We’ve been informed by people that speak directly to Iraq and to some Iraqi’s that yes they did revalue their currency on Sunday…and there should be a new rate showing – but I don’t know if we can see it yet – on the Central Bank of Iraq website …Now, that goes under the question mark column right now until we get absolute proof that it occurred – I believe it has – by what I’ve been told…we know the forex updates in the morning – tomorrow [Wednesday]…we are looking for new rates to show on all the currencies that we’re talking about – We believe the front screen bank rates will reflect the forex rates – the back screen rates are another issue entirely…We know the redemption centers were prepared today – and will be tomorrow [Wednesday].

Now, what about clean up on isle 3? There is a lot happening – even today – through the end of the month and into next month – there’s a lot of clean up to do…Has enough occurred to where we are prepared to see the green light go into effect for us?  That we do not know – When it gets as quiet as it’s been today…we have to look at that as a good sign – it either means more people are under gag orders – or NDA – and we are just waiting for that to happen but we just can’t tell – what is going on behind the scenes. There’s a lot of questions that we just don’t have the really, really good answers for. I am frustrated because I know that we are very close.

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