Let’s start with Iraq…Their ATMs are lined up and ready to go…they are finally going to activate their ATM machines…So that would mean the ATM machines will be able to take Iraqi dinar, USTN, our new dollars, and be able to convert those also to Iraqi dinar also. That is supposed to start on Saturday…we will see how that comes out. I think the oil and gas law is to be put into action and into law…I believe the voting is done on that. It has been done for weeks now, but as far as implementation of that law…it should occur Sunday or Monday in Iraq.

Let’s talk about screen rates today…as far as we are concerned rates are on the screens. They are moving up. The UN Operational Rate pages are available for the 15th and the 1st of the month…So those come up and should be good with our new rates for these many currencies we know and talk about, and should be applicable tomorrow, February 15th, be the effective date for the rates that are populating now. I think we have finally came to the end of this ride. I am excited about what could happen between now and Monday. Everybody just stay tuned.