In Bruce

What we had received last night [Wednesday] was pointing toward something occurring…Saturday…but we do have additional information that takes us a little further through the weekend…your “blessing” – is right around the corner – but we don’t have it yet and until we have it keep doing whatever you’re called to do in the meantime…a lot of money is moving around – to me that is all good…these funds…are going to be used…to pay out us…I would say that is a good sign…globally the QFS is completely on line – and all countries are now hooked up and a part of it…I’m sure there are some other things that need to happen – although I did hear that there is a possibility due to the pressure that’s being exerted on us to get this party started – to get it done by a certain time in the afternoon tomorrow [Friday].

I know that everything is moving forward and we’re in a different place now than we were Tuesday…I think we’re looking good between now and the weekend but there are also people I’m hearing from that are talking about early next week – so we could push to that point – I hope not…I cannot promise you it’s going to be this week or even by the weekend – but I know that things are moving forward…I think it is exciting what is going on.