What we are finding out is at the Redemption Centers they are having to reenter activation codes…they are doing that to get ready for everything to come down the pipe here. We got the Forex with established rates ready to drop in. The rates seem on the bank screens are updating. I do not know if they have changed over, but they were supposed to populate this morning and be on the screens this morning [Thursday]. Now, obviously, they need to come in as new rates before we go in for exchanges.  So, this is one of the things that has to happen.  …we do have some security issues…We know that security concerns today that were supposed to be pretty much handled…That is good news…we are set to go at any time.  Now, with the security concerns basically taken care of, I think we can move forward. I think we are so close we are right on it. Some of the sources have been told to clam up. That is a good sign when that happens. I am excited we are getting closer and closer every day with the hope that this doesn’t carry into the weekend.

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