In Bruce 

[Could we be notified and start tomorrow [Wednesday]? The answer is an outstanding YES – possibly…we understand that the redemption centers were to receive their schedules that would take them through Saturday March 14th until midnight…In other words, us – the internet group – we would get started and continue all the way through midnight on the 14th of march…which is… a week from this Saturday. Do we have any other indication that we’re just about there? We got an indication from the World Bank – yesterday – that talked about 2 days – today and tomorrow [Wednesday]…then we heard further from the World Bank that there was emphasis on tomorrow’s date (Wed 3-4-20)…It could go Thursday –  we don’t know…this is a moving target. Really, we are down to the wire…this is not going to last much longer. Let’s just believe that no other hindrance will keep us from starting and everything is set.