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Iraqi News Highlights Monday Evening 3-6-23


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Parliamentary Finance Is Discussing With The World Bank Joint Cooperation In Supporting The Implementation Of Projects


Monday 06 March 2023  Economical Number of readings: 247  Baghdad / NINA / – The Parliamentary Finance Committee hosted a World Bank delegation to follow up on projects funded by the Bank within the Federal General Budget Law for the year 2023, and joint cooperation between the two sides.


The Parliamentary Committee, headed by Representative Atwan Al-Atwani, reviewed during the hosting in the National Council building several axes, the most important of which is the file of the Federal General Budget Law for the year 2023 and its communication with the government, since the citizen needs job opportunities that depend on the approval of the budget and the inclusion of those paragraphs that belong to a large segment of the poor classes, adding, with the presence A financial deficit in the budget that can be compensated by increasing oil prices, hoping to achieve self-sufficiency and end the deficit during the current year.


The committee indicated its role in including a number of files related to the health sector through the establishment of centers dedicated to cancer diseases, and treatment centers for heart diseases because they do not exist inside Iraq, which forces patients to travel outside Iraq and its money goes outside the country, as well as striving to establish hospitals in all regions of Iraq, in addition to To pay attention to the side of the poor classes and to include a number of families in social care and include it in the budget.



Regarding the electricity sector, the committee indicated its interest in introducing financial allocations for the energy sector through contracting with Siemens and GE, adding that the government is interested in establishing environmentally friendly stations to increase production and reduce environmental pollution.


The committee also assured the World Bank delegation to pay attention to the water file and provide job opportunities for the people of the agricultural governorates, and continued that the water crisis created a big problem, calling for sharing the damage with the riparian countries, because Iraq is serious about improving the modern irrigation system and emphasizing the upstream countries by releasing its water shares.


The Finance Committee drew attention to the trend towards achieving sustainable development and supporting the private sector through the enactment of important laws, including the partnership law between the public and private sectors, and the social security law to strengthen the Iraqi economy and create an economic vision to maximize revenues, stressing the need not to depend on oil by finding alternatives and developing sectors. Others, whether agricultural or industrial, with the imposition of a tax and customs system that supports the private sector.


During the hosting, the Finance Committee appreciated the role of the World Bank team in continuous communication with the government to see its work as far as it relates to them and to provide the necessary support.



For his part, the World Bank team expressed its thanks for hosting, appreciating the role of the Finance Committee and the Council in general for taking care of all these axes, noting that it has frequent visits to Iraq in order to follow up on joint projects between the government and the World Bank, which are funded by the Bank.


He stressed the need to review all projects according to the Iraqi government’s priority and completion rates, the most important of which is the development of the financial sector, social security and investment projects, adding the need to diagnose challenges in implementing projects to reach the desired results through cooperation between the Finance Committee and the World Bank.


The meeting emphasized the shift from the theoretical side to the practical side, questioning the bank’s line in stimulating the private sector and reducing expenditures, implementing strategic projects for economic reform and bringing about sustainable development, strengthening financial control, in addition to following up on the loan file in financing priority projects.


He also stressed the holding of a workshop between the committee and the World Bank and a strategic dialogue to provide a detailed explanation of the work of the World Bank, how to implement projects, and readiness to provide support./


Federation Of Chambers Of Commerce: Al-Sudani Directed To Facilitate The Entry Of Merchants To The Electronic Transfer Platform


Economy| 09:59 – 06/03/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Federation of Chambers of Commerce announced, on Monday, that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani directed the necessity of facilitating merchants’ entry to the electronic transfer platform.


The head of the union, Abd al-Razzaq al-Zuhairi, said, “According to the Prime Minister’s directives, that there should be meetings between businessmen, merchants, and relevant authorities, including the Central Bank, tax and customs, and to facilitate the entry of merchants to the electronic transfer platform, the union, in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi Banks, established a forum and exhibition of banking services.” and trade for merchants and businessmen, which lasts for three days.


Al-Zuhairi added, in an interview with the official news agency, which was followed by Mawazine News, that “the first day has been set for banks, the second for companies, and the third for customs.” Ended 29/N33


The Central Bank Announces The Start Of Expanding Coverage By Entering The Electronic Platform


Economy| 05:53 – 06/03/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News  Today, Monday, the Central Bank announced the start of expanding inclusion in entering the electronic platform, and while indicating its continuation in issuing positive steps to facilitate foreign trade financing, it confirmed its communication with Chinese banks regarding dealing in the yuan currency.


The deputy governor of the Central Bank, Ammar Hamad Khalaf, told the official agency, followed by Mawazine News, that “the Central Bank continues to follow up on previously issued instructions to ensure the stability of the parallel exchange rate.”


He pointed out that “a meeting was held with the banking sector, merchants and factory owners to confront and overcome challenges,” noting that “the Central Bank began expanding the channels and entities covered by entering the electronic platform.”


He explained, “This is the first step, while continuing to issue positive steps to facilitate the financing of foreign trade or any sound official transfers abroad.”


He added, “The measures taken can control the market,” calling on “citizens and project owners to review the official channels to obtain foreign currency, as for merchants, there are great facilities for them from banks to finance their foreign trade instead of other methods.”


He pointed out, “The recent decisions of the Council of Ministers referred to dealing in dinars, so there is no justification for citizens to use foreign currency in local transactions.”


Regarding dealing in the Ioan, Khalaf stated, “There is continuous communication by the central bank with Chinese banks, in order to activate and allow merchants to transfer directly, meaning that the central bank delivers the dinar through banks, and the transfer is directly through the use of the Chinese currency, the yuan.”


The Central Bank Raises Gold Prices By 0.3%


Gold  Market  Today, Monday, the Central Bank raised gold prices by 0.3%.  According to the daily bulletin, the Central Bank decided to raise the price of gold by 0.3%, as the prices were as follows:


Coins of 22 grams, 1,893,000 dinars


5 gm ingot 405,000 dinars


Ingot 10 grams 800.250 dinars


15 gm ingot 1,203,000 dinars


20 g ingot 1,613,500 dinars


25 gm ingot 2,025,500 dinars


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A New Rise In The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Local Markets



Economy  Monday, March 6, 2023 10:47 am  Baghdad / National News Center  The National News Center publishes the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar on a daily basis, according to the variables of the currency exchange market in the capital, Baghdad, and the provinces of the country.


in Baghdad:  The selling price of the dollar is 157,500 for every 100 dollars, thus increasing the price by 1,500 dinars from yesterday.  The purchase price of the dollar is 156,500 per 100 dollars


in the north:  The selling price of the dollar is 157,750 for every 100 dollars, bringing the price up by 1250 dinars from yesterday.  The purchase price of the dollar is 156,750 per 100 dollars


in the south:  The selling price of the dollar is 157,250 for every 100 dollars, thus increasing the price by 1,500 dinars from yesterday.  The purchase price of the dollar is 156,250 per 100 dollars


It is noteworthy that the exchange rates fluctuate and rise on a daily basis, after their decline about two weeks ago, due to government measures.




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