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Iraqi News Friday AM 10-30-20

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For The First Time, The Launch Of A Shipping Line Between Iraq And Gulf Countries

Time: 10/30/2020 14:25:18 Read: 2,483 times  {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Transport, the General Company for Iraqi Ports, announced the launch of a new shipping line between the ports of the Sultanate of Oman and Basra, specifically the northern port of Umm Qasr, through the Philippine company operating Berth 20 Iraq Gate, which was launched for the first time between the two countries.

A statement of the ministry, the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it, quoted the general manager of the company, Farhan Muheisen Al-Fartousi, as saying that, “and in implementation of the Minister of Transport’s directives to work on a policy of openness to companies and customers and to provide the best port and logistical services, the Sultanate of Oman-Iraq line was launched.”

Al-Fartousi stated that “the Omani-Iraqi line started with a successful experiment, at the rate of one trip per week, transporting 100 containers and exporting loads of Iraqi dates and leather,” noting that “the second flight came with a load of 500 containers, as the financial returns of this line increased to 125 million dinars, which makes it one of the lines.” Promising and fruitful navigation. ”

For his part, the director of the northern port of Umm Qasr, Farzada Abdul-Razzaq, said, “The new shipping line worked to attract the Basra Gate Terminal Company, which operates Berth 20 in cooperation with Iraqi ports,” indicating that “the shipping and logistical services that we are working to provide at the docks of the northern port of Umm Qasr were A major reason for the demand for promising shipping lines to our ports, which is increasing significantly. ”

It is noteworthy that the ports of Iraq launched the maritime shipping line for the first time between the ports of the Sultanate of Oman and the northern port of Umm Qasr, at the rate of one trip per week.  LINK

Tohme Warns Against Going For Privatization And Investment “Because Most Companies Are Linked And Allied With Influential Politicians.”

Time: 10/30/2020 12:22:15 Read: 1,300 times  {Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The head of the National Approach bloc, Ammar Tohme, warned against going for privatization and investment, “because the majority of companies are linked and allied with influential politicians.”

In a statement, Al-Furat News Agency received a copy of it, Tohme said, “We have warned us very much about the implicit goals behind the calls for privatization and investment, as most of them are run by companies linked or aligned with influential politicians that deplete state resources and in the most difficult and critical circumstances, and excerpts from The report of the Office of Financial Supervision on 9/24/2020 on the issue of investments of the Ministry of Electricity shows this fact and resources including:

  1. If the Ministry of Electricity had provided an amount of (4,4) billion dollars to purchase equipment and maintenance of national stations and transfer them to work from simple cycle to cycle The vehicle will produce (5,800) megawatts of energy, which is greater than the energy imported and purchased from the investment stations, noting that this amount was available, as the Ministry of Electricity’s allocations during 2019 amounted to more than (11) billion dollars.
  2. Noting that this amount proposed to be provided for this national project is spent only once, while an amount of (3.3) billion dollars is spent annually, which can be increased for the benefit of investor stations and neighboring countries.
  3. The Ministry ignored the proposal to convert the stations (Shatt al-Arab, Rumaila, and Amara) to work in the combined cycle, which cost it no more than (1.4) billion dollars within (15) years, and went to contract with investors at a value of (9.Cool billion dollars for a period of (15) (One year, seven times more than its purchase by the national effort.
  4. The Ministry neglected the maintenance of the Nasiriyah station for many years, which needed (200) million dollars to rehabilitate it, and the cost of producing a megawatt hour from that station was (15) dollars, while the Ministry of Electricity went to contract with the (Kar) company at a price ranging between (193-264) ) Dollars per megawatt, with the ministry bearing the cost of transporting fuel from the refineries to the stations.
  5. The report recommended resorting to rehabilitating thermal stations and the national effort instead of contracting with investors for long periods as it leads to the depletion of the state’s resources.
  6. The report explained the decrease in the energy produced from the national effort during the last three years, in return for the increase in its purchase from investors.  LINK

In Documents … A Parliamentary Committee Asks The Minister Of Trade About The Jordan Agreement And Shell Companies

Time: 10/30/2020 11:31:21 Read: 2,678 times  {Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The head of the Committee for Monitoring and Implementation of the Governmental Program in the House of Representatives, Hazem Al-Khalidi, asked Trade Minister Alaa Al-Jubouri about the feasibility of the Jordan Agreement and tax-exempt goods and their harm to Iraq.

The committee also asked the minister about fictitious currency conversion companies that harm the national economy and divert hard currency outside Iraq, and whether these phantom companies and their names have been diagnosed? What are the Ministry’s procedures regarding it? LINK

Germany Extends The Tasks Of Its Forces In Iraq To 2022

Time: 10/30/2020 10:58:08 Read: 1,755 times   {International: Al Furat News} The mission of the German Federal Army will continue until the end of January 2022, and no more than 500 soldiers will participate in it, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers, after the German Parliament agreed to extend the deadline to 15 months.

But it became possible to reduce the force participating in the mission, because Germany withdrew Tornado reconnaissance aircraft.

The Iraqi government had supported the stay of German forces in the country for the purpose of training.

Germany is contributing to the mission with airspace radar for early detection of aircraft and missiles, and it is expected that the training mission of the Iraqi armed forces in the future will be part of the current NATO mission in Iraq.

The parties of the grand coalition in Germany had called earlier to support the continuation of the German army’s mission in Iraq.

Nils Schmid, a foreign policy politician for the Social Democratic Party, said in the German parliament that (ISIS) has been defeated but is still launching attacks.

For this reason, Schmid added, Germany must continue to make political and military contributions in order to spread stability in Iraq, pointing out that Iraq is a pivotal country in the Middle East.

In a related context, Jürgen Hart, the defense politician in the coalition of Christian Chancellor Angela Merkel, called for the resumption of the mission alongside the Iraqi government.

The current mission of the army is part of Germany’s participation in the international coalition for the war on ISIS, and the FDP supported the extension of the mission, while the Alternative for Germany, the Left and the Greens parties rejected it.

The German government recently decided to reduce the number of its soldiers in Iraq to a maximum of 500.

Last March, the German parliament approved a mandate to make a withdrawal and some changes in the mission, and the basic tasks stipulated in the mission will be extended for another year if Parliament approves, which provides for the use of military aircraft for refueling and the provision of air transport capabilities for the coalition against ISIS as well as for international organizations, allies and partners. .  LINK

The Egyptian Prime Minister Arrives In Baghdad Tomorrow To Sign “Important Agreements”

Time: 10/30/2020 09:44:50 Read: 3,848 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The joint Iraqi-Egyptian Higher Committee will meet in Baghdad tomorrow, Saturday, to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two countries, and in implementation of the outcomes of the tripartite summit that was held between the leaders of Egypt, Iraq and Jordan two months ago.

Last August, the Jordanian capital, Amman, witnessed a tripartite summit that brought together Jordan’s King Abdullah II, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein also met his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry in Cairo this month, and participated in the “tripartite mechanism between Egypt, Iraq and Jordan” meeting at the level of foreign ministers.

The Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, will preside over the work of the High Committee between Egypt and Iraq tomorrow, Saturday, in the capital, on a high-level visit to Iraq.

The meetings of the Supreme Committee between the two countries will deal with “discussing and reviewing a number of proposed cooperation projects in various sectors, and agreeing to start their implementation during the next phase.”

The meetings of experts from the Iraqi and Egyptian sides began Wednesday in Baghdad, in preparation for the work of the ministerial preparatory session to be held today, Friday, headed by Minister of Trade Alaa Al-Jubouri and Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation on the Egyptian side, and then the final work of the Egyptian-Iraqi Joint Higher Committee, headed by the prime ministers of the two countries. , tomorrow is Saturday.

The official page of the Egyptian Cabinet on Facebook said yesterday, “Experts from both sides are working, during the meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, to agree on the final drafts of the ready documents, to sign at the conclusion of the work of the Supreme Committee.”

It is noteworthy that “the agreement establishing the joint higher committee between the two countries was signed in July 1988”. The joint Egyptian-Iraqi Supreme Committee represents an important mechanism of Egyptian economic diplomacy, to coordinate international cooperation frameworks with Iraq.

According to the official page of the Egyptian government, yesterday, it is “intended to sign a number of important documents between Egypt and Iraq, during the meeting of the Joint Higher Committee headed by the prime ministers of the two countries, in several vital sectors, including air transport, maritime transport, taxes, industry and health.” Justice, housing, construction and building, environmental protection, and other important agreements. ”

The Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation had met with the Iraqi ambassador in Cairo and her permanent representative to the Arab League, Ahmed Nayef Rashid al-Dulaimi, earlier last month, to discuss arrangements for the convening of the Egyptian-Iraqi Joint Higher Committee. She stressed during the meeting, “the depth of the Egyptian-Iraqi relations, and the Egyptian government’s aspiration to develop these relations in various aspects of economic cooperation between the two countries.”  LINK

Oil Denies Iraq’s Request To Be Exempted From Reducing Production In 2021

Time: 10/30/2020 15:19:52 Read: 676 times   (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Today, Friday, the Minister of Oil, Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar denied what was stated in a news published by Reuters news agency that Iraq and other countries are discussing the possibility of maintaining the same current production reduction levels, and these countries face difficulty in adhering to the agreed production level.

And Abdul-Jabbar said in a statement that “Iraq welcomed the agreement to reduce production that was reached in April of this year, which was unanimously agreed by all the countries participating in this agreement.”

He noted “the incorrectness of what was stated in the news regarding Iraq’s request to be exempted from reducing production in 2021, and confirms that there is no statement from any official in the Iraqi Oil Ministry in this regard.”

The oil minister added that Iraq “is keen to achieve the goal of stability and balance in the global oil markets, calling on Reuters and other press agencies to exercise caution and accuracy in disseminating information and approving it from its official source to achieve professionalism and transparency at work.”  LINK

Hyundai Signs A Deal Of About Two Billion Dollars With Iraq

Time: 10/30/2020 12:05:46 Read: 4,628 times   {International: Al Furat News} Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, the main construction company in South Korea, announced today, Friday, that it concluded a deal worth $ 1.99 billion to build a waste recycling facility in Basra Governorate.

The South Korean construction company said it had signed the contract with the state-run Basra Oil Company to build the facility.

The waste upgrade facility produces high-value chemical products, such as propylene and gasoline, using residues left over after refining the crude oil.

Hyundai Engineering and Construction said it would start building the facility in January to complete it by July 2025.

It indicated that the deal represented 11.7% of the company’s revenue last year.   LINK

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