we got word that we did go to level 4 of Martial Law…in the United States…they are primarily in place to guard against looting and other vandalism things that could happen during this time – especially against looting of stores – retail locations and so forth that are closed …it’s also something that we have that will be in a sense an added security force for us going – so that we are far less likely to encounter an issue or problem while going to our exchanges or coming out of our exchanges and redemption centers…I see it as a very positive thing…ALL banks are closed for four days starting tomorrow (Friday)…they will reopen on Tuesday at regular times…I have heard different things about when we’re going to get started – I have heard from a treasury source that…a kick off day would be Saturday – I’ve heard the possibility of going tomorrow [Friday] or Saturday – I’ve heard that we might not start until after the banks reopen on Tuesday – it’s hard to say right now which it is.

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