The good news is they arrested Maliki today.  Iraq is going to activate their 2019 budget on Saturday …March 30th. …That means likely that activation will be written about and put in their official Gazette which does comes out on Saturday. They will also announce that the Dinar is international finally and probably put out a rate on Saturday. Now we know the Iraqi Dinar is going to be exchanged or traded internationally on the markets starting Sunday night.  …the new rate on the Dinar should be coming out initially over $7 and then it will get traded up. Then the Dong will be $4 and trading up higher as a result…that is what we are hearing from the people that know and have seen the screens.

On Saturday we would have both front and back screen rates showing. Only thing on the screens right now are the names of the currency and a little place marker with the $ sign flashing next to the name. There is no place holder rate showing. So, they are getting ready to bring up all new rates back screens …Friday, and front and back screens on Saturday. …The encouraging thing is that we are seeing movements in so many of these areas that we are looking for now. …I will tell you right now before the end of the month, Sunday, March 31st, we should be off and running.