In Bruce

Iraq has definitely revalued the currency – I know what the rate is – IN COUNTRY – that means in that country of Iraq – and it’s between $8.50 and $9.00 – I’ll just tell you that –  That doesn’t meant that is what we’re going to get here by the way – Our rate could be significantly higher – In fact – yesterday – when the ISX came on for the first part of the week  – our week – Monday – they – that’s the Iraq Stock Exchange –  they were trading but they shut it down after the first half hour of trading…The reason they did that was because during that time the Iraqi Dinar was also trading and going too high…they did not want the value of the dinar to exceed what their expectations were for it – my understanding was in that half hour of time the market was open the Dinar increased 50% in value…So – I don’t know exactly where that puts us – I know roughly what I’ve heard – where we should be – but all I can say is regarding Dinar and Dong – specifically – I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about and it wouldn’t surprise me if both of those could be in double figures – now that would be a front screen look.