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Iraqi New Saturday AM 1-2-20

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Parliamentary Integrity Calls For Al-Kazemi To Resign Due To His Failure To Refer Investment Projects

Pratha News Agency61 2021-01-02   On Saturday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee called on Al-Kazemi to submit his resignation after failing to manage the state and fight corruption and his failure to refer investment contracts to successful companies, including Faw Port.   A member of the Integrity Committee, Abdul Amir Al-Mayahi, said in a press interview, “The government is unable to provide funds for the completion of the Faw port project despite the referral of the Faw port project to a Korean company.”

He added that “Al-Kazemi and his government were distinguished by mismanagement and failure in running the state,” noting that “the current government has not taken any step in the field of fighting corruption, which requires it to submit its resignation and allow the country to be run by competent personalities.” Al-Mayahi explained that “the most remarkable thing in which the Al-Kazemi government has failed is the transfer of investment projects to failed and non-specialized companies.”

Noting that “among them is the transfer of the port of Faw to the Korean company Daewoo, which does not have the capabilities that qualify it to establish the port.”

A Slight Decrease In The Dollar Exchange Rate In The Iraqi Market

Pratha News Agency80 2021-01-02   The exchange rates of the dollar decreased in the main stock markets and local markets, today, Saturday (January 2, 2020)

The Kifah Stock Exchange recorded 144,300 dinars against 100 US dollars, while the exchange rates for last Thursday in the Kifah Stock Exchange were 144,800 dinars per 100 dollars.

As for the exchange rate in the local market, it also decreased, as the selling price was: 145,250 dinars per 100 dollars. The purchase price is 143,250 dinars per $ 100.

Parliamentary Finance Reveals To {Al Furat News} The Fact That The Central Bank Intends To Change The Dollar’s Exchange Rate

Time: 01/02/2021 12:31:58  Read: 30,927 times    {Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Saturday, the fact that the Central Bank intends to change the exchange rate of the dollar again. Suspect

Committee member Jamal Cougar told {Al Furat News} that “it is not possible for the central bank to re-price the dollar again,” stressing that “do not retreat from the new exchange rate and it is unrealistic for the monetary authority to circumvent itself.”

Cougar added, “There will be no retreat from changing the exchange rate and no new rate may be adopted because it will confuse the entire market,” noting that “we need two weeks to overcome the crisis of changing the price so that citizens adapt to the new price.”   LINK

Financial Advisor To Kazemi: The Contraction Of Demand In 2020 Has Led To A Widening Of The National Income Gap

Time: 01/02/2021 15:20:12 Read: 1,638 times    (Baghdad: Al Furat News) The appearance of Muhammad Salih, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed that the contractionary financial conditions in Iraq have led to dangerous economic manifestations.

In an article published by the Iraqi Economists Network followed by {Al Furat News}, Saleh said, “The contractionary financial conditions in Iraq have led to dangerous economic manifestations,” adding that “the contraction of demand or government spending in the year 2020 led to an increase in the national income gap, and a decrease in growth by about 11% off his rates. ”

He added, “The contraction was accompanied by an increase in unemployment levels that were not less than 25% of the Iraqi workforce, as well as an increase in poverty rates among the population that exceeded 30% of the country’s families.” Evil or Very Mad

He explained that “the advocates of financial thought believe that the manifestations of deflation, financial distress, and the resort to quasi-compulsory austerity will continue to cause the increase in debt and deficit in an expansionary financial rescue package required by subsequent financial years.”

He pointed out that “this is what the Iraqi public finances faced in the years 2020-2021, as the draft federal budget for the year 2021 indicates that the total deficit planned in it will rise to nearly 71 trillion dinars, and the aforementioned deficit will constitute no less than 42% of total spending therein.” And a percentage of not less than 28% of the current GDP.     LINK

Deputy: The List Of Officials Referred To The Judiciary On Charges Of Corruption Included Ministers And Public Directors

Political| 12:50 – 01/02/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News  , a member of Parliament, Representative Jamal Al-Muhammadawi, revealed, on Saturday, the positions of officials referred to the judiciary on charges of corruption.

According to the media, Al-Muhammadawi said, “The list of the referred defendants included more than 20 ministers, who were referred to the trial court,” noting that “this is an indication that confirms that the personalities who occupy the main sites should not be selected from dual nationalities.”

He added that “20 accused persons with the rank of minister out of 333 were referred to the court in absentia. As for those who have the rank of director general, they were referred in absentia to the courts, the number of which are 27 of those accused of criminal cases related to the Ministry of Electricity.”

He added that “the other group that is less than a general manager, their number reached more than 286, and they were referred to the courts in absentia, while 72 were guaranteed, including two ministers, four with the position of general manager, and 66 of lower job degrees.”

He pointed out that “the convictions included only four ministers and seven general directors out of 198 accused of cases related to corruption files of the Ministry of Electricity.” Ended 29 / A43

A Deputy Talks About An Approach To Resolving The Dispute Between Baghdad And Erbil

Political| 12:26 – 01/02/2021   Baghdad – Mawazine News   MP Hussein Arab spoke, on Saturday, about an approach to resolving the issue of the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil.

Arabs said, “The issue of the region, the financial budget, the oil export process, and the relationship that governs that between the region and the center has become a public opinion issue, and therefore there is no bloc now within Parliament that can adopt a solution to this issue.”

Arab explained that “the agreements that take place are merely formal agreements,” noting that “the political blocs have informed the Kurdish side to provide details of oil and non-oil imports to the federal government, as this would be an entry point to find a solution to this issue.”

During The Past Week, Iraq Surpassed Saudi Arabia In Its Oil Exports To America

Economie| 10:11 – 02/01/2021    Follow-up – Mawazine News The US Energy Information Administration revealed, on Saturday, that Iraq had surpassed Saudi Arabia in its oil exports to America during the past week.

The administration said in a report, that “America imported crude oil from Iraq during the past week, at a rate of 123 thousand barrels per day compared to 105 thousand barrels per day the previous week.”

She added, “Iraq surpassed Saudi oil exports, which decreased by 80 thousand barrels per day to reach 118 thousand barrels per day.”

It indicated, “The average US imports of crude oil during the past week from seven countries amounted to 4.595 million barrels per day, down by 80 thousand barrels per day from the previous week, which amounted to 4.675 million barrels per day.”

The most oil revenues of America during the past week came from Canada at a rate of 3.212 million barrels per day, followed by Mexico, whose imports amounted to 589 thousand barrels per day, then Ecuador with a quantity of 305 thousand barrels per day. “Ended 29 /

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