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Iraqi News Tuesday PM 1-5-20

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MP Excludes Rejecting The 2021 Budget: We Pass It So As Not To Create Economic Chaos

Money  and business   Economy News – Baghdad  Member of Parliament, Hassan Khati, was enslaved by the parliament returning the budget bill to the federal government during the coming period.

The House of Representatives intends to discuss the provisions of the 2021 budget next week after each deputy receives a copy of the bill.   Khatti said in a televised statement followed by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that he ruled out the House of Representatives returning the 2021 budget bill to the government, because the parliament “is keen not to create financial chaos,” as he put it.

He added, “Failure to pass the budget contributes to creating economic chaos similar to what happened in 2014.”

He stressed that “the House of Representatives urged the current government to send the 2020 budget at the beginning of its assumption of power, but it adopted the principle of 1/12 in the disbursement of operational expenditures and internal and external borrowing.”

He revealed that it is not possible to adopt the 1/12 method in disbursing operating expenses during the year 2021 because there is no budget for the previous year.

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Economist: People Are Walking Into The Unknown Due To The Government’s Ignorance Of Its Financial Decisions

09:59 – 01/05/2021   Information / private   The economic expert, Wissam Al-Tamimi, said that the Iraqi people are walking towards the unknown in light of improvised decisions by the government that will change the financial reality of the citizen and besiege him economically, pointing out that all internal indicators and foreign reports confirm that the people will live in a state of severe siege in the coming period.

Al-Tamimi told “the information”, “The rush to make incorrect decisions by the government, as well as ignorance towards decisions without relying on feasibility studies, will be doomed to failure.”

He added that “the people are the first to be affected by the hasty decisions of the government, as raising prices will not be in the interest of the citizen, nor will it benefit them regarding overcoming the budget deficit, as it may be stolen from the citizen to give it to the employee who deducts part of his salary under the pretext of taxes.”

And that “the internal indicators as well as the global reports all confirm that the people will live in a state of economic blockade imposed by the government, at a time when the market will witness an unprecedented rise in commodity prices due to total dependence on imports.”

Tax Authority: 3 Trillion And 850 Billion Revenues In 2020

Money  and business  Economy News _ Baghdad The General Tax Authority announced, on Tuesday, the final financial revenue for the year 2020, while confirming that the revenue amounted to 3 trillion and 850 billion dinars.

The General Director of the Authority, Shaker Mahmoud Al-Zubaidi, said in a statement, which “Al-Iktissad News” received a copy of, that “the percentage of revenues for the month of December for the year 2020 amounted to more than 430 billion, and this means that there is an increase from the same month for the year (2019), where the percentage of the previous year was for the same month At 320 billion. ”

Al-Zubaidi added, that taxes achieved high revenues compared to previous years, and reached three trillion eight hundred and fifty billion dinars, the percentage increase over the year 2019).

He pointed out that the financial revenues began to double because the revenues for the whole year of 2019 were three trillion and one hundred billion dinars, despite the current abnormal circumstances, the authority was able to achieve an increase in its revenues over the previous year by 25%.

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For Three New Months … An American Exemption For Iraq From Importing Iranian Energy

Time: 01/05/2021 17:18:29 Read: 715 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) A media official at the US embassy in Baghdad confirmed today, Tuesday, that Washington has extended the exemption of Iraq from importing Iranian energy for three new months.

The media official said in a press statement that “the US government has taken its decision to extend Iraq’s exemption for three new months.”

Iraq imports from Iran a third of its consumption needs of gas and electricity, to secure the needs of its population of 40 million.  America began granting waivers to Iraq since the imposition of sanctions on Iran at the end of 2018.  LINK

The Cabinet Announces The Postponement Of Its Weekly Conference

Political| 03:12 – 05/01/2021   BAGHDAD – Mawazine News   The Media Office of the Prime Minister’s Office noted, on Tuesday, the postponement of the weekly conference.

The office stated, in a notice that Mawazine News received a copy of, that “it was decided to postpone the weekly press conference for this day.”   The office did not mention the reasons for the postponement of the conference.

Al Rasheed Bank Opens Its Doors And Invites Its Customers To Visit Its Branches To Receive The Benefits

Tuesday 05, January 2021 12:43 | Economica Views: 441  BAGHDAD / Nina / announced Rasheed Bank on Tuesday for the resumption of work and open the doors of the bank to receive customers , said a statement of the bank, the direct calculates interest accounts for all deposits. ”

He called on the Rasheed Bank, its customers to review the branches for the purpose of receiving , indicating that the bank earlier announced the granting of benefits For savings accounts and fixed deposits of all kinds.

The Establishment Of A Qualitative Exhibition / Made In Iraq / On The Seventeenth Of This Month

Tuesday 05, January 2021 12:08 | Economical Views: 338  Baghdad / NINA / The Ministry of Trade announced that the General Company for Exhibitions will host the activities of the qualitative Made in Iraq exhibition, which will be launched for the period from 17-21 of this month.

A statement of the ministry quoted the director general of the company Sarmad Taha Saeed as saying that: The Ministry of Industry and Minerals and from the principle of joint cooperation with the Ministry of Trade will organize an exhibition made in Iraq with the participation of the Ministry’s formations.

He added that: The exhibition aims to shed light on locally manufactured products that serve all sectors of the state and contribute to encouraging local production, which in turn provides hard currency to the country, especially as Iraq is going through difficult financial and economic conditions due to the decline in global oil prices and the Corona pandemic that caused global economic paralysis. .

Saeed pointed out that: The establishment of such specialized exhibitions has a great role in promoting the exhibition activity and the effective and influential role it represents to advance the economic and developmental reality in the country, in addition to being one of the means of communication and accompaniment in our world today, allowing this activity an opportunity for direct access to the latest Innovations of products and services and meeting with the producers or providers of those products and services.

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