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More Iraqi News Wednesday PM 12-23-20

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Salam Al-Shammari: Hosting The Prime Minister, The Minister Of Finance, And The Governor Of The Central Bank Is Necessary To Clarify Their Recent Steps

Wednesday 23, December 2020 13:43 | Political Views: 202    Baghdad ( NINA ) – A member of the House of Representatives from the Saeron Alliance, Salam Al-Shammari, confirmed that the government’s move to reduce the value of the dinar is a negative matter that requires accountability.

He said in a press statement that this work cannot be justified for the sake of the economy and its revival in light of the great damage that afflicted the majority of the people at different levels.

Al-Shammari added that hosting the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Central Bank Governor is necessary to clarify their recent steps and not to justify unconvincing statements and positions.

He stressed the need to take a clear representative position expressing rejection of these steps that harm the people and benefit some. / Ended 3

Parliamentary Finance: The Government Wants To Deliver A Message To Citizens To Reduce Top Salaries

Time: 12/23/2020 16:46:26 Read: 1,482 times   {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Wednesday, that the government wanted to deliver a message to citizens with the decision to reduce the rewards of the three presidencies, general directors, ministers and deputies.

Committee member Jamal Cougar explained to {Al-Furat News} that “reducing salaries has an effect, but it is not of great size, and it is a step to notify the citizen of safety, and it is a message to citizens that economic reform was not for the citizens.”

He added, “The Finance Committee has not received the budget yet and we have not been informed of its arrival. The vote on the salary reduction clause will be done without any objection, and the first and last decision is in the hands of the Finance Committee, and this paragraph will be passed without any dispute.”

He pointed out that “if the budget arrives, it is possible that the deputies will be invited to hold a session before the end of the year to read it for the first time, and the Finance Committee will study it.”   LINK

Financial Decision And Positions Of Political And Economic Parties

Wednesday 23 December 2020  28   Baghdad: Morning  The economic expert, Dr. Imad Al-Harsh Al-Tamimi, “The statement of the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding devaluation indicates that the exchange rate adjustment is a decision that enjoys the support of various political and economic parties that participated with the government in lengthy discussions to reach it, as well as the international bodies concerned with this procedure, including the International Monetary Fund.” .

He pointed out that, “On the other hand, we find that the statement of the Central Bank of Iraq indicates that the legislative authority will have an important role in supporting the direction of the Central Bank to adjust the foreign currency exchange rate, as failure to take such a decision may make us forced to take difficult decisions that may put Iraq in a situation similar to what Neighboring countries have been exposed to it, and the question that arises about this consensus has occurred about a study that resulted in the government program, or the reform white paper, or the measures that were attached to it by the financial committee in the Iraqi parliament.

He cautioned that “the decision may be an output of the administrative mentality holding the management of monetary policy and financial policy to show its seriousness in managing these two policies, and there is an opinion circulating among the economic circles that a statement issued by the Central Bank of Iraq indicates that during the past days there have been intense deliberations between the executive authority.”

And the Minister of Finance and the Legislative Authority, regarding the impact of the Iraqi economic situation in general by the financial crisis that the public finances are going through in Iraq, due to low oil prices and production, and economic and health challenges.Al-Tamimi pointed out that “many opinions confirm that the intention of the decision was to address the current financial crisis that afflicts the country, and to avoid similar situations that other countries have been exposed to, on the one hand and to ensure the protection of the Iraqi economy and activate its activity and achieve a reform leap to achieve real development with the help and participation of all government and political forces And economic and social activities on the other hand, ”pointing out that“ the coming period will prove the right opinion and stand by all Opinions ».   LINK

The Council Of Ministers Holds A Regular Session Headed By Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi And Issues Several Important Decisions

Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held a regular session chaired by the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, during which a number of developments, issues and topics included in the agenda were discussed.

At the beginning of the session, Mr. Al-Kazemi stressed that maximum efforts should be made and all measures taken to ensure the safety of citizens after the emergence of the new strain of Corona virus.

His Excellency also directed all ministries to tighten preventive measures for employees and all auditors, in a manner that preserves their safety, and also to take preventive measures in the workplace in order to ensure a healthy environment for workers, and to avoid damages resulting from non-compliance with the preventive conditions.

The Minister of Health gave a detailed presentation on the governmental measures taken to confront the Coronavirus and limit its spread.

Given the emergence of a new pattern and strain of the Corona virus and its rapid spread, the Cabinet agreed on the following:

1- Urging citizens to wear masks and apply social distancing and other prevention measures.

2- Preventing travel to each of the following countries (Britain, South Africa, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Iran, Japan, and any other country determined by the Ministry of Health in the future), as well as preventing entry to arrivals from them (except for Iraqis and obligating them to be quarantined for a period of 14 days.

In places designated for this purpose, they are not allowed to mix with others until it is proven that they do not have the disease by examining them with PCR and for a period of two weeks, and until the global and regional health situation is clear for the spread of this strain.

3- The Ministry of Finance secures the first payment of (3001050) dollars, for the purpose of paying it in advance to Pfizer, as well as securing the remaining amount of the total cost of the vaccine, which is $ 15005250.

4- Emphasis on the Ministry of Education and governors in all governorates not to give any exceptions regarding school days, especially private schools, in contravention of the decisions of the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety in this regard.

5- Emphasizing on the Ministry of Education to instruct the Education Directorates in all governorates to cooperate with the school health divisions in the health departments, to examine students and cadres within educational institutions, and to follow up the measures that must be taken in schools to limit the spread of the disease, as well as to emphasize all ministries and state departments to adhere to preventive measures To limit the transmission of the disease and prevent any employee or references from entering state departments without wearing a muzzle.

6- Close social facilities (restaurants, malls, etc.) for a period of two weeks, starting from 12/24/2020.

7- Close all land border crossings, except for emergency cases.

In the course of the session, the Council of Ministers discussed the topics included in its agenda and issued the following decisions:

First /  Approval of what was stated in the book of the Ministry of Education No. 18432, dated 12/14/2020, regarding referring the remainder of the required school addresses to the (Iraqi Media Network) (F) (Al-Kafeel Printing Press affiliated to the Abbasid Holy Shrine), based on Cabinet Resolution (78 of 2020), and the adoption of the direct contracting method as an exception to government contract instructions No. (2) for the year 2014 amended to the presses above.

Second/  1- Approval of the inclusion of the Mosul airport reconstruction project within the federal general budget for the year 2020.

2- The authority of the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority to negotiate and sign a memorandum of understanding on the rehabilitation of Mosul International Airport with a representative of the French company ADP-I.

Third /   Approval of the amendment of Paragraph (3) of Cabinet Resolution (63 of 2019) according to the following:

– Authorizing the General Director of the General Company for Iraqi Ports the authority to sign contracts and disbursement with the South Korean Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company regarding the Faw Port construction project (the first stage of infrastructure) under the supervision of the Italian consulting company Technital

Fourth /   Agreeing to authorize the Director General of the General Tax Authority and an agency in the Ministry of Finance the power to negotiate and initialize the draft agreement to avoid double taxation and prevent evasion from paying taxes on income and capital, between the Republic of Iraq and the government of the Lebanese Republic, based on the provisions of Article 80 / Article Six of the Constitution.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepares the necessary authorization document in the name of the Government of the Republic of Iraq for the Director General of the General Tax Authority as an agency according to the approved contexts, and submits it to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, to obtain the approval of the Prime Minister.

Fifth /   Approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s recommendation regarding the reopening of the Danish embassy in the capital, Baghdad (within the Australian embassy building), based on the provisions of Articles 25 and 26 of the Foreign Service Law No. 45 of 2008 and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1960.

VI /  1- Ratify the following :

A – Report of the Republic of Iraq on the International Covenant on Economic and Cultural Rights.

B- The report of the Republic of Iraq on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Optional Protocols attached thereto.

3- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends the aforementioned reports to the concerned committees in the relevant Arab and international organizations, in accordance with the deadlines for international agreements, taking into account the remarks of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed under its memorandum of number D / S / 2/4 / 17/235 Lqs, on 9/13/2020, and referring to Cabinet Resolution No. 169 of 2020 in the aforementioned report.

Information Office of the Prime Minister of   12-22 -2020

Our Economy And The Future

Wednesday 23 December 2020  38   Iman Alusi   What did the economically weak countries, which are late in education and debt indicators, and raised their countries and their economies to the ranks of developed countries such as Japan and Germany after World War II, which rose from the zero line, as well as Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea?

Why not be lessons and lessons for us in the advancement of our economy, which is witnessing a real crisis, and Iraq possesses the ingredients for success and great fortunes, which other countries rarely possess, and why there are no clear basics promising a safe future and a sustainable economy that secures the simplest basic ingredients for the services necessary to secure the individual’s right to obtain them Such as electricity, pure water networks, and information services in the procedures of daily life transactions, securing decent living and housing, reducing poverty and begging, improving and developing education and health services, and securing them in a fair manner for all?

Coincidence did not play a role in the brilliance and prosperity of these countries and was not the result of a single decision, but rather a series of measures that started from the starting line in building infrastructure, from building solid sectors, networks of water, electricity and ports, optimal use of human resources, technology networks and information technology, and opening investment to the world by providing Appropriate incentives and the trend towards industry and the adoption of labor-intensive projects, to pave the way for more labor, attract foreign investments without restrictions or fees on imports, establish multinational companies and reduce taxes.

In Iraq, everything is available, factories and laboratories in all fields, especially the pharmaceutical industry, machinery, equipment, tissues, and foodstuffs, instead of importing them from abroad and stopping the bleeding of foreign currency leakage abroad by reducing import and relying on local hands and industries, as well as taking care of agricultural crops and livestock of all kinds and encouraging Financing small and medium local enterprises for individuals, by facilitating loans granted by government and private banks and reducing interest.

After the Second World War, Japan was able to cross over to the stage of recovery after the collapse of its economy and the transition to a stage of rapid growth, despite the backwardness of the Japanese economy compared to the economy of industrially developed countries, and it addressed the knowledge gap with the West and distributed equitably the resources, especially the workforce among the different sectors corresponding to the labor market and returned The distribution of capital to promote priority in financing over industries and government bonds, and the search for a new engine for growth.

Japan is still distinguished by the invention of new and modern technology products, which are still dazzling the world daily with its uniqueness.

The economy of Iraq is not collapsed, despite all the circumstances and crises our country has gone through, and we do not need a miracle to rise, but rather for development plans for a strong and sustainable economy fit for Iraq and its citizens, to compete with its regional surroundings and to shine the sun of our economy again

Parliamentary Finance: Parliament Will Make Major Adjustments To The Budget

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Shirwan Mirza, confirmed, on Wednesday, that the budget will not be passed in its current form and it needs a comprehensive political agreement, and major adjustments will be made to the numbers and allocations.

Mirza said in a press interview, “The draft federal budget law for 2021, which the government approved two days ago, contains many problems.”

He added, “After each budget, the parliament conducts large and massive amendments to the budget, especially the surplus numbers, and does justice to the groups affected by them before voting on them.”

He pointed out that “the paragraphs related to imposing taxes on employee salaries, reducing salaries and increasing the price of the dollar will not be passed without a comprehensive political consensus, otherwise no agreement will be passed.”   Number of observations 107 Date added 12/23/2020

A Leak Of The Central Bank Governor And Demands For His Imprisonment … And Activists: If One Official Had Been Imprisoned, Iraq Would Be In The Best Condition

Follow-up Wednesday, December 23, 2020 03:41 PM  Iraqi activists confirmed on social media, that if all corrupt officials were tried and imprisoned, Iraq would be in the best condition and strongest place, but unfortunately this is not done because of the quotas and favoritism.

This comes after the detection of leaked emails from the Central Bank that reveal a major crime against the Iraqi economy and calls for the immediate dismissal of the governor, Mustafa Mekheif, and his trial and imprisonment.

MP Jamal al – Mohammadawi, an email sender leak from the central bank addresses intermediary banks speculating in dollars of its decision to buy the dollar from those banks at a price (1450) dinars per dollar, and if true this information , it is a great crime against the Iraqi economy and the people and require immediate sacking of the governor of the central bank and to allocate it to the judiciary Iraqi.

He added that the legal function of the central bank buys dollars from the Ministry of Finance and sells it to actual importing merchants and not to intermediary banks that acquire exorbitant benefits without providing any tangible economic or development activity, either to buy dollars from those banks that he himself sold to them at a price (1190) dinars. For each dollar during the past months, this means that he will pay her profits from hard currency reserves and cover by five billion dinars for each sale the previous day.

And Abizaid: And if we know that the sale of those banks for dollars in the market shrunk during the past week after the news of the exchange rate hike leaked out, the result of the profit that you will gain from selling them the dollar that it bought from the bank and kept as a result of its knowledge of the news of the near announcement of the new exchange rate, so that it sells it to the central bank according to the new price that The bank announced that its profits only from the last week will be more than 25 billion dinars.

And al-Muhammadawi continued: If we take into account the huge illegal profits that these parasitic banks made from the leaps of selling the dollar in the market with the stability of the sale price of the dollar by the bank during the last three months (at a rate of 200 billion dinars per month), then the total profits from all this operation are close to ( 600 billion Iraqi dinars.

Activists pointed out that it was the worst decision to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar, demanding to think wisely about correcting the exchange rate by increasing the Iraqi currency to its previous value so that the Iraqi people will trust the government.

The ” Baghdad Post ” monitors the reactions of social media activists to the leaks of the Central Bank of Iraq:

An account, “@ farhad965”, said, “The questioning of the governor of the Central Bank is now ready formally, and the ball is now in the square of the Speaker and his deputies to set the date. There is much speculation about the governor’s dismissal after the interrogation, and it is worth watching what the political forces will do about that.”

He added, an account, “@ iraqq25”, “If one official had entered prison, Iraq would have been better off, but the problem is” turning a blind eye to thieves. ”   And the account, “@ g3iraq”, “as they continued in the positions Iraq to the abyss.” LINK

The Iraqi Political Economic Center Announces The Global Rates Of Foreign Currencies, Gold And Oil

Wednesday 23, December 2020 10:43 | Economical Views: 273  Baghdad ( NINA ) The Iraqi Political Economic Center announced the global rates of foreign currencies, gold and oil.

The selling price of the dollar on the Kifah Stock Exchange was 141,500 dinars per 100 dollars, and the purchase price was 139,500 dinars per 100 dollars.   As for the price of the dollar against the Iranian toman, 100 dollars, 2540 tomans.

And 100 euros $ 121.85.   And 100 pounds, $ 134.10. 100 dollars, and 766.40 Turkish liras.

The global price of an ounce of gold is $ 1864.90.

The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil is $ 49.35, and the price of a barrel of US crude oil is $ 46.33. / End

The Region’s Delegation: We Did Not Leave Baghdad A Justification For Not Sending Receivables … And Barzani Is Calling For The United Nations As A Third Party.

Time: 12/23/2020 15:59:09 Read: 1,885 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) Today, Wednesday, the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region held its regular session headed by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani and the presence of his deputy, Qubad Talabani.

Barzani valued, at the outset of the meeting, the efforts and efforts of the negotiating delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government with the federal government, which stayed in Baghdad for two weeks and conducted a series of meetings and meetings with senior officials in the federal government during that period.

He pointed out that “the Kurdistan Regional Government has implemented all its obligations within the framework of the constitution, leaving no justification for the federal government with the aim of reaching a fair agreement that guarantees the rights and financial dues of the Kurdistan region.”

He stressed, “We will never give up our constitutional rights, and it is regrettable that the issue of salaries and financial dues has become a political pressure card used against the citizens of the Kurdistan region.”

Barzani called on the United Nations to participate, as a third party, and from now on in the talks between the Kurdistan region and the federal government to determine the rights and duties of each party.

After that, the negotiating government delegation presented the results of its visit to Baghdad, and indicated that the visit aims to secure financial dues for the Kurdistan region, and also touched on how to agree on the region’s share in the 2021 draft budget, which was subsequently voted on by the Federal Cabinet.

The negotiating delegation also reviewed the contents of the talks regarding the application of the law on financing the fiscal deficit (borrowing), and stressed that his visit to Baghdad was in order to implement the law and not negotiate about it, and announced the implementation of all the obligations of the region and left no justification and reason for not financing the Kurdistan region and In light of this, the Cabinet affirmed that the federal government must send financial dues to the Kurdistan region according to the Fiscal Deficit Financing Law.

The Cabinet decided to inform the Kurdistan Parliament, the political parties, parties and public opinion in the region about the details of the talks and the latest developments with the federal government.

In another paragraph of the meeting, Minister of Finance and Economy, Awat Sheikh Janab, and Minister of Planning, Dara Rashid, presented estimates regarding revenues, the volume of spending, and the expected fiscal deficit in the Kurdistan region for the fiscal year 2021, as well as the preparations of the relevant ministries to prepare the draft general budget for the Kurdistan region for 2021.

After discussion and exchange of views A set of proposals and recommendations aimed at organizing expenditures, taxes and revenues in the Kurdistan region were discussed.

On raising the value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, the Council of Ministers directed the relevant ministries to closely monitor the markets and put an end to raising prices from people trying to exploit the current situation for their own interests and thus increase the burden on citizens.

In another paragraph of the meeting, the Cabinet discussed the epidemiological situation and the new strain of Coronavirus, as Minister of Health Saman Barzanji presented a special report in this regard, while the Cabinet decided to tighten preventive measures and health instructions in public places, the private sector, institutions and government departments.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Council of Ministers, on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year’s Day, offered its sincere congratulations and blessings to the people of Kurdistan, especially Christian brothers and sisters on this occasion, and announced the suspension of official departments from December 27 until January 2 (January) 2021. LINK

Saleh Stresses The Need To Recover The Stolen Money And Close The Outlets For Corruption

Time: 12/23/2020 16:41:24 Read: 884 times   (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, stressed, on Wednesday, the need to recover the looted funds and close the outlets of corruption in coordination with countries and institutions of the international community.

In the presidential statement, Al-Furat News received a copy of it, “Saleh received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, both the head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Alaa Jawad Hamid, the deputy head of the Public Prosecution Authority, the general director of recovery in the Integrity Commission and the director general of investigations at the commission.”

The President of the Republic stressed during the meeting, “the important role played by the Integrity and Public Prosecution Authority in combating corruption, money laundering, recovering smuggled Iraqi money, and in complementing with the rest of the relevant departments,” noting that “preserving state funds, closing corruption outlets, recovering stolen money and stopping.” Public waste is now a national mission. ”

He pointed to “the danger of corruption in fueling acts of violence and terrorism, weakening the role of institutions in meeting the needs of citizens, and negatively affecting investment opportunities in the country,” stressing “the importance of activating all legal measures in combating corruption, and uncovering smuggled and corrupt funds through coordination with countries and institutions.” The relevant international community, and seeking assistance from international expertise and experience in this regard. ”

According to the statement, Saleh listened to a review by the President of the Integrity Commission and Vice President of the Public Prosecution Authority, about the functioning of the two bodies, stressing his “support for all efforts aimed at achieving the goals of eradicating corruption, stopping the waste of public money, and achieving transparency and integrity in state institutions.”

He also directed, at the conclusion of the meeting, to hold periodic meetings with the concerned parties for the purpose of activating the recovery of money smuggled and pursuing the corrupt.   LINK

The Stock Exchange Closes 0.25% Lower

Stock  market  Market  Economy News – Baghdad  The stock market closed today, down by 0.25% due to the financial crisis in the country, and the government’s decisions to change the exchange rate of the dollar.

The stock exchange traded today 806.2 million shares, worth 673.6 million dinars, and the general index changed 1.25 points.

The number of deals reached 457 deals, for 31 companies, of which 7 companies increased and 16 companies decreased, while 8 companies remained stable.   Number of observations 102 Date of addendum 12/23/2020

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