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Iraqi News Monday AM 10-26-20

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In Numbers … The Indicators Of The Iraqi Stock Exchange Trading On Monday

Economie| 02:24 – 10/26/2020  BAGHDAD – Mawazine News publishes “Mawazine News”, the trading indicators of the Iraq Stock Exchange for this Monday

. Number of listed companies: 105

. Number of traded companies: 21

. The number of shares traded reached (1,665,005,440) shares.

. The value of shares (1,060,515,912) dinars.

. The ISX 60 price index closed in today’s session at (486.33) points, down by (0.38%) than its previous session’s close of (488.17) points.

. Trading in shares of (21) companies out of (105) companies listed in the market.

. The number of companies suspended by a decision of the Securities Commission for failing to comply with the instructions for financial disclosure is (26) companies.

. The number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors in the market reached (980) million shares, at a value of (420) million dinars, through the implementation of (44) deals on the shares of two companies

. The number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors in the market reached (1) billion shares, at a value of (462) million dinars, through the implementation of (56) deals on shares of two companies.

The Low Exchange Rate Of The Dollar In Iraq Today

Time: 10/26/2020 13:18:37 Read: 17,446 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The exchange rates of the dollar recorded a decline in the main stock market and local markets in Baghdad on Monday.

The exchange rate on the Kifah Stock Exchange was 1247.7 dinars against the dollar, or 124 thousand and 770 dinars per hundred dollars, while yesterday’s price was 1249 dinars.

In Al-Harithiya Stock Exchange, the exchange rate reached 1248 dinars, or 124 thousand and 800 dinars for one hundred dollars.  As for the selling price in the money exchange shops in Baghdad, it was 1242.5 dinars, and the purchase price was 1252.5 dinars.

And in the governorates as follows:

Basra 125,000   Najaf 124,950   Karbala 124,950   Babel 125,000   Maysan 125,200   Dhi Qar 125,175

Wasit 125,175 Anbar 125,150    Tikrit 125,075   Diyala  125,150    Samawah 125,175   Erbil 125,125    Sulaymaniyah 125,150 Mosul 125,150   Kirkuk 125,150    LINK

Parliamentary Finance Expects The Delay In Paying Salaries, But For This Date

Time: 10/26/2020 15:45:49 Read: 17,030 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected the delay in paying employees’ salaries for the month of October.

Committee reporter Ahmed Al-Saffar told Al-Furat News, “It is possible that the payment of the salary will be delayed by how many days, but if the financial deficit financing law is approved, there will be no delay in paying the salary until the end of this year.”

“I expect the law to be passed within 10 days, but we are focusing on the necessities and at least securing salaries, retirement and social care, until the end of 2020,” he added.

He added that “the law is a mini-budget for 2020,” indicating that “the debt required is a large amount and the debt increases in Iraq, especially there are previous debts, and it has become almost an agreement to focus on very necessary matters of financial obligations such as salaries, retirement, social care, ration card, and medicines.”

He explained, “After the first reading of the law last Saturday, we are waiting to read it again, and today’s session will focus on the electoral districts of the governorates of Kirkuk and Nineveh, and it is likely that it will be presented to the second reading with the report, the opinion of the Finance Committee, the interventions of the representatives and stability on a final opinion, and then the meeting with the government and drafting the law.” LINK

Oil Prices Fall By 3%

Economie| 11:20 – 26/10/2020   Follow-up – Mawazine News   Oil prices declined, during Monday’s trading, by about 3%, amid concerns about global demand for crude due to the acceleration of Corona injuries in the United States and Europe.

By 10:45 Moscow time, US West Texas Intermediate crude futures were down 3.09% to $ 38.62 a barrel.

Brent crude futures fell 2.85% to $ 40.58 a barrel, according to Bloomberg data.

This comes at a time when the markets are awaiting an increase in oil production in Libya, a member of the “OPEC” organization. Ended 29 /

Oil Minister: Agreements and understandings with international companies will lead to an increase in the work space

Economie| 10:11 – 10/26/2020   BAGHDAD – Mawazine News , Minister of Oil, Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar, confirmed, on Monday, that recent agreements and understandings with international companies could lead to an increase in the area of work and production and attract foreign investment in Iraq.

Abdul-Jabbar said, according to the official media, that “the recent understandings and agreements with sober international companies could lead to an increase in the work area and production and attract foreign investment in Iraq,” indicating that it is “one of the important signs of moving the Iraqi economy to a new stage, by employing these.” Investments in promoting national industries related to oil and energy according to the latest methods, systems, economic mechanisms and modern technologies.

He added that “these steps will lead to the revitalization of all related sectors, especially the free and associated gas investment projects, petrochemical industries and clean and alternative energy, as well as providing thousands of job opportunities for Iraqis.”

With regard to the recent European tour, the Minister of Oil pointed out that “the meetings that brought us together with international companies and major investors in the Iraqi energy sector, especially the (BP) company aim to increase the work area in the Rumaila field, diversify and increase the volume of investments and accelerate the associated gas investment projects, as is the case “To Exxon Mobil, Eni, Kazprom and others, which also wish to increase the volume of cooperation and investment in other projects, as well as to communicate with important consultations with the French company, Total, about investing in gas sector projects.

He pointed out that “the ministry is working on building and strengthening strategic relationships with sober countries and companies that possess financial capacity and modern technology that contribute to building the national industry and enhance its economic and development capabilities,” revealing “the achievement of advanced positive steps with European Union countries and companies, the American Chevron Company and others.”

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