Bondlady’s Corner Iraqi News Highlights Thursday Evening

Iraqi News Highlights Thursday Evening 3-30-23


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The Central Bank Announces The Imminent Issuance Of A Decision Regarding The Possibility Of Printing A Denomination Of 20 Thousand Dinars


Economy    Yesterday, 11:21  Baghdad – Conscious – Muhammad Al-Talebi  Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank expected a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates during the coming period, and while it indicated the imminent issuance of a decision regarding the possibility of printing a denomination of 20,000 dinars, it clarified its procedures for monitoring commercial banks.


The assistant general manager of the investment department in the bank, Muhammad Yunus, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA):


“The packages and procedures of the Central Bank of Iraq contributed to limiting the continuous rise in the dollar exchange rate,”


expecting “a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates in the coming period from During the first, second and third packages of the Central Bank, as well as the government’s continuous support.  Younes continued,


“The Central Bank is in continuous updating of all procedures, and


every step that is launched is viewed and measured, and the extent of its response and impact on the market, and what are its pros and cons, if any.”


Regarding printing new cash categories, Younis indicated that


“the Central Bank is amending and updating currency notes in response to market requests and developments and limiting counterfeiting,” noting that


“the Department of Issuance and Treasurys is working to study the possibility of printing a cash category of 20 thousand dinars, and  in the coming days it will take The decision to print or not to print.


Regarding the central bank building, he stressed that “work is in full swing and 24 hours to complete it.”


On the other hand, he pointed out,


“The Banking and Credit Control Department monitors commercial banks, and there are field and office inspection teams that are responsible for monitoring the work and performance of banks.”  And he stressed,


“The doors and phones of the Central Bank are open to any complaint submitted by the citizen to the banks or one of the financial institutions or merchants, and the complaint is met and urgent action is taken in its regard.”–20-.html



The Council For The Anti -Money Laundering And Terrorism Council Holds Its Regular Monthly Session For 2023


March 29, 2023   The Council for the Anti -Money Laundering and Terrorism Council held its normal monthly session today, Wednesday, March 29, 2023, headed by the President of the Council (Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq) and all members of the council from the ministries and not related to the Ministry, and the laws of law.


The Council hosted the Deputy Prosecutor in the Supreme Judicial Council, along with Al -Karkh, to discuss the regulations for declaring funds when they were entered and removed through the Iraqi border ports, with the aim of making the necessary amendments to these controls.


The Council also discussed the developments taking place in the Real Estate Registration Department in the Ministry of Justice by adopting the provisions of due care controls to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, including conducting transactions through the banking system, and other procedures.


The Council was briefed on the steps for preparing for the mutual evaluation of the Republic of Iraq to be held next August, and made a number of decisions in this regard, for the sake of Iraq governorate on its advanced position in the control procedures that resulted in its exit from the gray region in the international classification in 2018.


The Central Bank of Iraq       information Office      29/23/29




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