In Bruce, Dinar Guru Updates

We had heard – about a week ago that we had sort of a deadline or back wall – it appears that we have had a deadline in place for us to get started…we believe that deadline is Thursday – the last day of the month the 30th of April…It should not go beyond Thursday – Of course we know in this anything is possible – we already know that – but we also know they do want to get this thing started and we believe they want to get it started by or on Thursday April 30th.

Let’s talk about the Iraq Dinar – We had a reinstated rate – we had a revaluation take place last Sunday and we have…a rate – because the CBI website was up and then was taken down by Iraq on purpose – they did not want us to see what that rate is…The rate I understand was at $1.00 – the re-instatement rate – which was on par with the US dollar – and we believe it has elevated well above that rate…we do have the new rate on the bank screens now…our Forex guy – and certain bankers have acknowledged that there is a new rate – We have some idea as to what it is – but we are not at liberty to say – and we are just going to let that play out… I know they revalued – we have people that are directly connected to Iraq that have acknowledged that – so I feel very good about that.