In Bruce

Our Treasury Secretary – Mnuchin said that there was a chapter in the China Trade Agreement – One chapter that dealt with currencies…we know there are some things in that agreement that deal with our currencies  – okay –  I thought it was interesting that he brought that up in the interview…So, what I’m saying is; When President Trump puts his presidential signature and seal to this agreement tomorrow that in effect is locking in everything for us to move forward into our redemption period.

Now, what I’ve been told from several sources…is, shortly after the signature takes place…we do believe that we are on track for this to go…We’ve got 10-12 days to do our exchanges at the redemption centers – From whatever date we start…and then they will reset screen rates and so on for the public after the redemption centers are closed…We have the RV / GCR in our spirit – all we’re looking for now is the manifestation  of it which we believe could very well be tomorrow [Wednesday].