There is a slight bit of confusion in my mind about where Iraq is right now… I did understand that the so-called RV was released today by al-Sadr, and I was thinking wait a minute. I thought…al-Sadr had ceded his power over to Abadi or least that was the plan. That was the plan early in the week with the election last Saturday if I am not mistaken. We thought okay that is cool that happened.  Then we heard that the announcement we were looking for from Abadi today may have been in turn made by al-Sadr today about the RV…that was what one report said coming in. So, I am going to say I do not have multiple confirmations of that.

What is good about this is we thought for that to happen our Treasury would release Iraq to put out their rate and to be international known…to put their rate out to where it can be seen on the CBI and it could be known not just in Iraq…we know they have an in-country revaluation. The question is: Is it known outside of Iraq, in fact outside the Middle East? That is the question mark.  I am it hearing from one source not sure about multiple confirmations of that.  …I think we could have an excellent Memorial Day weekend. I am excited. I am seeing some things coming together. I am seeing the timing coming together.