In Bruce, Dinar Guru Updates 

I don’t think this is going to go on for too long…it’s close and we should be there either Wednesday/Thursday Yesterday we had the green light from the IMF…Now – if we get that so called green light – from that final agency – then we should be good to go – either tomorrow [Wednesday] or Thursday – Obviously the best day that we could go would be on a Wednesday – that is the day Kuwait revalued – back in the 90’s – and we think that would be the best and I think the Iraqi’s would like to see it happen on Wednesday as well… we don’t have a start time on it – we have a “tentative” start time over the next couple of days – depending upon the full blown release of security to begin… IMF is ready to go – other institutions ready – we are now on as of …1st of June  completely on the Quantum financial system – away from the Swift System – it’s all good.