deputies, three laws were read and discussed.

At the beginning of the session, the Council requested reading the report and discussion of the draft law on the National Day of the Republic of Iraq submitted by the Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Committee to give more time to discuss the law and arrive at a formula acceptable to all.

The Council ended reading the report and discussion of the draft law of the first amendment to the Law of Fund for Supporting Internal Sections in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (7) of 2012 submitted by the Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee.

The Council completed the reading of the report and discussion of the Police College Law No. (37) for the year 2000 submitted by the Security and Defense Committee.

The interventions of the ladies and gentlemen focused on the demand to amend the legal age of those holding degrees from commissioners in the fourth degree to 45 years instead of 40 and increase the training centers for applicants as well as add a paragraph to amend the pension law for those included in the amendment, in addition to taking into account the fair presence of components and all governorates in the courses Allocated to the Police College.

In its response to the interventions, the concerned committee expressed its willingness to take the opinions put forward into consideration according to the legal basis and take into account the social representation percentages of applicants to the Police College in all governorates.

The council completed the first reading of the third amendment bill to the Imam al-Azam College Law No. (19) for the year 1997 submitted by the Higher Education and Scientific Research, Endowments and Religious Affairs Committees, which aims to create and open new scientific departments in the Al-Imam Al-Azam University College that keep pace with the development of the educational process according to the approach followed in Sober universities and colleges.

The general discussions of the ladies and gentlemen of the deputies touched on the demand of employees not to force them to pay what they received of the nominal salary and have a desire to cut off the five-year vacation, and the call to pay attention to the service and humanitarian aspect of the cities’ judiciary by the executive and representative bodies,

as well as the call to implement Article 140 of the Constitution to guarantee the rights of the components Social management and the renewal of agricultural contracts for the areas of the outskirts of Baghdad after water was blocked from them and the call to accelerate the completion of compensation transactions for the destroyed role in Nineveh Governorate and the delivery of compensation for farmers and farmers affected as a result of the death of fish and the drowning of crops and the demand to set a special session to discuss the Turkish incursion into the Iraqi borders in addition to the demand to limit security responsibility In the hands of the local police in the governorate of Nineveh, and to know the fate of the missing and disappeared.

For his part, Mr. Hassan Al-Kaabi directed the Agriculture, Water and Marsh, Culture and Antiquities Committees to host the Ministers of Agriculture and Culture to find out the suffering of Al-Mada’in District, as well as the House of Representatives hosting the Governor of Baghdad due to the waste of public money and the failure to complete the Al-Muntadar neighborhood sewage project despite its approval by the Cabinet and the Ministry of Planning In addition to addressing the Ministry of Finance to find out and increase the allocations of the Ministry of Trade to fill the shortage in the items of the ration card, calling for the delivery of compensation to farmers for the previous and current years and asking the government to know its position on not granting an entry visa to Iraq to foreign tourists, especially religious tourism, and international health organizations, including Doctors Without Borders .   After that, it was decided to adjourn the session on Saturday 10/10/2020

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The Central Bank And Price Stability

Sunday 27 September 2020   39   Baghdad: the pillar of the emirate

The Central Bank aims to achieve local price stability and a stable financial system, in order to promote sustainable growth and reach the level of economic prosperity in the country through the implementation of the fiscal and monetary policies, stressing at the same time its full readiness to receive notices of payment of September salaries.

A government source stated that “the Central Bank confirms its full readiness to receive notices of payment of salaries for retirees and employees for the month of September from the Ministry of Finance account in the Central Bank.”

He added, “The bank has made clear that there are no technical or technical problems at the present time that hinder it.” that”.

Government Bank

For his part, economist Falah Hassan Thuwaini said that the central bank is the government’s bank, its agent and financial advisor, and it is the fund in which the state maintains its cash and financial reserves and payments, and it is also the last resort for lending and an observer to regulate credit and maintain the integrity of the banks ’financial position.

Thuwaini emphasized that “the monetary policy in the country operates through a legislative and institutional framework represented by the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. 56 of 2003, and political or main objectives represented in achieving price stability and a stable financial system,” explaining, “Article 3 of the law defines its basic objectives, which are It stipulates that the main objective of the central bank is to seek to achieve a stable financial system and maintain domestic price stability. Accordingly, the central bank also promotes sustainable growth and prosperity in Country”.

Bank independence

Thuwaini noted that the country’s monetary policy is driven by three elements, only two of which are at the direct disposal of the central bank, and the third is cash flows from oil sales.

Explain that “the two elements are the currency auction, and the other is the interest rates on the Iraqi dinar that are produced through the operations of the Central Bank and its use as the interest rate signal (the rate the bank)”.

And he continued, “As for the third factor that the central bank cannot act in, despite the great influence of this factor on its monetary policy and its objectives, it is the foreign currency inflows from Iraqi oil exports, military spending, the spending of non-governmental institutions and the volume of spending.” the local”.

Thuwaini indicated that “the most moderate economic opinion is that the central bank should operate as a government institution that exercises its functions within the general framework of the state, provided that it possesses its privacy in making independent decisions regarding monetary policy that must be consistent with the general economic policy.” To the state. ”   LINK

The Rise Of The Dollar In Iraq Today

Time: 09/28/2020 11:50:39 Read: 30,446 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} Today, Monday, the currency markets in Iraq recorded a rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.    LINK

The prices were as follows: Al-Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad 122 thousand and 800 dinars for one hundred dollars, and yesterday’s price was 122 thousand and 750 dinars.

Al-Harithiya Stock Exchange in Baghdad 122 thousand and 850 dinars per hundred dollars.

As for the prices of exchange offices in Baghdad, they are {approximate.

Purchase = 122 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.

Sale = 123 thousand and 250 dinars per hundred dollars.

As for the exchange rates of the dollar in the governorates, they were as follows:

Basra 122,900

Najaf 122,850

Karbala 122,850

Babel 122,900

Maysan 123,000

Muthanna 123,050

Erbil 122,900

Sulaymaniyah 123,000

Nineveh 123,100

Kirkuk 122,850

The Stock Market Closed Higher Despite The Tense Political And Financial Conditions

Stock  market  Market   Economy News – Baghdad   The Iraqi Stock Exchange closed today, Monday, 0.19% higher, despite the difficult political and financial developments in the country.

And shares traded today, 10.8 billion shares, worth 4.5 billion dinars, through the conclusion of 380 deals on 24 companies.

The banking sector ranked first in volume of trading and deals, amounting to 699.9 million shares, worth 256.7 million dinars.   Number of observations 57 Date of addendum 09/28/2020

The Stock Exchange Announces Last Week’s Proceeds

The Stock Exchange «Economy News»   Market  Economy News – Baghdad  The number of shares traded and established on the stock exchange increased last week.

The stock market said in a report seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that “the number of companies whose shares were traded during the past week reached 45 companies out of 105 companies listed in the market, and 37 companies were not traded because the prices of purchase orders did not coincide with selling orders, while the trading of shares continues to be suspended.” 23 companies to not submit disclosure. ”

The statement added, “The number of traded shares reached 25.020 billion shares, an increase of 207% compared to the previous week, with a financial value of 24.105 billion dinars, an increase of 224.8% compared to the previous week, achieved through 2236 deals.”

He pointed out that “the ISX60 price index closed at 477.74 points, a decrease of 1.2% from its close in the previous week.”

The number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors last week reached 827 million shares with a financial value of 596 million dinars through the implementation of 182 transactions on the shares of 10 companies, while the number of shares sold from non-Iraqi investors reached 796 million shares, with a financial value of 383 million dinars through Execution of 79 transactions on the shares of 10 companies.

Number of observations 92 Date added 09/28/2020

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