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Iraqi News Highlights Thursday Evening 2-16-23


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The Regional Government: Satisfactory Solutions With The Federal Government Regarding The Oil And Gas Law


Political | 03:59 – 02/16/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Kurdistan Regional Government announced, today, Thursday, that it is seeking to reach satisfactory solutions with the federal government regarding the oil and gas law, while indicating that there are positive understandings with the central government regarding the budget law for the current year.


Government spokesman Jutiar Adel said, during a press conference, that “the regional government is committed to the provisions of the constitution,” noting that “there are good understandings between the central and regional governments, especially with regard to the issue of the budget law for the current year.”


He explained, “The region presented its point of view regarding the oil and gas law, and there is seriousness on the part of the two parties to resolve the issue,” expressing his hope that “satisfactory solutions will be reached in accordance with the constitution.”


He stressed, “the regional government’s seriousness in reaching an agreement with Baghdad,” explaining, “Some issues and issues need to be resolved and discussed.”


And he continued, “There is an agreement between the two bureaus of financial control in the region and the center, as they were provided with all the special data, and there is progress in this field.” Ended 29 /


Economie| 02:37 – 02/16/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Iraqi Stock Exchange announced, today, Thursday, the weekly trading indicators.


The market said in a statement, that “during the third week of February 2023, it organized four trading sessions, from Sunday 02/12/2023 to Wednesday 02/15/2023, as the trading session was not organized on Thursday 02/16/2023.” It coincides with an official holiday.


He added, “During this week, the following indicators were achieved:


  1. The number of shares traded during this week amounted to more than (28) billion shares.


  1. The value of shares traded this week amounted to more than (36) billion dinars.


  1. The trading index closed at The market for the first session of the week reached (592.89) points, while the index closed at the end of the week at (597.18) points, achieving an increase of (0.72%) from its closing at the beginning of the session.


  1. During the week, more than (2400) buying and selling contracts were executed on the shares of companies listed in the market.”


Signing A Memorandum Of Understanding Between The Ministry Of Electricity And The American General Electric Company


Economie| 12:13 – 02/16/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News, the media office of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani announced today, Thursday, the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Electricity and the American General Electric Company.


In a statement received by Mawazine News, the office said, “Under the auspices of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, the Ministry of Electricity signed, this morning, Thursday, a memorandum of understanding with the American General Electric Company / GE, within the framework of the government program that aims to develop the electricity sector in Iraq.” “.


According to the statement, “The memorandum included several basic axes, which will contribute to developing the electrical system in the field of production, increasing its efficiency, transportation, maintenance, staff training, and reducing carbon emissions to support the energy transition in Iraq.”


The statement quoted Al-Sudani as confirming, “The government is serious about supporting the energy file, and providing full support to the Ministry of Electricity in order to raise the level of production and maintenance of stations, in a way that contributes to addressing the problem of electric current and alleviating the suffering of citizens.”


The statement added, “In light of the memorandum, long-term maintenance works will be contracted for a period of five years, to sustain the work of the energy production units that have been equipped by the company, in addition to increasing the work efficiency of the energy production units currently operating by modernizing the systems attached to them, and establishing new stations to produce energy.” Electricity will be phased in, commensurate with available fuel and financing.


The memorandum also included, “conducting studies for the exploitation of associated gas and implementing a number of secondary stations with a capacity of (400 and 133 kV) with their connections in the various governorates of Iraq, and establishing a monitoring center for the performance and work of generating units, as well as establishing a training center for cadres working in the Ministry of Electricity to develop their capabilities.” technical,” according to the statement. Ended 29/N33


The Foreign Minister Invites The US Agency For Development To Participate In The Climate Conference In Basra


Wednesday 15 February 2023 22:52 | Economical Number of readings: 769   Baghdad / NINA / – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fouad Hussein, invited the US Agency for International Development to participate in the climate conference to be held in Basra next March.


A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) hosted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fuad Hussein and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting, the minister gave a briefing on the close relationship that the agency has with Iraq for twenty years, and its projects that contributed to providing support to Iraq.” .


He added: “The two sides also discussed the most important environmental challenges in Iraq and proposals that can be implemented with the IAEA, and the two sides discussed the possibility of providing support for the development of the private sector in Iraq and reaching effective mechanisms to implement the agreed policies, and they also agreed to continue meetings, joint coordination and put forward future plans.” For the agency’s work in Iraq, and taking the facilities supported by the Iraqi government to provide a better development reality.


In turn, the agency’s director, Samantha Power, reviewed the plans and efforts that the agency is working on, which are in the interest of the Iraqi people and developing the relationship with the United States. The Iraqi government’s plans in providing the best services and looking forward to a better future for the relationship between the two countries were also reviewed by encouraging investment in various sectors. Al-Iraqiya, adding that: “The agency can also provide support in the field of the environment through many sub-American institutions.”


In conclusion, the minister invited the agency to participate in the climate conference to be held in Basra next March. / End 2


The Rise In Oil Prices Amid Optimism About The Recovery Of Chinese Demand


Economie| 08:46 – 02/16/2023  Follow-up – Mawazine News  Oil prices rose on Thursday, as hopes for a strong recovery in fuel demand in China, the largest oil consumer, compensated for the losses resulting from the strength of the dollar and the increase in crude stocks.   Brent crude futures were up 42 cents, or 0.5%, at $85.80 a barrel by 0352 GMT.   Also, US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 48 cents, or 0.6%, to $79.07 a barrel.


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