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The Appearance Of Muhammad Saleh: There Will Be A Platform For Selling The Dollar And Determining Its Movement

Monday 23 January 2023 22:58 | Economical Number of readings: 724  Baghdad / NINA / – The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, announced that there will be a platform for selling the dollar and determining its movement.

Saleh said in a televised statement: “The exchange rate is variable and that international sensitivity stands behind the movement of the dollar and determining its prices, explaining that trade financing is one of the most important actors in determining the exchange rate of the dollar.”

He continued: “What the Prime Minister has done is revolutionary by organizing commercial transactions.”

He added that we have about 20% of the money fleeing outside Iraq, explaining that linking small businesses to companies is wrong and the correct thing is to open credits.

The State Administration Coalition Discusses The Government’s Measures To Confront The Dollar Crisis

Iraq   The State Administration Coalition discussed the measures taken by the government recently to confront the crisis of the high exchange rate of the dollar.

A statement by the coalition stated, “The State Administration Coalition held a meeting in Nuri al-Maliki’s office and discussed developments in the political and security scene, in addition to the measures taken by the government recently to confront the crisis of the high dollar exchange rate.”

He added, “The Prime Minister gave a detailed explanation of the treatments presented by the government with the aim of reducing the impact of the high exchange rate on the poor and marginalized segments, in addition to making the appropriate and required changes in sites that are related to the fluctuations of the Iraqi dinar.”

On the other hand, the meeting discussed, according to the statement. The most important legislation that must be approved within the House of Representatives, the most prominent of which is the federal budget, as well as laws that are related to the life of the citizen.

Currency Auction.. The Bank’s Dollar Cash Sales Increased At The Expense Of Foreign Transfers

Posted On2023-01-24 By Sotaliraq   The central bank’s dollar cash sales rose at auction today, Tuesday, at the expense of foreign transfers.

Our correspondent stated that “the Central Bank sold today, during its auction for the sale and purchase of US dollars, 77 million and 274 thousand and 679 dollars, which the bank covered at a basic exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar.”

Our correspondent added; Most of the dollar sales went in the form of cash, amounting to 59 million and 900 thousand dollars, while the rest of 17 million, 374 thousand and 679 dollars went to strengthening balances abroad in the form of (transfers, credits).

Our correspondent indicated that the number of banks that bought the cash dollar amounted to 18, while the number of banks that responded to requests for strengthening balances abroad was 5, while the total number of exchange and mediation companies participating in the auction was 218 companies. LINK

Independent Deputy For / Nina /: Changing The Governor Of The Central Bank.. An Insufficient Step To Solve The Dollar Crisis

Tuesday 24 January 2023 09:45 | Economical Number of readings: 326  Baghdad / NINA / – The independent deputy of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Hadi Al-Salami, affirmed that changing the governor of the Central Bank … is an insufficient step to solve the dollar crisis.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that there must be clear policies and plans on the issue of the currency price to stop the fluctuations that affect it from time to time, and the citizen pays for it.

Al-Salami added that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee stands by its position to host the new central bank governor to find out the reasons for what is happening and to demand the disclosure of the daily bulletin of the bank’s dollar sales.

On Monday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani dismissed Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb Makhaif, at his request. Ali Mohsen Al-Alaq was appointed instead.

Encouraging Industrial Investment .. An Important Step To Reduce Foreign Financial Transfers

An economist for / NINA /: Tuesday 24 January 2023 11:24 | Economical Number of readings: 294

Baghdad / NINA / – The economic expert, Bilal Al-Khalifa, affirmed: Encouraging industrial investment is an important step to reduce foreign financial transfers.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that the government took three steps to solve the crisis, namely increasing sales outlets, initiating an electronic financial transaction project, and setting up sonar controls to limit dollar smuggling. Noting: These steps do not fully reach the desired goal.

He explained: The government should take other steps, including immediate ones, such as reducing the import of luxury goods and encouraging industrial investment in things that are purchased from abroad, and thus reduce foreign financial transfers.

The Government’s Recent Steps Are An Important Part Of Preserving Iraq’s Financial And Economic Security

Ihsan Al-Shammari to / NINA /: Tuesday 24 January 2023 13:23 | Economical Number of readings: 284  Baghdad / NINA / – The head of the Center for Political Thinking, Ihsan Al-Shammari, confirmed: The government’s recent steps are an important part of preserving Iraq’s financial and economic security.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: The reassignment of Ali Al-Alaq to head the Central Bank is one of the steps to re-evaluate the bank’s work, especially since part of stopping the process of the dinar’s collapse is related to internal and external measures.

Al-Shammari added: The decision to exempt the governor of the Central Bank and reassign Ali Al-Alaq is part of these internal procedures, and Al-Alaq was associated with the success and superiority of the Iraqi dinar, and he was able to restore the dinar to the level of 115-120 thousand for one hundred dollars, in addition to that he has good external relations.

He explained that these measures and steps are a message to the outside that Iraq is proceeding with measures to contribute to understandings with the US Federal Reserve, the aim of which is to preserve Iraq’s financial and economic security.



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