In Bruce

We had confirmation that exchanges were being done…in Canada – as well as a number of other countries around the globe – and it may very well be that we are the last country to come into the exchange and redemption process…we know for example what the rates were that people exchanged for in Canada – and I know of exchanges that took place since last Friday…we talked about the Far East having started exchanges as early as the 1st of July – What it amounts to is it’s not that we’re not getting it done – this is a plan where we have the position of going last…why is that? Some of it is based on security concerns – and the other is that the rates that are neighbors to the north are picking up on…the dinar and dong are not going to be the same values that we are going to get – down here in the lower 48 – also include Alaska and Hawaii…they should be higher.

We know that the situation with Iraq is going to be manifest with Iraq sending a delegation of 5 – 6 people to the US to meet with President Trump and to make an announcement – coming in either on Sunday or Monday and they’re going to either announce that they are a sovereign nation  along with President Trump and I don’t know who else will be there but it might very well be…our old friend Sinan Al Shabibi. We are very very close – we know the rest of the world has started and we are taking up the rear – and finishing up with our best information from very high sources – we are looking at the announcement with President Trump and Alak “maybe” Dr Shabibi. I am very very excited about where we are right now…realize that it’s coming to us.