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More Iraqi News Wednesday PM 1-6-20

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International Monetary: The Global Economy Faces The New Year Stronger Than Expected

Economie| 12:06 – 01/06/2021  Follow-up – Mawazine News  , the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, Gita Gopinath, confirmed that the global economy received the new year 2021 better than expected in 2020, but “Covid-19” casts a shadow over the expectations.

“What is true now is that we start the year at a slightly stronger point than we expected in 2020, which is a good thing,” Gopinath told CNBC.

She added: “We are now witnessing a race between the virus and vaccines, and until we overcome this, I think this is a difficult period at the moment.”   The IMF is expected to amend its forecast for the global economy at the end of January.  Last October, the Fund expected global output to contract by 4.4% in 2020, before growing 5.2% in 2021.

Trade: Setback For The Ration Card Due To The Allocations

Wednesday 06 January 2021 104  Baghdad: Morning   The Ministry of Trade attributed the “setback” to the ration card to the lack of financial allocations, while it revealed the allocation of 648 billion dinars from the 2021 budget for the processing of three basic materials.

The Director of the Department of Commercial and Financial Supervision in the Ministry, Muhammad Hanoun, told “Consciousness”: “The ration card is linked to financial allocations, so its stability is linked to the funds allocated to it.”

He added that “the financial allocations for the ministry during the current year are 648 billion dinars, for three basic materials that include sugar, oil and rice, while flour is distributed from wheat marketed by farmers within the marketing season, meaning that the citizen will receive four basic materials for six meals, except for flour, which may be Up to 10 or 11 meals a year. ”

Hanoun added, “The citizen will receive his entire share of the flour, while the remaining items of sugar, rice and oil will receive it every 45 days,” noting that “the problem of the ration card last year is the lack of the amounts reaching the ministry, and thus what reached it is An amount sufficient for four months, while the remaining amounts are more than 159 billion dinars.

He explained that “at the end of last year enough for two meals of sugar, oil and rice arrived at the ministry, but the ministry could not contract in a timely manner to provide the materials, because the contracting mechanisms need to be announced and tender and need time, so with the beginning of the new year 2021, the materials that were not prepared during last year”.

He explained that “the general budget clearly allocated the financial amounts, so we hope that it reaches the ministry regularly, to maintain the flow of processing the ration card items on a regular basis without fluctuation, and to avoid what happened last year.”

He stated that, according to “the graphical sequence of the ration card in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, the financial allocations for the ration card ranged from 6 to 7 billion dollars, but the card allocations are now 648 million.” LINK

“Important Laws” On The Parliament Table

Wednesday 06 January 2021   133   Baghdad: Muhannad Abdul-Wahhab  The Parliamentary Services Committee identified a list of the priorities of the laws required by the current stage, most notably the slum law and the distribution of residential lands, roads and bridges.

A member of the committee, Alaa Sukkar, told Al-Sabah that “with the beginning of the new year and the start of the House of Representatives sessions, the Services Committee will re-evaluate the laws and will be among its classifications that provide service to society, taking into account the degree of political consensus on them and the amendments that can be made to be ready for approval.”

He added that «the committee will include among its priorities the list of laws that have passed the second reading and are prepared for the final vote on them, most notably the slum law and residential lands and the law of roads and bridges.

A member of the Parliamentary Services Committee pointed out that “the committee is working on drawing up a list of delayed projects according to the degree of achievement and will be within their periodic follow-up and oversight, while calling on the government to” suspend work on all projects that do not have a well-studied economic feasibility. ” LINK

E-Government .. The Real Key To Development

Wednesday 06 January 2021  58  Baghdad: Hussein Thahab   The specialist in economic affairs, Qahtan Adnan Abdul Amir, affirmed that the shift towards electronic government is the key to organizing the reality of work in Iraq and the delivery of the revenues collected from various departments to the state treasury without any manipulation.

He said, “The e-government is a real building process for all the joints of the state and the services that are provided to citizens in all joints of the state,” noting that “the process of transformation towards electronic systems requires a description of the work of every employee in state institutions and then work to convert it into an electronic procedure, let us get out With an electronic government ».

Financial revenues

Abdul Amir pointed out that “adopting biometrics in Iraq represents one of the most effective solutions to address many problems in the joint of obtaining financial revenues and delivering them to the state treasury, in an orderly manner, away from all forms of manipulation that may accompany this process.” He stressed “the importance of organizing the collection process

In the country in a way that affects low-income people, Here, smart solutions must be adopted by the state in order to achieve economic development He seeks it, which corresponds to the size of the country’s wealth ».

Advanced technologies

He stressed that «Iraq has all the ingredients for advancement and the adoption of the best advanced technologies around the world, because the country has a large volume of work that requires an organized process by adopting automation that maintains a safe work environment.

Abdul Amir warned that «the country possesses human resources capable of mastery of advanced technology, through which we can establish an electronic government that raises the economic affairs and changes the form of transactions and creates an ideal work environment free of all illegal and obstacles that limit the implementation of various projects in All productive sectors And service ».

He pointed out that “the Emirati experience and the success it has achieved can be described as quality, as all institutions have turned to electronic transactions.”  LINK

Economic Specialist For / NINA /: The Austerity Measures In The 2021 Budget Came To Cover The Government Failure, No More

Wednesday 06, January 2021 10:56 | Economical Views: 292   Baghdad / NINA / The specialist in economic affairs, Hussein Shaker Tahilo, confirmed that all the austerity measures in the 2021 budget came to cover the government failure to finance the budget deficit and rationalize public expenditures, no more.

Tahilo said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA/ That “Iraq’s reform budget for the year 2021, which amounted to (113) billion dollars, is the second largest Arab budget after Saudi Arabia, and despite this large size of the budget, we find the Iraqi government has resorted to deducting the salaries of its employees twice, and this measure that the government has taken is the only measure in preparing balances Countries, as for the first deduction is the reduction of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate by 23% that affected the national currency, and everyone was affected, whether employees, workers, or even unemployed, and all groups of society had their income decreased by 23% as a result of the decrease in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, for example if the salary of an employee Q) It reaches (750) thousand dinars, after the first reduction, it became (577.5) thousand dinars.

He added: As for the second deduction, it is what we find in the employee salaries deduction schedule contained in the draft law voted by the Cabinet. His actual salary after the deductions is (552.5) thousand dinars. In addition, this employee will face high prices and necessary goods as a result of the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.

He said: The only Iraqi government , which was characterized by the imposition of Dhareptan simultaneously as well as without control prices, it all is to cover the failure of government to finance the budget deficit and the rationalization of public expenditures. / 8

Al-Kazemi Explains The Future Of The American Presence In Iraq

The Baghdad Post Wednesday, January 06, 2021 07:34 AM  Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi clarified, on Tuesday, the future of the American presence in Iraq, pointing out that there is an expected withdrawal without specifying the time period for this procedure.

Al-Kazemi said in a televised speech on the occasion of Army Day that “there is a strategic dialogue that was launched with the United States of America with the aim of withdrawing its forces, which was announced by the American President during our recent visit to Washington.”

He added, “The fruit of this continuous strategic dialogue resulted in the withdrawal of batches of American forces within technical times during the past months.” And that “the coming days will witness the withdrawal of more than half of those forces, and only hundreds of them will remain, for cooperation in the areas of training, rehabilitation, armament and technical support, and their redeployment outside Iraq is scheduled completely within agreements between the two countries.”   LINK

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