We have some information…showing really definitively really that today [Thursday] was going to be our day for a start. Now the other things that were happening…that were giving us reason to believe we were exactly right there was the fact that the AIIB as a partner, let’s call it, with the World Bank, partnering with the World Bank was signed off lasts night [Wednesday]. Now in Europe last Monday was a Bank Holiday because the European Banks were becoming Basel 4 compliant. That is part of the reason nothing happened last Monday.

Prior to that, we had a holiday in China. Nothing happened over those 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday last weekend. Now, this weekend looks to be a different scenario. We are getting very positive information that makes it look like we could be looking at a new different situation…tomorrow [Friday]. I got my catcher’s mitt on and ready to receive that fast pitch, that 95 mph fastball, and kaboom, and just get that information out as soon as possible. I am ready to go. I think it is time. I believe it is that close.

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