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After A Decision To Confiscate Its Money.. Parliamentary Demands To Take Into Account Iraq’s Economic Lung

Politician    Last update 08/06/2022 | 10:50 PM  Information/Baghdad…  Today, Saturday, the representative of Basra Governorate, Rafiq Al-Salihi, called on the caretaker government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi to take into account the economic capital of Iraq, preserve its funds and not confiscate them.  Al-Salihi said in a statement to the “Information” agency, that “the confiscation of Basra’s money from the petrodollars and border crossings is a robbery of the rights of its people and a violation of their economic capabilities in light of the governorate’s need for water, electricity and infrastructure projects.”

He added, “The deputies of Basra Governorate will take all legal and legislative measures to stop the injustice and prejudice that befall the province as a result of government decisions aimed at confiscating the province’s money and depriving its citizens.”

Al-Salihi indicated, “The current outgoing government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi deals with duplicity with the southern provinces compared to the Kurdistan region.”

And earlier, the local government in Basra announced its categorical rejection of the cabinet’s decision to transfer its own financial allocations for the governorate’s projects plan to the 25th Gulf Championship.

The Industry Announces The Provision Of Facilities To Support The Private Sector

Money and business   Economy News _ Baghdad  Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Industry confirmed that it had taken several measures to support the private sector, while indicating the imminent opening of a number of industrial cities.

The Director General of the Technical Department in the Ministry, Nasser Idris Madani, said in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency and followed by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the ministry is working to encourage and support the private sector, and is keen to find ways of cooperation and partnership with this important segment, especially in the absence of financial allocations from The state”.

He added, “The private sector is one of the pillars of the general national economy, as the ministry, through its formations, contributed to supporting the sector, through the presence of its representation in the opinion board in the ministry, represented by the membership of the head of the Iraqi Federation of Industries in it, which is one of the most important tributaries of the national industry.”

He added, “The General Directorate of Industrial Development is working to provide specialized services in order to grant industrialists who wish to establish licenses to establish various industrial projects and to follow up on the provision of services needed by these projects in terms of allocating plots of land, issuing tax exemptions, facilitating the import of raw materials and equipment, and granting an estimate of the need for raw materials and fuels for projects.” Small and medium ones, as well as supporting the owners of private cement, asphalt and brick factories in the supply of fuel at subsidized prices.

He explained, “The ministry has contributed to the possibility of entering private sector products that contain added value in the annual product guide issued by the Ministry of Planning, in addition to the ministry’s role in protecting many private sector products and obtaining fundamental approvals to prevent the import of similar products.”

He pointed out that “the ministry has a role in activating the law of industrial cities and economic zones and preparing soon for the opening of a number of these cities that lead to the employment of thousands of citizens of industrialists, as well as the ministry’s assumption of new investment opportunities for the public sector to private sector companies (local and foreign) and promotion He urged the private sector to enter into long-term strategic partnerships by concluding production-sharing contracts and rehabilitating the laboratories of government companies, in addition to the main role of the private sector in supply and service contracts concluded by ministry companies

Madani continued, “The Ministry of Industry is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture and Peasants by providing raw materials for many food products, in addition to operating factories for agricultural supplies such as agricultural tractors, covers, plastic, fertilizers, pesticides, sprinkler irrigation systems and other requirements that support the agricultural sector and then provide support to the sector.

” The private industrial sector, in addition to the Department of Industrial Development and Organization completing the transactions of the private sector in obtaining product protection,” noting that “the Trade Marks Department in the Ministry is facilitating the task of granting trademarks to the private sector.”

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Iraq Is In The Process Of Contracting With A Consulting Company To Build A Satellite

Last update 08/07/2022 | 12:38 PM Information/Baghdad.

The Ministry of Communications announced, on Sunday, that it is in the process of contracting with a consulting company to build the satellite, while referring to the reasons for the project’s suspension ten years ago.

The Director-General of the Foreign Relations and Information Department in the ministry, Adel Al-Araji, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that

“the satellite is an ambitious project that has stopped since 2012 and has passed through the conditions of ISIS terrorist and the lack of a budget,”

noting that “since 2013 until today, it has not been monitored. An investment budget for this project.  Al-Araji pointed out that “a public tender has been launched for all Al-Fander companies, and

now we are in the process of contracting with a consulting company to determine the requirements and technical specifications for the satellite, and  the state budget will not cost any amounts on the investment budget.” finished/25

World Bank: Commodity Prices In Iraq Have Risen 7% Over The Past Two Months

Economic Last update 08/04/2022 | 1:27 pm  Information/Baghdad.  In a report, the World Bank warned of the danger of continued high inflation in most low- and middle-income countries, noting that the share of high-income countries, noting that Iraq witnessed an increase of 7.6 in foodstuffs.

Lebanon ranked first globally on the World Bank’s index of food price inflation, surpassing Zimbabwe, which came in second, and Venezuela in third place.

This indicates the magnitude of the challenges ahead for Lebanon, which suffers from a severe crisis in its food security.

The World Bank warned of the danger of persistent high inflation in most low- and middle-income countries, noting that the share of high-income countries that face high inflation is witnessing a sharp increase in their rates as well, and published a list of the ten countries most affected by inflation and high prices.

His statistics for the year 2022 showed that the prices of food and beverages continued to rise in many countries of the Middle East region compared to the same period last year.

He attributed the direct cause of this reality to the Russian war on Ukraine, as the Middle East and North Africa region relies heavily on the Black Sea region for wheat consumption, stressing that the war in Ukraine “threatens poor countries with a food crisis and overlapping debt.”

While the report indicated that wheat is one of the staple foods in the Middle East and North Africa, the war in Ukraine is causing disruption in the wheat supply chain, causing critical problems in food security in the region.

As a result, the CPI for food increased significantly in most countries of the region, with Egypt (24.2 percent), Morocco (9.5 percent), Iraq (7.6 percent), Lebanon (216 percent), and (Syria 71 percent).), Yemen (43 percent), Palestine (8.1 percent), and most of these countries are facing severe wheat shortages. Done/25 d

An Israeli Report Warns: Al-Sadr’s Victory Will Push Iran To Strike The Forces Of The Current With The Factions

Reports & Analytics   Iran   breaking   The leader of the Sadrist movement   Shiite factions

2022-08-07 03:06  Shafaq News/ The Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” considered that the current chaos in Iraq threatens to undermine Iran’s regional role,

and that if it feels the decline of its influence further, it will not hesitate to ignite Iraqi fighting, whether between Shiites themselves or between Shiites and the rest of the other forces.

The beginning of the presentation of the Israeli report, which was translated by Shafak News Agency;

The following questions:

Is it possible for Iran to lose its most important bridge in the Middle East?

Is Iraq on the brink of civil war?

And most importantly, what does Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr want?

He added that whoever can answer the last question holds the key to answering the other two questions.

And after the report referred to the crisis after the recent Iraqi elections, in which it seems that it has no other choice but to dissolve parliament and hold new elections, it said that it may appear to be just another development in countries such as Lebanon, Tunisia and Sudan,

but in these countries it is related to a power struggle, while It is in Iraq that may have regional and international repercussions.

While the report described Iraq as a “failed state” due to corruption, unemployment, and the scarcity of water and electricity services, it pointed out that the current political battle may have actually begun since 2003, and the US mismanagement of the occupation phase. importance in the Middle East.

He also pointed out that the Shiite authority in Iraq, represented by Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, made it clear that he opposes the establishment of an Iranian model of governance in Iraq,

while those loyal to Tehran, many of whom resided in Iran during the years of exile, hope to establish a system that follows the principle of velayat-e-fiqh, as is the case in Iran, which the report described as an “ideological clash” reflects the bitter rivalry between the political blocs today,

and it is a Shiite-Shiite battle that feeds on ideological and religious differences as well as on “inflated ego wars” and intense competition for senior jobs and money.

The report reviewed the disputes taking place since the October 2021 elections,

attempts to form a government,

the struggle between the Shiite forces themselves and

the positions of the Kurdish and Sunni forces, leading to the Sadrists storming the Green Zone recently.

Similar to the high temperatures in Baghdad, the fears are that someone will open fire or that bullets will come out of a gun, which will lead to a war between everyone.

While noting that the Sadrists are now calling for new elections, the report considered that no one would be surprised if there was no one to accept this demand in Iraq,

adding that Iran was “worried about these developments and its inability to dictate the course of the process,” and that Iran is concerned that new elections will take place. In Iraq, it will only lead to a further erosion of its position in Iraq, while al-Sadr exploits anti-Iran sentiments to his advantage.

The Israeli report concluded by saying that all these possibilities greatly concern Iran’s leaders, explaining that Iran’s loss of control over Iraq would lead to “a chain reaction in Lebanon and the destruction of Iran’s image as a regional power.”

He added that many in Iraq believe that if Iran is pushed with its back against the wall, it will use all its economic and political power against al-Sadr and his supporters, and that it may direct its Shiite militias in order to undermine al-Sadr’s forces.تقارير-وتحليلات/تقدير-سرا-يلي-يحذر-انتصار-الصدر-سيدفع-يران-لضرب-قوات-التيار-بالفصا-ل

The Stock Market Closed 0.57% Higher.

Stock Market   Economy News – Baghdad   The Iraqi Stock Exchange closed, up by 0.57%, supported by the positive results during the first half of some joint stock companies.

Today, Sunday, 379 transactions were concluded on the shares of 28 companies, including 14 companies whose shares witnessed an increase.

The traded shares amounted to 171.7 million shares, with a value of 467.9 million dinars.

Shares of Dar Al-Salaam Insurance, Al-Mansour Hotels, Al-Mamoura Real Estate and Ishtar Hotels rose, while metallic shares, bicycles, Al-Mansour Bank and Al-Ahly of Iraq declined.

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