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Iraqi News Friday AM 12-25-20

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Parliamentary Finance Talks About Changing The Exchange Rate And The International Monetary Fund Comments On Reducing The Iraqi Dinar

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, today, Friday, December 25, 2020, that it has not formally received the draft general budget bill for next year, while the International Monetary Fund commented on the reduction of the Iraqi dinar and the 2021 budget.

“The Finance Committee has not yet formally received the draft budget for next year,” the Iraqi News Agency quoted committee member Majida Al-Tamimi as saying, pointing out that “the central bank is responsible for the exchange rate, and it is not the financial committee’s authority to interfere with it.”

Al-Tamimi added that “the financial committee seeks to reduce the effects of changing the exchange rate on the vulnerable classes of low-income people,” confirming that its committee seeks to increase social welfare allocations and the ration card items.

She pointed out that “there is a new mechanism presented regarding the ration card file, away from the current approved mechanism,” indicating that “the new mechanism will protect the local product.”

As for the International Monetary Fund, it welcomed the approval by the Iraqi Council of Ministers of the 2021 budget bill, while it saw the implementation of important financial reforms and the reduction of the currency exchange rate as “very important” steps.

The Iraqi News Agency quoted the IMF mission in Iraq as saying that it welcomes “the approval of the cabinet on the draft general budget bill for the fiscal year 2021,” indicating that “a decisive re-calibration of economic policies must be made in order to maintain the stability of the economy.”

The mission added that “implementing important financial reforms and reducing the currency exchange rate are very important steps.”  And the mission continued: “We are ready to support the reform efforts made by the Iraqi government.”

Representative Finance: Determining The Exchange Rate Of The Dollar Is A Governmental Matter And With Its Exclusive Authority

Editing date: 12/25/2020 12:57 • 72 read times  [Baghdad-Where]  The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Thursday, that determining the exchange rate of the dollar is a governmental matter and its exclusive authority, as it is the one who draws and implements the fiscal and monetary policy.

The committee stated in a statement that “determining the exchange rate of the dollar in the 2021 budget bill is to calculate the value of oil revenues and international loans.”  She added, “This matter is a governmental affair and it is exclusively the government’s authority, since it is the one who designs and implements the fiscal and monetary policy

Al-Najaf Friday Sermon: The People Are Angry With The Government And The Political Blocs Because Of The High Price Of The Dollar

Friday 25, December 2020 13:58 | Political Views: 192  Najaf ( NINA ) Sadruddin Al-Qubanji, Imam of Jumah Al-Najaf, affirmed that the people are angry with the government and the political blocs because of the high dollar price.

This came during the Friday prayer sermon in Najaf. Al-Qubanji considered the crisis of the rise in the value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar fabricated and there is no justification for it, and no one from the government provided an explanation for that. Indicating that this issue is still being managed in dark rooms, adding: The people are indignant at the government and the political blocs that did not reject this project.

Al-Qabbanji called on the Iraqi government to take a stand on Trump’s decision to release the Blackwater employees who carried out the crime of Nisour Square in Baghdad and killed Zakia’s Iraqi souls in 2007. He indicated that the United Nations also condemned this decision.

Al-Qubanji blessed the birthdays of the followers of Christ (PBUH), expressing his rejection of the dance, music, and adventurous events, especially in the holy cities.

In a separate axis, Al-Qabbanji called on doctors to reduce medical examination fees, calling on pharmacies to be fair with patients in the price of medicine.

Regarding the memory of the martyrdom of the leaders of victory among Al-Qabbanji, Iraq owes it to the struggle of these two martyrs, and that their testimony will not discourage Nina from continuing the path until victory or martyrdom.

He added: It is right that the engineer is a symbol for all Iraqis. We condemned the assassination of the two martyrs Soleimani and the engineer, which was publicly committed by the United States, describing Trump as the world’s first terrorist. /is over

These Are The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar Against The Iraqi Dinar On Friday’s Transactions

Economie| 09:53 – 12/25/2020   Baghdad – Mawazine News  publishes / Mawazine News /, the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, which rose again in the main stock market and local markets, today, Friday, December 25, 2020.

The exchange rates in the local markets came as follows:

The selling price: 141,000 dinars per 100 Dollars.  Purchase price: 139,000 dinars per 100 dollars.

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