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The First Parliamentary Bloc Calls For An Emergency Parliamentary Session To Discuss The Turkish Bombing Of Dohuk

Political | 04:42 – 07/20/2022   Baghdad- Mawazine News: Al-Sadiquon Parliamentary Bloc considered, on Wednesday, that the recurring Turkish attacks and disregard for Iraqi blood were caused by the complacency of the federal government and the regional government with Ankara’s violations of the country’s sovereignty

. Zakho (Barkh Tourist Resort), which resulted in the death and injury of more than 40 Iraqi tourists, including children and women, as a “horrific crime”.

Faihan considered that the repeated attacks, the violation of dignity, and the disregard for Iraqi blood were caused by the negligence of the federal government and the regional government, holding them fully responsible before the law and the constitution in defending the sovereignty and security of the country and the lives of Iraqis.

Faihan called on the presidency of the Iraqi parliament to call for an urgent session to discuss the repercussions of the repeated Turkish attacks, which have reached the stage of underestimating the blood of innocents, and to obligate the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to preserve dignity, carry out its constitutional duties and responsibilities, and not present narrow political interests over the sovereignty and dignity of the homeland and the lives of people.

Without reference to Turkey, the security media issued a statement regarding the bombing of a resort in Dohuk

Political | 04:41 – 20/07/2022  Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Security Media Cell issued a statement today, Wednesday, regarding the bombing of Barkh Resort in Dohuk Governorate.

The cell stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “at exactly 13:50 of this day, corresponding to the twentieth of July, the resort of Barkh village in the Darkar district of Zakho district in the Dohuk governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan was subjected to violent artillery shelling, which led to Eight citizens were killed and 23 others were wounded, all of them were civilian tourists, and they were evacuated to Zakho district.

She added, “The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces immediately investigated the incident and dispatched the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, his Personal Secretary and the Commander of the Border Guard Forces to the scene of the accident to find out its merits and visit the wounded.” Ended 29 / h

Economic Center: Iraq Raises Its Holdings Of US Bonds To More Than 4.5 Billion Dollars

Economie| 11:02 – 20/07/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The Iraqi Political Economic Center revealed, on Wednesday, a rise in Iraq’s possession of US bonds.

And the director of the center, Wissam Hadmal Al-Helou, said in a statement received by Mawazine News, that “Iraq’s possession of US Treasury bonds for the month of May of 2022 increased by 4 billion and 584 million dollars, or 13.94%, to reach 32.894 billion dollars, after it was 28.310 billion dollars. Last April, according to the latest official statistics issued by the US Treasury.

And Al-Helou, that “these bonds also rose from the same month last year 2021, when Iraq’s possession of bonds amounted to 20.9 billion dollars, and that Iraqi bonds, including long-term guarantees by 15.485 billion dollars and short-term guarantees by 17.409 billion dollars.”

He pointed out that “this bond represents 0.4% of the world’s bonds,” adding that “Saudi Arabia comes in first place at the forefront of the (Arab) countries with the most possession, reaching 114.650 billion dollars, and Kuwait comes second with 46.326 billion dollars, and the UAE comes third with 38,277, and then Iraq fourth and Oman fifth with 6.327 billion dollars, then Morocco with 3.723 billion dollars.

And he added, “The most holder of US bonds is Japan, at $1,212.827 trillion, followed by China, with $980.786 billion, followed by the United Kingdom, with $634.010 billion, and Ireland, with $289.279 billion.”

The Dollar Exchange Rate Is Stable In The Iraqi Market

Economie| 09:54 – 07/20/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The dollar exchange rates witnessed, today, Wednesday, stability in the local Iraqi market.

And the selling prices of the dollar were recorded at 148,500 dinars per 100 dollars, while the purchase prices of the dollar were recorded at 148,400 dinars per 100 dollars.

Oil Minister: Iraq Is Preparing To Export 4 Million Barrels Per Day By The End Of 2023

Energy   Economy News _ Baghdad  Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar expected that crude oil prices in the global market will range by more than $100 per barrel during the rest of this year and will remain at this high level for several years to come, stressing that this requires continuing the efforts of the oil-producing countries within the Organization (OPEC Plus) to achieve Balance between supply and demand, while talking about a plan to achieve self-sufficiency in gasoline and stop importing it.

Abdul-Jabbar said, in an interview with the US Energy Agency (Bloomberg), “I would like OPEC to retain its tools to measure and control production and maintain the existing balance, and we will discuss this matter with our partners during the next OPEC Plus meeting on August 3.”

And the agency stated in a report, that “the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is working with Russia and other producers to gradually restore processing rates in line with the return of the world’s economies and energy demand to its normal state after its decline during the Corona pandemic period.”

The report added, “OPEC Plus will restore all its previous production ceilings by the end of August, while the current agreement of the organization will continue to work together until the end of this year.”

He pointed out that “crude oil prices had jumped to more than $100 a barrel after the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February, and the rise in Brent crude touched $140 a barrel in March at a time when shipping companies assessed the risk of equipment failure and the possibility of imposing sanctions.”

And the report indicated that “OPEC oil ministers blamed the decline in investment and production capabilities in all aspects of energy as a reason for not being able to keep pace with the recovery in demand, although the group itself failed to achieve its own production ceilings and lagged behind the demand rate.”

Abdul-Jabbar stated, “Expectations indicate that oil market prices will remain high over the next three to four years,” but he did not specify a specific price for a barrel.

Abdul-Jabbar added, “OPEC Plus contributed to achieving stability in the oil markets and maintaining an average price of $100 per barrel,” stressing that “continued cooperation between producers will help alleviate any future crisis in the energy market.”

The report pointed out that “US President Joe Biden, and to face the decrease in Russian oil supplies, especially to Europe, this week went to the Middle East with a visit to Saudi Arabia and to attend the Jeddah summit in search of guarantees of additional oil supplies that will be pumped from the region.”

The report quoted “Biden’s adviser on international energy affairs, Amos Huchstein, as saying: Washington expects that the oil-producing member states of OPEC will take some steps to strengthen the oil market with supplies soon.”

In turn, Abdul-Jabbar, who attended the Jeddah meetings within the Iraqi delegation, pointed out that “the discussions that took place there in this regard focused a lot on market stability and avoiding fluctuations and fluctuations in prices, rather than addressing the issue of specific increases in production or production capabilities.”

The report confirms, “European buyers are now avoiding Russian crude oil,” and found that “the flow of oil barrels of that country to the Asian market has exacerbated the export competition from Gulf oil producers such as Iraq and Iran.” Abdul-Jabbar says, “This had a marginal impact on Iraqi crude sales to the region, and the country is looking to adhere to marketing methods or outlets.”

The report continues that “Iraq, which is the second largest oil producer in OPEC, is expanding its oil refineries and enhancing its export capabilities in order to keep pace with the rising demand for fuel and crude oil.”

Abdul-Jabbar stressed that “Iraq hopes to double its production of gasoline, which would allow it to cover domestic demand and stop the imports required for this fuel by the year 2025.”

Abdul-Jabbar said, “The country will start production operations of 140,000 barrels per day from the Karbala refinery by next November.”

Abdul-Jabbar added, “The first batch of fuel supplies from this project, which will eventually include gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, is expected to invade the local markets later this year, and it is also expected that the refinery will be operating at its maximum capacity during the first half of the year.” Next”.

Abdul-Jabbar expected that “Iraq’s crude oil export capacity will expand from its southern ports to nearly 4 million barrels per day, by the end of next year.”

Abdul-Jabbar went on to say that “crude oil sales for the month of July will be at a rate of 3.45 million barrels per day, except for the oil fields of the Kurdistan region.”

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The President Of The Republic: The Turkish Bombing Constitutes A Violation Of Iraq’s Sovereignty And Its Repetition Is Unacceptable

Wednesday 20 July 2022 17:44 | political Number of readings: 53  Baghdad / NINA / – The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, denounced the Turkish bombing of a tourist resort in Dohuk, stressing that it constitutes a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty.

Saleh said in a tweet on Twitter: “The Turkish bombing that targeted Dohuk and resulted in the death and injury of a number of our sons is condemned and denounced and represents a violation of the country’s sovereignty and a threat to Iraqi national security, and its repetition is totally unacceptable after previous calls to stop such actions contrary to international law and good rules.” Neighborhood.”/ End 7

The US Ambassador To / Nina /: Iraq’s Contribution To The Gulf Cooperation Council Summit In Saudi Arabia Is Very Important

Wednesday 20 July 2022 12:12 | political Number of readings: 364  Baghdad / NINA / – US Ambassador Alina Romanowski confirmed that Iraq’s contribution to the Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Saudi Arabia is very important.

In her response to a question by NINA , she said that the Jeddah summit is an important statement that embodied the importance of three countries, namely Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. About the fabric of these countries to be one, and Iraq realized that it is one of this fabric, explaining: We can work to support food and energy security in

Iraq.The ambassador stressed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has a major role in bringing the distances between Iraq and Saudi Arabia closer.

She added: We have close cooperation between the international coalition and Iraq to achieve the security and stability of the country and increase the capabilities of the Iraqi army until it reaches self-reliance in confronting terrorism.

She explained that in the coming months, the opportunity will allow us to work to support economic development and support the private sector in Iraq, which is considered a key to the success of the economic sector in Iraq and to support young people in these projects.

With regard to the diversity of energy sources, she said, at the Jeddah summit, the focus was on three important matters, which are linking the power lines between Iraq and Jordan, linking the power lines of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries through Kuwait to the southern Iraqi governorates, and also linking the Iraqi and Saudi power lines to diversify energy sources /


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