In Bruce

Most of our intel sources…have gotten really quiet…I could take that as a good thing because less is more sometimes – in this particular case we’re always curious as to what is going on…I have given up on trying to find out the Dinar Rates – it supposedly has already reinstated – it will revalue and I understand that the value it comes out at may not be as high as we thought initially – it could be in the mid $4’s and what they are saying is – it will escalate over a period of 10 or more days to a much higher rate – possibly 2 – 2 ½ times higher…it’s very hard to predict exactly where they’re going to be on any given day – just to let you know – it’s very difficult…it is still a very inexact science – believe me – when it comes to us trying to predict what we’re going to be looking at. I think there were a couple of more things to happen before we could start – who knows what they actually are – but there seems to always be something behind the scenes that has delayed us a bit – but we are still in great shape.