In Bruce, Dinar Guru Updates

We know that Iraq cannot announce their new currency even though they’ve had it revalued for a while and had it on the CBI website but immediately sort of took it down – they can’t really announce that until we say they can – which is strange – I know – but it is just so closely held until we’re ready to start…when we’re ready to start that is as early as the Iraqi Dinar revaluation is going to be seen…It’s been over a week ago now…We’ve seen it kinda go up in value and we’ve seen a rate approaching – but not quite as high as $10.00 – That’s an in country so called rate because it’s there for Iraqi’s and on their QI cards – it’s not necessarily going to be on a bank screen or a CBI website – no it won’t be there yet – so if that rate holds up – is it going to be a front screen rate on our banks – I don’t know – could be…I’m excited and it looks like we are finally coming down to the wire – we had some false starts – we had a big weekend – it’s all good.