In Bruce, Dinar Guru Updates

I think we’re in a really good place…remember that we said Iraq reinstated the Dinar last Saturday – now – they also revalued the Dinar…Wednesday – so the re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar became official yesterday – with a “new rate”…they’ve had it on the website – cbi.q  I think and what happened was – they were kinda getting hits on it but…they did not want it to get hacked…so they took it down themselves…They really don’t want it to be seen by the world yet because Sunday is when Iraq’s first day of business  begins in the middle east – it’s like our Monday – they will open the ISX  stock exchange also and the IQD rate will be visible and tradeable through the ISX – starting Sunday – We will actually have the new Dinar rate on our bank websites on Monday morning…I am about as excited as I can be and thrilled because I know what’s going on is real and confirmed and I know that we are that close.