In Bruce 

We’ve heard forever and a day that Iraq was going to post a new rate – put it in the Gazette – CBI was up – all of that good stuff – well, Iraq is basically waiting on our lead to go – for us to move forward – then they will essentially show their rate on CBI… I would not be surprised if finally overnight tonight and into tomorrow which is Wednesday  that Iraq finally has their rate – finally has their new Iraqi Dinar with a new rate on the front screens of the banks and also that the Forex with an update again in the 2:15 in the morning range with an Iraqi rate…I think things are coming together for us…We are under the impression from some very high up sources in the know that we are in a  24 hour window now – right now…finally, with everything that’s been done and happening behind the scenes – we’re moving in the right direction. I just think we are really really just about ready to go.