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The Federal Court Recognizes The Legitimacy Of The Election Of Al-Halbousi And His Two Deputies

Posted On2022-01-26 By Sotaliraq   Baghdad/ Firas Adnan   Yesterday, Tuesday, the Federal Supreme Court ruled the legality of electing Muhammad al-Halbousi as Speaker of the House of Representatives and his two deputies, Hakim al-Zamili and Shakhwan Abdullah, stressing that the purpose of the first session is to swear the oath and open the door for candidacy, pointing out that this session differs from the rest of Parliament sessions.

This comes at a time when two representatives of the State of Law coalition filed a new lawsuit with the court asking to determine the most numerous bloc, but observers found that the fate of this lawsuit will also be a response, calling on the losing forces in the elections to stop resorting to “absurd” appeals.

Yesterday morning, the Federal Supreme Court held its second session to consider a lawsuit filed by Bassem Khashan and Mahmoud al-Mashhadani to challenge the procedures of the parliament session to repeat the oath and demand its cancellation.


The head of the court stated in a decision read out in the session attended by (Al-Mada) correspondent, that “the President of the Republic, after the approval of the Federal Supreme Court on the final results of the general elections, invites the House of Representatives to convene by presidential decree within (15) days from the date of the approval, based on Article ( 54) of the constitution.


He added, “The session is held under the chairmanship of the oldest member to elect the president and two deputies of the council, and it is not permissible to extend it for more than that period.” The decision indicated that “the elected House of Representatives in its fifth session was called to convene on 9/1/ 2022, according to Republican Decree No. 66 of 2022.”


And he indicated, “The Independent High Electoral Commission made it clear in its book that the oldest members of the winning candidates for the fifth round are Mahmoud Dawoud Salman Al-Mashhadani, Amer Hussein Jassim Ali, who is the first reserve, and Khaled Hassan Saleh Hassan Al-Daraji, who is the second reserve.”


The decision noted, that “the session was held on the date specified by the Republican decree, headed by Mahmoud Daoud Salman Al-Mashhadani, where the constitutional oath was taken by members of the House of Representatives and the door for nomination for the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives was opened.”


He explained, “MP Basem Khazal Khashan submitted a request banning MP Muhammad Rikan Hadid al-Halbousi from running for the presidency of the House of Representatives, claiming that he had perjured the constitutional oath, violated the constitution and committed several violations that disqualify him from running for office.”


The decision added, “Khashan enclosed his request a letter issued by the legal department of the House of Representatives, on which he relies on proving what he claimed.” And he added, “Khashan also said that Al-Halbousi refrained from implementing the decisions of the Federal Supreme Court and enabled deputies whose membership is not valid to attend parliament sessions and vote on the laws issued by the parliament and at the same time prevented deputies from exercising their right to membership in the parliament.”


The decision confirmed, that “the plaintiff also stated that Representative Mahmoud Dawood Salman al-Mashhadani, head of the first session, decided to submit the request to the legal department of the House of Representatives to express its opinion and suspend the session until the answer is received.”



And the decision went on, “Khashan mentioned that representatives from the Sadrist bloc went to the podium and attacked al-Mashhadani, who was taken to the hospital. Representative Amer Hussein Jassim Ali, as the second oldest member, apologized for presiding over the session, and then the third reserve was assigned Khaled Hassan Saleh Hassan Al-Daraji. “.


And he indicated, “Al-Darraji ran the first session of the House of Representatives and contacted Representative Mahmoud Daoud Salman Al-Mashhadani to inquire about his desire to nominate himself for the position of Speaker of Parliament and announced his desire to do so.”


The decision continues, that “the court found that Al-Darraji’s presidency of the House of Representatives after Al-Mashhadani left and expressed his desire to run and the first reserve’s apology did not contradict the provisions of the constitution.” He pointed out, “The court held that Khashan’s objection to Al-Halbousi’s nomination must be in accordance with the provisions of Article 52 of the Constitution.”


The decision noted that “the claim that the first session was suspended by al-Mashhadani and that its appeal must be made by him has no basis in the constitution and the law.”


And he added, “The only purpose of the first session, chaired by the eldest, is to take the constitutional oath and elect the speaker of the council, and then elect a first deputy for him and a second deputy by an absolute majority of the number of members by direct secret election.”


He pointed out that “the constitution stipulates that the House of Representatives takes its decisions by a simple majority after a quorum is achieved. This is related to the work of the House of Representatives after completing its formation, that is, after electing the Speaker and his two deputies, and that the constitutional legislator has differentiated between the first session and the rest of the House of Representatives sessions.”


The decision ended with “a ruling to dismiss the plaintiffs’ suit and charge them for its expenses, while canceling the state order issued by the court earlier to disrupt the work of the Presidency of the House of Representatives.” The Federal Supreme Court also considered a second appeal filed by MPs Alia Nassif and Atwan Al-Atwani. The (Al-Mada) correspondent stated that “the appeal focused on the procedures of the first session and the demand to determine the most numerous parliamentary bloc.”


He pointed out that “the court, after hearing the defenses, decided to postpone the consideration of the case to the first of next February to complete the pleadings in its regard.” On the same offer by Khashan and Mashhadani.


In addition, the legal expert, Tariq Harb, stated in a statement to (Al-Mada), that “these cases were known to all, which is the response, and the decision of the Federal Supreme Court was just, equitable and in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.”


Harb continued, “Things have settled down today, and they will move towards electing the President of the Republic within a week at most, and then the formation of the government according to the principle of the political majority.”


He pointed out, “Observers hope that the absurd lawsuits whose purpose is to disrupt the political process and paralyze the work of the House of Representatives will stop.”


The court examined it and rejected it in the correct constitutional manner, but this case is clear that it is incorrect and is not based on the constitution and the law in anything.” Harb went on, “Al-Atwani and Nassif’s lawsuit is not related to the data of the Khashan and Al-Mashhadani lawsuit, as it asked to specify the most numerous parliamentary bloc, but the indications and expectations indicate that its fate will definitely be a response, similar to the previous lawsuits and appeals.”


For his part, a member of the Victory Alliance, Aqeel Al-Rudaini, stated, in a statement to (Al-Mada), that “the Federal Court’s decision yesterday proved the existence of the Presidency, and today we are facing crucial constitutional times through which the blocs must speed up the nomination of candidates for the position of President of the Republic and Prime Minister.”


Al-Rudaini added, “The House of Representatives will soon hold a session to complete these procedures, but with it the dialogue should continue to end the state of obstruction, and although there is some time before us, it will end if things remain heading towards complexity.”


On the ninth of this month, the House of Representatives elected Muhammad al-Halbousi as its speaker, Hakem al-Zamili as a first deputy, and Shakhwan Abdullah as a second deputy.   LINK


The President of the Republic: The attack on the residence of the Speaker of Parliament is a reprehensible act of terrorism


The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, confirmed that the attack on the headquarters of the Speaker of Parliament in Anbar, which resulted in the injury of civilians, is a reprehensible terrorist act.


Saleh said in a tweet to him on “Twitter”, “The attack on the headquarters of the Speaker of Parliament in Anbar, which resulted in the injury of civilians, is a deplorable terrorist act, and its timing targets national and constitutional entitlements.”


He added: “The national ranks must be united and united to protect civil peace and prevent stalkers, and to continue the path towards forming an Iraqi government that protects the higher interests of the country and responds to the aspirations of our people.”


Parliament Speaker: We Will Work With The Nation’s Partners To Advance The Country


Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi affirmed working with the nation’s partners to advance the country.


Al-Halbousi said in a tweet to him, “Congratulations to our people and masses for the announcement of the Alliance of Sovereignty in defense of Iraq’s sovereignty and unity.”


He added, “The deputies of (Progress and Azm) put their trust in Sheikh Khamis al-Khanjar to lead our political alliance in the next stage, and we will work with the nation’s partners to stabilize the country and advance its reality in the service of its people.”


The Agricultural Bank grants facilities to enhance the initiative of the Central Bank


January 25, 2022   Baghdad – time   The Cooperative Agricultural Bank, one of the formations of the Ministry of Finance, announced the start of promoting and disbursing housing loans and easy personal loans within the framework of the Central Bank initiative. He said in a statement received by (Al-Zaman) yesterday


(After receiving many inquiries from the bank’s branches and offices regarding the loans of the Central Bank of Iraq initiative, it is possible to promote and disburse the said initiative loans according to the stipulated controls and instructions).


Vital Activities


And (continuing to grant loans and advances to various groups and segments of society, including employees and non-employees, as a contribution to supporting these groups and raising the level of vital activities in support of the national economy).


The Financial and Accounting Training Center of the Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the Public Debt Department, held a tagged scientific symposium


(National bonds (construction) and their role in stimulating the movement of the financial market)


And Salah Al-Din Al-Hadithi, advisor to the Minister of Finance, gave a lecture in the presence of a number of employees, speaking about the mechanism for issuing construction bonds


Which contributed to financing economic development operations and supporting investment projects. The bonds will be available for trading and are of two types, the first is a bond of five hundred thousand dinars with an annual interest of 6 percent for a period of two years


The second is a bond of a category of one million dinars with an interest of 7 percent for a period of 4 years, as it is purchased through authorized banks.


On the other hand, Walid Khalifa, Director of the International Economic Relations Department in the Ministry’s Economic Department, spoke about developing financial policy and promoting development opportunities, and that these bonds are issued with the guarantee of the Ministry of Finance, where he called on investors and citizens to seize this opportunity and take the initiative to achieve investment profits and will be tradable in the stock market. .


Scientific Material


Al-Hadithi presented a scientific material on the display screen about construction bonds that include securities issued by the government or companies for the purpose of debt-based investment in return for an agreed interest. b) From the Federal Financial Management Law.


At the end of the symposium, Al-Hadithi urged the citizen investors and employees to acquire these bonds because they are a promising investment tool to activate the investment movement in Iraq. In his turn, the Director General of the Financial and Accounting Training Center Ahmed Al-Dahlaki presented the creativity shield to Al-Hadithi and the lectures of the symposium.  LINK


International Security Calls For Cooperation With Iraq In The Fight Against Terrorism


January 25, 2022  Baghdad – time   With the instructions), he pointed out that (with the Diyala incident, unfortunately, we saw those trying to wade with the blood of Iraqis, and there were those who tried to provide moral support to the enemy from where they did not know, and there were those who contributed to spreading rumors about the collapse of our security forces).


A force from the Tarmiyah Regiment in the Popular Mobilization clashed with members of ISIS remnants in the district. A statement received by (Al-Zaman) said yesterday that (this came after the Iraqi Air Force launched air strikes in Al-Uqaili orchard in Al-Tabi area within Tarmiyah, which resulted in the killing of 6 terrorists, before a force from the regiment began a search and search operation for the remains of ISIS terrorist after the air strike). He pointed out that (the regiment’s heroes were able to reach the bodies of the dead ISIS fighters and clash with the remaining members of the group in the targeted area).


The members of the UN Security Council condemned the terrorist attack that took place in Diyala province, and expressed their deep sympathy and sincere condolences to the families of the victims and the Iraqi government, and wished a speedy recovery for the wounded.   LINK


Al-Sadr And Barzani Stress The Need To Unify The National Ranks


The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, stressed with the leader of the Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, the need to unify the current national ranks in the interest of Iraq and its people.


A statement from al-Sadr’s office stated, “Mr. al-Sadr received a phone call from Massoud Barzani.”


The statement added, “During the call, the most important issues related to political developments in Iraq and the need to unify the national ranks at the current stage were discussed in the interest of Iraq and its people.”  LINK 


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