In Bruce

I am excited about the month of April – we are going to see a lot of things happen and I think it is a very good time for us…Here we are about to start a whole new quarter a whole new month and we’ve got another 30 days to more or less stay at home – remain in place – and it could be interesting to see what it’s going to do for us – we are not going to be inhibited by our redemptions – so don’t worry about that – doesn’t mean you can’t go to the bank or redemption center – of course they are allowing for that – so don’t worry about that at all…I can tell you is we are supposed to be in a crescendo in the next 48 hours and that started at 10 am Tuesday –  the next 48 hrs should prove to be a crescendo for us…I did hear some rates yesterday and they were higher than what we had anticipated on dinar and dong should be running right alongside – maybe not the same as but not too far from the dinar.